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The Trite is a spider variant of the Hopper Hoppers. Leaps with less frequency, but at greater distances. This can make them extremely dangerous, as they could potentially leap from one side of the room to the other, catching the player off guard.



The Ragling is a variant to the normal Trite. They do not leap as often as the Trite and rarely move directly towards Isaac but gains the ability to occasionally shoot 2 magenta-colored orbiting shots.

Rag Man's Ragling[]

Added in Afterbirth

Rag Man's Ragling is an alternate version of the Ragling that behave like normal Raglings but have more health. They can be spawned by Rag Man Rag Man and Added in Afterbirth † Rag Mega Rag Mega and used as apart of their attacks. If they were spawned by Rag Man or by Rag Mega, they will leave a pile of Rags upon death, from which Rag Man and Rag Mega can revive them. If Rag Man or Rag Mega is killed before them, then they will not leave Rags behind.


Added in Afterbirth †

A Blister is a Trite variant that has much higher health but leaps very slowly. They occasionally spawn a Dark Ball Dark Ball like the ones spawned by Little Horn Little Horn. They spawn a Sack Sack upon death.


Added in Repentance

Twitchies are a Gaper Gaper/Trite hybrid found only in Corpse Corpse. They alternate between chasing Isaac and rapidly leaping at him. They leap at Isaac 1-3 times before returning to chasing him on foot, and their leaps can target him from almost across an entire normal-sized room. Most leaps target Isaac's location, though they will occasionally attempt to leap to where Isaac is moving. They can also occasionally leap away to dodge Isaac's tears.

Their heads also occasionally twitch violently (hence the name), although this is purely cosmetic.



If Blisters aren't unlocked yet, they are replaced by Ticking Spider Ticking Spiders or Trites.


  • A trite is the name of a genus of the jumping spider family.
  • Trites share the same name with an enemy in Doom 3, an enemy that leaps towards the player and has an upside-down human-like face.
  • Blisters were given a shooting animation in Booster Pack #5, based on this Steam Workshop mod by TheShadyOne.
  • Blisters originally had 54 base hp and 0 stage hp; however, this was changed in Booster Pack #5.


Bug Bug! Switch Trites can jump into the top left corner of the room and may become unable to be attacked. [citation needed]
Bug Bug! If a Blister is scared, stunned, or shrunken, the Blister will still attack Isaac by chasing him or spawning Dark Balls.