Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

(in Repentance)

Documented Changes[ | ]

Balance Changes[ | ]

  • Chance to find max level Shops in Hard mode increased to 50%, and back to how they were previously in normal mode.
  • Added Restock Machines back to Shops, with a 25% chance to replace the Donation Machine.
    • This does not occur in game and is only documented.
  • Tinted rocks are now more common in Hard

General Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a crash caused by dying and reviving during the Rotgut fight
  • Fixed a crash caused by Collectible Mucormycosis iconMucormycosis tears
  • Reap Creep can no longer appear on the Scat Man challenge to reduce the likelihood of unfair softlocks
  • Fixed I Found Pills causing Character Keeper iconKeeper, Character Apollyon iconApollyon, Character ??? (Character) icon???, and Character The Forgotten iconThe Forgotten's head to disappear
  • Fixed Chub and other bomb eating bosses causing a crash when swallowing rockets
  • Fixed being able to unlock Collectible Golden Razor iconGolden Razor by saving and resuming a run or by entering a certain area
  • Fixed Collectible Doctor's Remote iconDoctor's Remote getting canceled when taking damage before the rocket hits the ground
  • Fixed Delirium's death animation getting stuck in an endless loop when he dies while slowed or sped up
  • Added a tentative fix for corrupted graphics caused by burrowing enemies on AMD graphics drivers
  • Entering certain floors now attempts to place the player in a safe spot to prevent instant damage from any room hazards
  • Fixed pickup animation getting stuck when using certain active items while holding a red bomb
  • Fixed Bestiary entries for some Vis enemies that were missing graphics
  • Touching certain fires no longer triggers Collectible Shard of Glass iconShard of Glass bleed effect
  • Touching certain fires no longer rerolls Eden
  • Fixed an unintended interaction with certain fires and Collectible Pyromaniac iconPyromaniac
  • Fixed a rare situation involving Eden tokens which could cause the character selection menu to be stuck on the wrong side
  • Fixed a crash caused by using Collectible Dark Arts iconDark Arts while having Collectible Midas' Touch iconMidas' Touch
  • Fixed Butter!Butter! allowing single-use items to be reused endlessly
  • Fixed Wormwood sometimes getting stuck underwater when slowed down
  • Lightning flashes in DownpourDownpour have had their brightness reduced to accommodate for users with sensitive vision

Book of Virtues Fixes[ | ]

Co-op Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed infinite boss item respawn exploit
  • Dead co-op players are now revived only when the end-of-floor boss is defeated
  • Fixed challenge runs
  • Fixed dead co-op player being able to unlock certain doors
  • Fixed not being able to start co-op if Player 1 has one or less red hearts

Misc[ | ]