Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

(in Repentance)

The online beta received a patch on January 2nd, 2024, announced on Steam.

Documented Changes[ | ]

  • Mom's bed now revives all players
  • Online Matches Hard Mode online


  • Pedestal item functionality
  • Book of Virtues + Mr. Me! wisps killing themselves on cooldown doors
  • Easter egg menu
  • Player off-screen indicators would sometimes display the wrong character
  • Desync if a player paused while a fullscreen overlay (ex. rainbow poop) was going
  • Aimed attacks (ex. Marked, Ludovico, etc.) could slightly move the camera of other players
  • Players revived after special bosses (ex. Mother)
  • Lilith ghost baby from shooting
  • Wisps staying around after player dies
  • Lockup in text chat under specific conditions