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Tick is a trinket.


  • Removes 15% of any enemy's health if they have over 60 HP.
  • Gives Isaac one Red Heart Red Heart if he enters an uncleared Boss Room Boss Room.
  • Once picked up, it can't be removed.


  • Removed in Repentance This trinket can be used to infinitely replenish health if Isaac has access to any infinitely usable teleportation effect (such as Broken Remote Broken Remote + How to Jump How to Jump).
  • Only works on the first stage of multistage bosses.
  • This trinket's effect can be multiplied to a maximum of x2 through any combination of multiple copies, golden variants, and Added in AfterbirthMom's Box Mom's Box.

In-game Footage[]


  • Added in Afterbirth Being able to replace the Tick with Match Stick is a reference to how one can remove a tick that has latched onto their skin in real life with a heated tip of a match stick; however, removing a tick like this can expose oneself to disease-causing bacteria present in the tick. It is also a feature that was carried over from the original The Binding of Isaac, though it's unclear why it wasn't originally added in Rebirth.
  • The Tick is the only trinket that passively changes Isaac's appearance.
  • The Tick bears similarity to a real-life deer tick.
  • This trinket is used in The Host (challenge #18).