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Added in Afterbirth

Undocumented changes[]



  • Stop Watch Stop Watch is no longer a special item.
  • Blocking damage with Holy Mantle Holy Mantle now activates Stop Watch Stop Watch.
  • Decreased Scissors Scissors charge time 6 → 2.
  • Decreased Friendly Ball Friendly Ball charge time 4 → 3.
  • Abel Abel now fires tears directly towards Isaac.
  • Modified room #717 on the Basement/Cellar so that Mulligans no longer spawn next to the entrances. (Mulligans have a chance to randomly explode upon room loading. If this occurred before the patch, it was guaranteed damage to the player.)
  • Removed the top entrances from Devil room #11 and #14. (These are the rooms with Nulls and an Imp, which also happen to spawn at the top of the room, which causes near-guaranteed damage to the player.)
  • Reworked sacrifice rooms.
  • Lost Fly Lost Fly, Papa Fly Papa Fly, Friend Zone Friend Zone, and Obsessed Fan Obsessed Fan now all counts towards the Beelzebub transformation.
  • Cain's Other Eye Cain's Other Eye now scales with Isaac's damage.
  • Curse of the Tower no longer activates if you are damaged by a troll bomb spawned by Curse of the Tower.
  • The window for using Glass Cannon Glass Cannon to steal Devil Room items is much smaller.
  • Crack the Sky Crack the Sky's damage has been buffed and now targets enemies specifically.


  • Fixed the bug where players who completed the 1001% achievement before the release of v1.06.0067 were unable to get the achievement.
  • Fixed The Battery The Battery bug where it was impossible to get a full overcharge on an activated item from clearing rooms.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to respawn an Angel Room statue by reloading the room with Goat Head Goat Head (or quitting and continuing).
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to quit and continue from a Boss Rush in order to quickly complete it.
  • Taurus Taurus now works in Greed mode as expected.
  • Picking up God's Flesh God's Flesh will now properly update Isaac's tear color.

(You can find technical details of afterbirth.a file changes here.)

New bugs[]

  • Technology Technology, Technology 2 Technology 2, and Tech.5 Tech.5 function as if the player has spectral tears. (Visually, the items will appear to be functioning normally, but this isn't the case.)
  • The Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus and Tech X Tech X synergy causes enemies to drop black hearts as if they were killed by Maw of the Void Maw of the Void.
  • If you pick up Tech X Tech X after picking up Ipecac Ipecac, you still erroneously retain the +40 damage boost from Ipecac Ipecac and the increased tear delay. After the damage stat is refreshed (by picking up another damage item), this bug goes away.
  • With a controller attached, it is possible to move Isaac when the game is out of focus and get him across loading zones and spikes without taking any damage.[1]