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How you updated the boss infobox has some problems. For example, it makes Mom's in-game sprite too large and Mama Gurdy offset.

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Oh, I made a mistake with image scaling, thank you for reporting it and I'm sorry for this mistake. ^^' It should be back to normal now.

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Hi, do you know how to edit the enemy templates found in stage pages? They are incomplete, especially on the Repentance chapters.

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The list of enemies in a stage is written in the corresponding stage infobox, with the "| monsters = …" parameter.

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Thanks for moving the boss images to their proper category. However, only a few monster sprites are categorized. So this may be a duty for me, you, or anyone else.

Notes: Blazerun19 and Superwill771 are the same person.

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As I did with the boss images, I will make a script to do it and let a bot do the work, so don't worry with that. ^^'

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So i was told to ask here regarding the possibility of adding the "DLC comparison" buttons to the boss/enemy infoboxes.

Since a bunch of sprites got updated in repentance, it'd be better to be able to view the different sprites rather than only having the updated ones. Items already have this feature, since you can already compare how an items looks in different DLCs, but would it be possible to add this to monsters and bosses as well?

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Hello. ^^ The infobox system for monsters and bosses have been updated, so it should now work the same way with these infoboxes now.

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Could you please upload the Repentance sprites for pre-existing enemies, bosses and Delirium forms?

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