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Added in Repentance

Tooth and Nail is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Every 6 seconds, Isaac turns to stone and sprouts spikes for 1 second. While Isaac is in this state, he is immune to damage and deals 40 contact damage.
    • Isaac flashes white four times before turning to stone on the fourth flash. The first three flashes are accompanied by a "ticking" sound, the final one with the spike extension sound of a mimic chest.
    • Unlike Gnawed Leaf Gnawed Leaf, Isaac can still move and shoot tears.



  • Contact damage items work great with Tooth and Nail, such as Aries Aries / Mom's Heels Mom's Heels / The Virus The Virus for extra damage, Serpent's Kiss Serpent's Kiss for Black Heart generation, Midas' Touch Midas' Touch for coin generation etc.
  • Damocles Damocles: As Isaac is invincible 1/6th of the time, with some luck, Tooth and Nail may save him from the falling sword.
  • Kamikaze! Kamikaze!: Allows usage without taking damage during invincibility.
  • The Lost The Lost can use this item to prevent additional damage from occurring after losing the Holy Mantle Holy Mantle (for example, exiting a Curse Room Curse Room after being hit), and it does not use up the Holy Mantle's 1-hit protection if it has not been lost.

In-game footage[]


PC Normal mode only 3T0E WTWQ (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)


Bug Bug! If Tooth and Nail is lost while in the statue form (e.g. through losing its Lemegeton Lemegeton wisp), Isaac will indefinitely remain in the statue form until he leaves the room.
Bug Bug! Using an active item with no cooldown repeatedly (Mom's Bracelet Mom's Bracelet, Bag of Crafting Bag of Crafting, etc.) whilst in an invulnerable state will keep Isaac in that state.