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The   Tank
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Full red heartFull red heartFull red heartFull red heart
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Challenge Number
Available Rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
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Unlock Method

The Tank Have 7 or more Red Heart Containers at one time

The Tank is Challenge #5. Magdalene is the default character for the challenge, and she starts with 15►Bucket of Lard Bucket of Lard, 15►Infamy Infamy, 15►Yum Heart Yum Heart, and 15►Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs. The goal is to defeat Mom. This Challenge is unlocked when Magdalene is unlocked.


The main difficulty of the challenge is linked to Magdalene's low Speed, which was already lower than average, but with 15►Bucket of Lard Bucket of Lard and 15►Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs, it is now at a mere quarter of the average speed. Additionally, the Thunder Thighs effect can cause unwanted results when not paying attention, such as setting off Bomb Rocks or creating new monsters to fight.


  • The Thunder Thighs effect can easily give access to chests and other items trapped behind rocks. This will allow bombs to be used more liberally for finding secret rooms, as well as in combat.
  • Pills can be obtained from mushrooms, which may provide a much-needed Speed Up pill, but mushrooms can spawn poisonous clouds when destroyed, making this strategy risky.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Completing the Aprils Fool challenge allows Magdalene to spawn with a Speed Up pill, counteracting the heavy speed reduction from the challenge items and easily identifying future Speed Up pills.
      • In Repentance, the Speed Up pill is replaced with a Full Health pill, which can be useful to replenish Magdalene's health at the cost of her already low speed.
  • Destroying as many rocks as possible is a recommended strategy, as this may result in finding a trapdoor. This can lead Magdalene to a Crawl Space or Black Market, thereby allowing the player to obtain valuable items.
  • Magdalene's high starting Health makes it easier to take deals with the devil without harsh consequences.

Unlockable Achievements[]


Bug Bug! Sometimes, when using a Pill at the same time Magdalene touches the trophy, the popup message won't appear and the player won't unlock Rune of Ansuz.[citation needed]