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* Fixed the bug where {{i|Teleport 2.0}} could crash the game if you used it on a fully explored [[Mines]] 2 or [[Ashpit]] 2.
* Fixed the bug where {{i|Teleport 2.0}} could crash the game if you used it on a fully explored [[Mines]] 2 or [[Ashpit]] 2.
*{{i|Flip}}, {{i|Bag of Crafting}}, {{i|Sumptorium}}, {{i|Recall}}, and {{i|Hold}} have been removed from the [[Collection Page (Repentance)|collection page]] and the {{i|Death Certificate}}.
*{{i|Flip}}, {{i|Bag of Crafting}}, {{i|Sumptorium}}, {{i|Recall}}, and {{i|Hold}} have been removed from the [[Collection Page (Repentance)|collection page]] and the {{i|Death Certificate}}.
* Changed Ending 14 with a new art style that is similar to the new endings that were added in Repentance.
== References ==
== References ==

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Date released
April 24, 2021

Added in Repentance

Documented Changes

General Fixes

  • Fixed Ashpit crashing the game when lighting is disabled
  • Fixed some challenges showing up as locked despite being previously available
  • Fixed several controller rebinding issues with Jacob and Esau and other controllable player entities (i.e. Strawman, Found Soul)
  • Fixed the Void portal having no animation in Mausoleum 2 under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Tech X rings bouncing endlessly with Rubber Cement
  • Fixed bouncy and orbiting tears never disappearing in side scrolling sections
  • Fixed Mucormycosis tears becoming much larger than intended when splitting
  • Fixed Ultra Greed's health bar not disappearing as intended during his death animation
  • Fixed Ultra Greedier not having boss armor (that was a bug sorry!)
  • Fixed items generated by TMTRAINER not being saved correctly by Glowing Hour Glass or upon saving and resuming a run
  • Fixed Spirit Sword and Urn of Souls not triggering effects that occur when tears are fired (i.e. Isaac's Tears, Mom's Wig, Immaculate Heart)
  • Fixed pause screen sometimes not playing its appear animation
  • Fixed Wild Card being tied to the wrong achievement
  • Fixed the Backasswards challenge giving the player two of each key piece
  • Fixed items not being removed correctly each floor in the Backasswards challenge
  • Fixed 1up causing Dark Judas to die instantly upon reviving
  • Fixed an infinite loop caused by using the Joker in an Angel shop
  • Fixed "Lazarus" sometimes turning into Isaac upon saving and resuming a run
  • Fixed some rooms not being saved correctly in Greed Mode, causing crashes upon resuming a run (this was most notable with crawlspaces)
  • Fixed "The Forgotten" not showing any items on the gameover screen
  • Fixed golden trinkets not being saved correctly upon resuming a run
  • Fixed Delirious breaking the backdrop in a certain final boss fight
  • Fixed Delirium's death static effect sometimes not rendering correctly
  • Fixed Red Key becoming unusable when absorbed by Void
  • Fixed co-op player respawns in Greed Mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occur from throwing rocks
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using Glowing Hour Glass under certain circumstances in co-op mode
  • Fixed Bethany reviving at one half soul heart instead of one half red heart with Guppy's Collar
  • Fixed Thunder Thighs / Leo killing the player if they touched a spike rock at one half soul heart


  • Raised the cooldown of Blank Card from 2 to 4 when used with Holy Card
  • Souls dropped by enemies with the Urn of Souls are now automatically collected when exiting the room
  • Added a few more unique Dirty Mind dips for certain special poops
  • The following items now count towards the Planetarium unlock: Deck of Cards, Tarot Cloth, Zodiac, Card Reading, Echo Chamber
  • The following items can no longer by found by "The Lost": Best Bud, Hallowed Ground
  • Rotten hearts will now be replaced by half red hearts in room layouts that contain them if they haven't been unlocked yet
  • Red Key can no longer be obtained in Greed Mode
  • Brimstone/Technology+Ipecac+Ludovico now only starts exploding 1 second after entering a room and no longer explodes on contact with room boundaries (this could cause unavoidable damage)
  • Added unique appearances for Book of Virtues wisps created from Delirious and Mom's Bracelet

Undocumented Changes


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