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Vaults are special rooms that contain a variety of pickups/chests (or occasional lack thereof). Vaults require two keys to be opened, unlike most other special rooms. For a Vault to spawn, the following has to happen.


The following room maps were made using Basement Renovator for cleaner viewing. Note that any items that are generated/rerolled in this room will be from the Golden Chest item pool.

ID Contents Image preview
0 Two chests and a red chest. Vault 0.png
1 Three chests. Vault 1.png
2 Four random pickups behind Key blocks and two chests. Vault 2.png
3 Three Locked Chests. Vault 3.png
4 Two random pickups behind rocks, two bombs behind key blocks, and three bomb chests. Vault 4.png
5 Seven red chests behind spikes. The spikes surrounding the three chests in the center occasionally retract. Vault 5.png
6 Ten random pickups, four of which are behind rocks. Vault 6.png
7 An item. Vault 7.png
8 Eight coins and a golden key. Vault 8.png
9 A Key Master. Vault 9.png
10 A shopkeeper and two spiders. Vault 10.png
11 Four shopkeepers and two bombs. Vault 11.png
12 Three trinkets. Vault 12.png
13 Thirteen poops. Vault 13.png
14 A normal, locked, red, and bomb chest. Vault 14.png
15 A full red heart, soul heart, nickel, penny, key, bomb, pill, and card. Vault 15.png
16 A chest, two Batteries, and two random pickups behind rocks. Vault 16.png
17 A locked chest and four bombs behind spikes. Vault 17.png
18 Two chests and a trinket. Vault 18.png
19 25 pennies and a donation machine. Vault 19.png
20 Five chests. Vault 20.png
21 Eight attack flies surrounding a corny poop. Vault 21.png
22 Three chests. Vault 22.png
23 Three chests and some cobwebs. Vault 23.png
24 Seven pennies and a shell game. Vault 24.png
25 A shopkeeper, a key, and two locked chests. Vault 25.png
26 A dime. Vault 26.png
27 Two keys, two chests, and a locked chest behind a key block and iron blocks. Vault 27.png
28 A shopkeeper, five pennies, two double pennies, and three random coins. Vault 28.png
29 Three runes. Vault 29.png
30 Added in Afterbirth Three reward plates. Vault 30.png
31 Added in Afterbirth Nine random pickups. Vault 31.png
32 Added in Afterbirth Five batteries. Vault 32.png
33 Added in Afterbirth Greed, two golden poops, and four shopkeepers. Vault 33.png
34 Added in Afterbirth A double key, double heart, and double penny. Vault 34.png
35 Added in Afterbirth Two chests and a reward plate. Vault 35.png
36 Added in Afterbirth Three chests behind a key block and iron blocks. Vault 36.png
37 Added in Afterbirth † Three spiked chests. Vault 37.png
38 Added in Afterbirth † An eternal chest and two keys. Vault 38.png
39 Added in Afterbirth † Five sacks and four random coins. Vault 39.png
40 Added in Afterbirth † Fifteen locked chests. This vault is 10x less likely to generate than others. Vault 40.png
41 Added in Afterbirth † A sack, three attack flies, and a poop. This vault is 10x less likely to generate than others. Vault 41.png


  • The texture Vaults use for their rooms are the same as Chest Chest.
  • 15►Dad's Key Dad's Key, Added in AfterbirthGet out of Jail Free Card Get out of Jail Free Card, and Added in Afterbirth †15►Mr. ME! Mr. ME! open Vaults in one use, despite the fact that they require two keys.
  • Many vaults contain locked chests or key blocks, further increasing the required number of keys to fully utilize them. Make sure you have enough keys if you choose to enter one.
  • Due to how Vault generation works, a floor cannot have both an Arcade and Vault on it; they are mutually exclusive.
    • If an Arcade is especially valuable to your run, it may be worth limiting your keys to one going into a floor with an Arcade on it to reduce the chances of it becoming a vault.

SmallIsaac.png Rooms SmallIsaac.png

Unlocked Added in Afterbirth Added in Afterbirth †
Boss Room Icon.png
Boss Room
Mini-Boss Room Icon.png
Mini-Boss Room
Curse Room Icon.png
Curse Room
Sacrifice Room Icon.png
Sacrifice Room
Room 1x1 small.png
Room 1x1.png
Grave Room
Locked Added in Repentance
Treasure Room Icon.png
Treasure Room
Shop Icon.png
Library Icon.png
Planetarium Icon.png
Slotted Arcade Icon.png
Barred Challenge Room Icon.png
Challenge Room
Boss Challenge Room Icon.png
Boss Challenge Room
Double-locked Vault Icon.png
Dice Room Icon.png
Dice Room
Double-boarded Bedroom Icon.png Bedroom2 Icon.png
Hidden Added in Repentance
Secret Room Icon.png
Secret Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Super Secret Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Crawl Space
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Black Market
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Ultra Secret Room Icon.png
Ultra Secret Room
Post-boss Added in Afterbirth
Devil Room Icon.png
Devil Room
Angel Room Icon.png
Angel Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Boss Rush
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Blue Womb Entrance
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