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Date released
January 20, 2017
Added in Afterbirth †

Documented changes[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • All EvaluateItems are refering to NumCollectibleHeld instead of m_Collectibles for consistency.
  • Fixed unfair room in Caves Caves.
  • Made all Easy Sheol Sheol/Cathedral Cathedral rooms Medium (approved, alot of room were actually medium/hard by design but flagged as Easy).
  • Made library and shops upgrades based on subtypes.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • 15►Euthanasia Euthanasia now counts towards the Spun transformation.
  • The Thing now has an attack sound.
  • 15►The Virus The Virus now properly updates the speed cache. (Its speed down is no longer delayed.)
  • 15►Lord of the Pit Lord of the Pit now properly updates the speed cache. (Its speed up is no longer delayed.)
  • 15►Mom's Contacts Mom's Contacts now properly updates the range cache. (Its range up is no longer delayed.)
  • There was never an icon for 15►Delirious Delirious in the in-game "My Stuff!" menu; one has now been added.
  • Pay to Win Pay to Win now spawns reroll machines in Greed/Greedier mode item rooms (both the yellow Treasure Room and the grey Treasure Room).
  • Ultra Greed's charge attack now has a start sound effect.
  • Meatballs' blood spew attack now has a sound effect.
  • Items discounted by 15►Steam Sale Steam Sale can now be half off on top of that.
  • Mushroom enemies now have sounds when they shoot and pop open.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The "pause" animation (where the diary is opened) is now 1 frame longer.
  • Several rooms were changed:
    • Basement Basement/Cellar Cellar #124: An issue where the player could be hit from unavoidable damage by corny poop has been fixed.
    • ??? ???: The stacked Blue Baby entity was removed, so the player will always encounter Hush now.
    • Greed special: 4 new treasure rooms have been added.
  • The "hitbox" of Void Portals has been changed such that you have to charge directly at it in order for it to suck you up.
  • You can no longer kill Ultra Greedier during his opening transformation with a 15►Little Horn Little Horn shot.
  • Enemies that spawn from the death of a charmed 15►Friendly Ball Friendly Ball enemy are now considered friendly.
  • Enemy discoveries and enemy kills no longer count towards the bestiary if mods are enabled.
  • Greedier mode waves now last the same as the Greed mode ones.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The description bug for 15►Monstro's Tooth Monstro's Tooth that was introduced in the last patch was fixed.
  • Before, the 15►Epic Fetus Epic Fetus and Bookworm synergy would result in some missiles not firing. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed "The Marathon" achievement. This was verified by looking at the internal game disassembly. For people who have done Daily Challenges in the past, you will have to do 5 new Daily Challenges in a row from the date of this patch (or later) in order to get the achievement.
  • The bug where you could choose between The Polaroid and The Negative on the Pong challenge is fixed.
  • Certain graphic filters are fixed on the OS X version, including the "B00B T00B" easter egg.
  • The bug where Judas was unable to obtain the Bookworm transformation is fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Smelter Smelter and the Gulp! pill effect erroneously gave you permanent 1-time trinkets (Missing Poster Missing Poster, Monkey Paw Monkey Paw, Store Credit Store Credit, Bag Lunch Bag Lunch, Wish Bone Wish Bone, and Walnut Walnut) has been fixed.
  • The bug where devil items would not convert from red to soul hearts and vice versa when then player has holding a 15►Steam Sale Steam Sale has been fixed.
  • The bug where Keeper would die automatically after resuming a game in which he had 15►Greed's Gullet Greed's Gullet has been fixed.
  • The bug where the player would take damage from the 15►Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder and 15►Multidimensional Baby Multidimensional Baby synergy has been fixed. (This also applied to the 15►Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder + 15►Cricket's Body Cricket's Body synergy and the 15►Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder + 15►The Ludovico Technique The Ludovico Technique synergy.)
  • The bug with 15►The Ludovico Technique The Ludovico Technique and the 15►Eye of Belial Eye of Belial synergy has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Fire Mind Fire Mind fires resulting from shots by an 15►Incubus Incubus familiar can damage you has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Holy Mantle Holy Mantle, 15►Scapular Scapular, 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon, 15►Crown of Light Crown of Light, and 15►Purity Purity do not work on the first room of a floor has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Fire Mind Fire Mind fires resulting from shots that go through 15►Multidimensional Baby Multidimensional Baby can damage you has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Void Void could give range downs (on the HUD) is fixed.
  • The bug where using the 15►Maw of the Void Maw of the Void ring could hurt and kill charmed enemies that you're not supposed to be able to hit (such as the leeches spawned by 15►My Shadow My Shadow, or 15►Delirious Delirious bosses) has been fixed.
  • Before, if you had 15►Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle, items would not be doubled the first time you entered a shop. This has been fixed.
  • Before, when you had the Equality! Equality! trinket, all shop items that have double versions would automatically be bought for you. This has been fixed.
  • The bug where you permanently got the 15►Lazarus' Rags Lazarus' Rags item from getting Lazarus from the 15►Clicker Clicker is fixed.
  • The bug where a combo of 15►Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus, 15►Ipecac Ipecac and 15►Monstro's Lung Monstro's Lung will cause you to take immediate damage is fixed.
  • The bug where using 15►Void Void on 15►Breath of Life Breath of Life will cause you to take damage until you die is fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Proptosis Proptosis, 15►Ipecac Ipecac, and the 15►Eve's Mascara Eve's Mascara synergy causes tears to no longer damage or poison enemies has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Bumbo Bumbo no longer deals contact damage has been fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Void Void won't let you fire any tears after absorbing certain items is fixed.
  • The bug with the 15►Marked Marked, 15►Ipecac Ipecac, and 15►Brimstone Brimstone synergy is fixed.
  • The bug where Tonsil Tonsil would not appear on the collection page is fixed.
  • The bug where 15►Dataminer Dataminer caused range downs on the Found HUD has been fixed.
  • The bug where a Mushroom would appear as a Host for a few frames after spawning from a skull is fixed.
  • The bug where rocks and other entities would randomly break upon entering a room with an item pedestal is fixed. (This fixes the unavoidable damage in the Treasure Room with TNT barrels.)
  • The bug where Hush's door would take a key (and open anyway even if you had 0 keys) is fixed.
  • Several bugs with 15►Metronome Metronome were fixed:
  • The bug where the game would crash if too many flies were spawned is fixed.
  • The softlock with 15►Delirious Delirious and Stoneys on Greed Mode has been fixed.
  • Hush Flies are now correctly added to the Bestiary when killed in the Blue Womb.

New bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The version number and build timestamp appear on the title screen. (A developer-only version of the game got accidentally pushed to everyone.)
  • The 15►Epic Fetus Epic Fetus and 15►Monstro's Lung Monstro's Lung synergy is broken; only a single missile fires.
  • On Eve, when 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon is activated via the 15►Razor Blade Razor Blade, she will turn red instead of having the standard whore costume. This new look only lasts for the current room, so it might be a new bug.
  • 15►Robo-Baby 2.0 Robo-Baby 2.0 does not unlock anymore after defeating the “Computer Savvy” challenge. Nothing at all happens when you complete the challenge for the first time. (It could also be happening to other challenges as well, but this is unconfirmed.)
  • For some people, save files are bugged and do not show up.
  • For some people, the OSX version crashes on startup.

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