Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

(in Repentance)

The online beta received a patch on January 6th, 2024, announced on Twitter.

Documented Changes[ | ]

  • Revive machines added to each floor
    • Reviving a player costs 10 coins
    • Exploding the revive machine sometimes drops an eternal heart
  • Sun card + Isaac's Bed heals all players
  • Co-op ghosts flight + can interact with some objects
  • Co-op ghosts revived by eternal heart
  • Left-Alt/L3 emote wheel

Fixes[ | ]

  • Starting items are accessible if unlocked
  • Lost and T.Lost health after revival corrected
  • Schoolbag don’t drop 2nd active item on death
  • Rerun save issue
  • No Victory Lap Completion Mark
  • Cannot join Victory Lap in progress
  • Revival cosmetic issues
  • Runs unjoinable when victory lap begins
  • Tainted Blue Baby with Birthright correct poop limit