Voodoo Head is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.



  • This item is beneficial for Character The Lost icon.png The Lost due to the chance of obtaining Collectible Dead Cat icon.png Dead Cat or Collectible Guppy's Collar icon.png Guppy's Collar in curse rooms. However, use caution as the run can easily end from being hit while fighting any enemies inside. A teleport card, such as Pickup 0 - The Fool icon.png 0 - The Fool, would be advised to prevent such situations.
  • The level generation does not guarantee an additional curse room can be placed; there is limited space for special rooms, and other types may take priority over it.
  • Voodoo Head may make Planetariums harder to encounter, as the extra Curse Room has priority over Planetariums in level generation.

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