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Tumors are enemies that slowly float across the room diagonally bouncing off walls. They occasionally fire 6 blood shots in all directions, and fire even more quickly when attacked.

Variations[ | ]

Psy Tumor[ | ]

Psy Tumors behave exactly like regular Tumors, but fire homing shots instead of blood shots.

Camillo Jr.[ | ]

Camillo Jr. behave exactly like Tumors, but fire Collectible Technology iconTechnology lasers at Isaac. Their lasers may also hit enemies for 8 damage.

Planetoid[ | ]

(in Repentance)

Planetoids are a variant of Tumor that move faster than their variants and fire blood shots that orbit them, similar to effect of Collectible Tiny Planet iconTiny Planet. When they take damage, they fire shots more frequently and have a chance to fart, releasing their orbiting projectiles out of orbit and let them fly off while starting a new ring.

Poofer[ | ]

(in Repentance)

Poofers, unlike other Tumors, slowly float towards Isaac. However, if Isaac is shooting, they will target a position in front of where he is facing instead of targeting him directly, to try and intercept his projectiles.

Each time they take damage, they swell up and fire 6 blood shots in a fixed, radial spread. They can swell up a total of 4 times, becoming slower the more swollen they are. Upon death, they explode, forcibly pushing Isaac, destroying nearby grids, healing nearby enemies for 15 HP, and leaving a large puddle of damaging Red Creep.

Their health also doesn't deplete until they are hit by a total of at least 40 damage, giving them an effective health of 60 and a unique form of one-shot protection.

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