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Date released
November 6, 2015

Added in Afterbirth

Undocumented changes[]


  • Added a counter when donating to the Greed machine that shows the chance for the machine to jam.


  • Increased HP:
    • Ultra Greed's blank coin 35 → 100.
    • Ultra Greed's key coin 50 → 100.
    • Ultra Greed's bomb coin 20 → 100.
    • Ultra Greed's heart coin 20 → 100.
    • Blue Gaper 9 → 30.
  • The room before the Ultra Greed fight now contains several mini-bosses instead of only Monstro.
  • The 15►Death's Touch Death's Touch animation was updated to be smoother (with more frames of animation than before).
  • The 15►Multidimensional Baby Multidimensional Baby tear effect was updated to be more easy on the eyes.

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