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Added in Repentance

Tuff Twins is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in Mines Mines.


Tuff Twins always spawn in a pair consisting of 5 body segments and a head segment each. They are always fought in a double-sized room.

  • The Tuff Twins roam around the room randomly, like Larry Jr.
  • Normally invincible, but bombs and explosives can destroy their stony exteriors (after 15 damage per segment), making their segments vulnerable.
  • Head segments spit Inks while protected by its rock armor.
    • Vulnerable head segments, spits Suckers instead.
  • Vulnerable body segments, spew bloody shots similar to Boils.
    • When a flesh segment is killed it spews blood shots.
  • Tuff Twin segments can be split into smaller copies of the boss as long as the new Tuff Twin segments are longer than 2 pieces.
  • The Tuff Twins become faster the more rock armor they lose.




  • They appear to be a rocky variation of Larry Jr.
  • The Shell appears to be the posthumous version of them.
  • Tuff is the name of a type of rock formed from volcanic ash.