Transcendence is an unlockable passive item.



In-game Footage


  • The pickup quote "We all float down here... " is a reference to the Stephen King book 'IT'.
  • According to Edmund McMillen's first post-Repentance Lore Stream, the explanation behind the visuals of Transcendence (namely the lack of a noose and more importantly, a body) is simply that McMillen found the idea of a head flying around amusing.
  • If Collectible Scissors icon.png Scissors are used after picking up Transcendence, Isaac will have no visible body from which to shoot tears. Only a shadow and orbitals will remain.
    • Dlc r indicator.png In Repentance, however, blood gurgles will be spewing constantly from the body, making it much easier to keep track of it.
  • This item is used in Challenge #6 (Solar System).
  • In the original Binding Of Isaac, Transcendence was unlocked by beating Mom's Heart two times instead of three.


PC & PS4 GX8N Z8JV (secret room is to the right of the treasure room)

Vita M3WW TM8Q (secret room directly above spawn)

3DS 8YB4 Y3EZ (secret room directly above spawn)

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