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Added in Repentance

Wormwood is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in Downpour Downpour and Dross Dross.


  • Lunges from a pit towards Isaac, releasing 4 projectiles in the cardinal directions in the air. Wormwood then chases Isaac in a zig-zag pattern, before eventually returning to a pit.
    • If Wormwood lunges out of a pit and lands on top of another large pit, he returns back into that pit.
    • Eats any Bomb Bombs dropped in his path same as Chub Chub while chasing Isaac, stunning him for a moment before dealing considerable damage.
  • Partially emerges from a pit and fires a spray of disorganized projectiles at Isaac before re-submerging.
  • At 33% health, Wormwood pierces the ground with his tail at Isaac's location with a short delay 3-6 times. Pits are created where Wormwood pierces the ground. Afterwards, Wormwood charges out from inside the left or right wall horizontal to Isaac's location while spawning 3 Small Leech Small Leeches. He then chases Isaac for a short duration before returning to a pit.
    • Wormwood can never create a pit in a spot that would trap Isaac.
    • Wormwood takes increasingly reduced damage after reaching 33% HP until he performs this attack and takes only 20% damage while performing this attack.



  • His behavior and appearance is reminiscent to that of Pin Pin, and is a variant of it.
  • When encountered in the Dross Dross, the color palette of Wormwood and his attacks are altered to fit the floor. Lil Blub Lil Blub also features this.
  • His name is a reference to the Biblical Wormwood. It is a star that, according to the Book of Revelation, will fall on a third of the Earth's water, which will turn the water bitter and deadly to drink.
  • In the Antibirth mod, Wormwood could be encountered as a degraded boss in the Corpse Corpse, and would take on a red color palette.
    • The red color palette is still present in the files of Repentance, despite going unused.
    • This red color palette can still be seen if Wormwood is spawned in the Corpse.