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War is a Harbinger that can appear in all environments of Chapter 3 (Depths Depths, Necropolis Necropolis, Added in Afterbirth Dank Depths Dank Depths).


Phase 1[]

  • Charges either left or right off-screen and continuing on from the opposite end of the screen. Continues until he has crossed the screen three times.
    • He performs this attack more often if Isaac is to his left or right.
  • Shoots eight projectiles in all directions.
  • Ascends off-screen and summons 5 Troll Bombs.
    • Returns from the side of the screen.

Phase 2[]

Once his health is below half, War's horse blows up, dropping War, who performs a sobbing animation.

  • War charges quickly at Isaac gradually building speed and making more tighter turns.
    • Every time War loses around 1/3rd of his remaining HP in this phase he pauses briefly to sob before restarting this process.

War deals a whole heart of contact damage in both phases and during his charge.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

Dark Grey: 15% larger with 25% more HP (625). Summons 2 Mega Troll Bombs when he ascends off-screen and summons a single Troll Bomb behind his path when he charges through the screen. When transforming into his second phase, he shoots 6 projectiles in all directions, as well as each time he stops chasing Isaac in this phase.


Unlockable achievements[]


  • War appeared in the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • War is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in the Bible.
  • In many depictions of War, he is shown holding a sword vertically, corresponding with why War's battle sprite shows him holding his hobby-horse vertically.
  • Although his appearance on the vs screen shows his hobby-horse as brown, it is red in-game.
  • War's "horse" appears more akin to a bull.
  • In the original game, War's face was round.
    • Added in Repentance This has been somewhat reverted.
  • War can be seen wielding a Wire Coat Hanger Wire Coat Hanger as a weapon in one of the original game's concept arts.