Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Added in Repentance

Documented Changes[]

General Fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash caused by teleporting in Mines Mines/Ashpit Ashpit II (for real this time!)
  • Fixed Death Certificate Death Certificate crashing the game when used in The Void The Void
  • Fixed Member Card Member Card and The Stairway The Stairway crashing in Greed Mode
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by using Potato Peeler Potato Peeler right as the player is respawning from an extra life
  • Fixed a softlock caused by white champion Peeping Fatties
  • Fixed a potential softlock when fighting a certain version of Death
  • Fixed a softlock caused by trapdoors incorrectly staying closed on XL floors in Isaac's Awakening Isaac's Awakening
  • Fixed a softlock caused by entering an XL floor on a certain secret path
  • Fixed player spawning in the wrong spot in a special version of Basement Basement I, sometimes resulting in unavoidable damage
  • Fixed a certain red door closing itself when it shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue preventing Dad's Key Dad's Key and Filigree Feather Filigree Feather from being unlocked
  • Fixed alternate credits music not playing after unlocking Blue Baby
  • Fixed certain voices not stopping when quitting or restarting a run
  • Fixed Confessionals not paying out with Angel room items as intended
  • Fixed The Lost The Lost's Birthright Birthright not blacklisting items as intended
  • Fixed familiars spawned by Giant Cell Giant Cell causing The Forgotten The Forgotten to be pushed back when hitting enemies with their melee attack
  • Fixed the Eraser Eraser causing a rare crash in the D____ fight
  • Health Up and Health Down horse pills now play their correct announcer lines
  • Fixed canceling the Red Candle Red Candle causing it to briefly appear as The Candle The Candle in Isaac's hands before disappearing
  • Fixed a certain final boss not counting as "beating the game" and not granting Eden Eden tokens
  • Fixed ""Eden"" not taking Eden tokens away when restarting a run
  • Fixed a certain dark twin still attempting to attack the player during certain cutscenes
  • Fixed Brimstone Bombs Brimstone Bombs causing self-damage in the Hot Potato Hot Potato
  • Fixed being able to create trapdoors in Corpse Corpse II or Corpse XL
  • Red Key Red Key can no longer create doors to the Error Room on final floors
  • Fixed double-tap items having flipped controls in a certain secret area
  • Fixed active items obtained in a certain secret area having no charge
  • Fixed Ventricle Razor Ventricle Razor being able to create portals between dimensions (i.e. some secret areas)
  • Fixed being able to teleport out of a certain final boss fight using Ventricle Razor Ventricle Razor
  • Fixed another bug that prevented daily runs from ending properly
  • Fixed tarot card dropped from a certain special rock sometimes turning into a sack if the player has Sack Head Sack Head
  • This same tarot card will now turn into Telepills if the player hasLittle Baggy Little Baggy
  • Fixed R Key not resetting the game properly and causing softlocks on certain paths

Changes and Improvements[]

  • Increased the drop rate of soul hearts from blue fires from 10% back to 25% in Normal Mode
  • Increased lighting around the player in Curse of Darkness
  • Soul heart devil deals can now be taken even if the player cannot afford them
  • Removed double tap trigger from Dark Arts Dark Arts since it could often be accidentally triggered
  • Dark Bum Dark Bum can no longer be found by ""The Lost""
  • Dark Bum Dark Bum and Brimstone Bombs Brimstone Bombs now cost 1 heart container in deals with the devil
  • Added a few more missing Bestiary entries
  • Genesis Genesis room will now contain a trapdoor back to the starting room on final floors
  • Helper summoned by Soul of the Forgotten Soul of the Forgotten now deals more damage and constantly swings its bone as long as the attack buttons are held down instead of charging a bone throw
  • Bombs thrown by a certain end game boss now interact as expected with Safety Scissors Safety Scissors
  • Added a charge bar to Sumptorium Sumptorium to indicate when a blood clot will be spawned
  • White fires no longer trigger on-hit effects
  • Sacrifice room spikes will no longer teleport the player to the Dark Room Dark Room when on a challenge or daily run that does not end there


  • Updated various room layouts