Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

(in Afterbirth † and Repentance)

This was the initial version of Booster Pack #4 for the Afterbirth † DLC expansion. For an overview on content, see Booster Pack #4.

Documented changes[ | ]

New items[ | ]

New trinkets[ | ]

Undocumented changes[ | ]

New enemies[ | ]

New graphics[ | ]

Room changes[ | ]

Other changes[ | ]

  • Key Pieces will now drop from angels that are not in Angel Rooms.
  • The Collectible Dead Eye iconDead Eye multiplier will no longer be lost when hitting poops or TNT barrels.
  • Blended Hearts will now appear on the minimap as soul hearts.

Bug fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed the bug where Rage Creep's brimstone was moved upwards during the Afterbirth release and caused the player to take damage along the top wall in Womb/Utero room #202.
  • Fixed the bug where pickup velocities were not seeded from machines, beggars, tinted rocks, chests, sacks, and bosses.
  • Fixed the bug where the "RERUN" option would not appear if any mods were enabled.
  • Fixed the bug where if you quit and continue in a shop or secret room with a Greed in it, the Greed would despawn and a Super Greed would appear.
  • Fixed the bug where Half Soul Hearts appeared on the minimap as red hearts.
  • Fixed the bug where the number of flies from Collectible Guppy's Head iconGuppy's Head was unseeded.
  • Fixed the bug where the champion Scolex was using the wrong graphics (from the black Frail champion).
  • Fixed the bug where the Adult transformation sprite was misaligned.

New bugs[ | ]

  • Taking the Collectible Schoolbag iconSchoolbag can lead to graphical glitches that usually manifest as white squares. When this occurs, the game will (eventually) crash.