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Data mining is fun. I play around with the console and Cheat Engine to dig up details on mechanics, mostly.

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How did you become a moderator? I'm not necessarily asking to become one and I don't necessarily eant to become one, but did you just make enough edits, do a good enough job, or what?

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Moderator applications were open sporadically in the past during Gamepedia's days, I'm not sure how the process is meant to work now that we're being run by Fandom.

I suppose the main criteria however still are activity, sticking to the standards set by Help:Rules and Help:Editing Guidelines and trying to play as a team since we're all just volunteers with a shared interest, from the random no-user IP address making a single good edit to the top contributors with thousands of edits.

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The edit on Dead God's description is accurate, the description is what I had

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I don't know where you're seeing it, but the descriptions are Steam achievement descriptions. Dead God has a blank one.

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Oh, I looked into it and I see that I was mistaken, I was confused because my Dead God description says 637 so I don't know where that description comes from, do you know why this happens?

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Can't say I have any idea. I double checked and the achievement has no description either in the Steam client or on the global achievements stats page for the game.

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didnyt mean to delete the info boxes......with this new wiki update the stuffs a bit wierd. twas an honest mistake

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It's fine, I recommend using source edit instead of visual edit, the latter can be flaky.

The stage info you added isn't very relevant to the Greed Mode article since it's something that's never encountered in normal gameplay; it belongs to the debug console article (and it's already there). I did move your description of the stages into it since they weren't spelled out.

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how can i have the stages i listed in greedmode readded? but it in notes? or cut content?

ive been doing some experimentation and the alt floors work in greedier if you type the respective letters, and are mostly functional, with minor bugs.

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transformation template for spider baby transformation is incorrect, idk how to fix it. currently it reads transforms isaac into humanoid spider

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I'm not sure what to do about this, it's how all the simple "part of this transformation" messages on item pages for all transformations work.

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Hi, you reverted my bug on Lil Portal about the game crashing when consuming a black heart in a devil room as The Lost. I can reproduce the issue 100% of the time, though. Simply giving me the item and telporting to the devil room with the Joker card is enough. Note that the black heart must be part of the room layout, though. Consuming a black heart that was spawned via debug console does not cause the crash.

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Thanks, that was the missing piece of the puzzle. Testing it again also reveals it doesn't affect only the lost, but everyone.

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Does this game support switch pro controllers?

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I have absolutely no idea, sorry. Should probably ask in a more general forum.

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Thanks for the correction on Tech X/Tainted Forgotten

Is there a place we can discuss this sort of things before I putting it in the wiki?


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OK, found it, the "All speculation belongs on discussion (talk) pages." when open the editor :) (I use it on Taintd Forgottent page :D)

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