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Treasure Map is a passive item.




  • When combined with 15►Blue Map Blue Map and 15►The Compass The Compass, the entire floor is revealed, identical to the effect of 15►The Mind The Mind.
  • Although not explicitly revealing it, the Boss Room can usually be found by locating the room farthest away from the starting room.

In-game Footage[]


  • Treasure Map received a significant downgrade in Rebirth, as it no longer reveals Secret Rooms. That effect, along with being able to reveal Super Secret Rooms, now belongs to the 15►Blue Map Blue Map.
  • This item is used in Challenge #10 (Cursed!).
  • Treasure Maps are a common item to find in Legend Of Zelda games.
  • Added in Repentance Under the minimap, The Mind's icon will override the icon of this item.


PC 1TNY 7MJ0 (2nd floor Shop, purchase after getting A Quarter in 1st floor Treasure Room) Normal and hard modes only
Note: A key can be found in 2nd floor Secret Room north of 2x2 room.