Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Documented changes[ | ]

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed white textures for players using OpenGL 2.x due to older graphics hardware. If "ogl2" beta is used, make sure to opt out of the beta to upgrade properly.
  • Fixed window disappearing on startup on Windows. The game window would show up for a short amount of time and then disappear, while the music was still playing. In case the bug is still present, press Windows + Left, or Windows + Right (the little key with the Windows logo, and one of the arrow keys).
  • Fixed crash on startup because of a broken options.ini, that could be resolved by deleting the file. The game can now detect and repair broken .ini files.
  • Fixed startup crash on Linux with shader errors in the log.
  • Fixed Godhead Godhead, !Platinum God! !Platinum God!, The Real Platinum God The Real Platinum God, and Dead Boy Dead Boy achievements not unlocking properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the music pitch during the Epilogue cutscene, and some gameplay related issues.
  • Fixed crash when sound is not working.
  • Fixed save/continue during Boss Rush.
  • Fixed The Lost + Collectible Dead Cat iconDead Cat exploits.
  • Fixed infinite item respawn exploits.
  • Fixed P2 Collectible Trinity Shield iconTrinity Shield exploit.
  • Fixed Collectible D10 iconD10 generating invincible enemies.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

Fixes[ | ]

  • The soundtrack DLC works now.