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The Lost is a secret character.

The Lost starts with no health and cannot gain health by any means. Therefore, it will die from any damage taken.

  • Removed in Afterbirth The Lost starts with flight.
  • Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance The Lost starts with flight, spectral tears, D4 D4 (if unlocked) and Holy Mantle Holy Mantle (after donating 879 coins to the Greed Machine).
  • Added in Repentance The Lost starts with flight, spectral tears, Eternal D6 Eternal D6, and the effect of Holy Mantle Holy Mantle (after donating 879 coins to the Greed Machine) This form of Holy Mantle is inherent to the character rather than being a starting item, and as such will be present when switching to The Lost in the middle of the run through the use of Clicker Clicker, will not be present when switching away, and cannot be removed by any means.

3DS The Lost also starts with D4 D4 (if unlocked).

Added in Afterbirth The Lost can activate the button in Greed mode without taking damage, in exchange of one coin less of the next wave's reward. The Lost can take devil deals and Black Market items for free.

  • Added in Repentance Devil deals and Black Market items are presented as choices. Taking one will despawn all other deals in the room.
    • Unlike other choices, devil deals cloned with items like Added in AfterbirthDiplopia Diplopia or Added in Afterbirth †Crooked Penny Crooked Penny will not be a choice. All copies can be taken.
    • The Lost can take every devil deal in the first room of the Dark Room Dark Room if the red chests are opened one by one.


  • Resurrection items like Dead Cat Dead Cat are very valuable to The Lost because they are the only health ups you can get.
  • Devil deals, while free, still count as making a deal with the devil and will prevent angel rooms from opening. Thus, a Credit Card Credit Card is still recommended, or getting Added in AfterbirthChaos Chaos to acquire angel room items (except broken key pieces).
  • Added in Afterbirth † Isaac will be replaced by The Lost upon starting a third victory lap; however, Victory Laps do not allow the unlocking of achievements.
    • Removed in Repentance Since the Lost's Holy Mantle isn't intrinsic, the Victory Lap Lost will always die from one hit unless the player has explicitly found the Holy Mantle.
  • Removed in Afterbirth † If The Lost's Holy Mantle effect is lost while within a Curse room, closing the game, starting it up and then continuing the run will restore the Holy Mantle's charge, allowing The Lost to leave the room unharmed.
  • Removed in Repentance Using the D4 at all is not recommended as it will remove the Holy Mantle, making The Lost die in one hit.
  • Added in Repentance The Lost's Holy Mantle effect is intrinsic to the character once unlocked, and it can't be rerolled.
  • Added in Repentance The Lost starts with Eternal D6 Eternal D6, even before it's unlocked.
  • Added in RepentanceHoly Mantle Holy Mantle is intrinsic, but picking up another one does not double the effect.
    • Being innate, this holy mantle effect is not shown in the HUD nor in the pause menu.
    • It also cannot be re-rolled away.
      • Upon using the D4 D4, the holy mantle effect will be temporarily lost. Leaving the room will regenerate the shield. (possibly a bug)
  • Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance After reaching Womb Womb, The Lost becomes slightly easier to play, because the invincibility frames from Holy Mantle Holy Mantle scale with the damage that would have been taken.
    • Added in Repentance Holy Mantle breaking only grants half a second of invincibility frames, regardless of the damage source.
  • Using the IV Bag IV Bag will instantly kill The Lost The Lost even with the Holy Mantle.

General Strategies[]

Main article: The Lost (Strategy)
  • One of the biggest issues of having no health is that many items become completely useless: items that only give health ups, only become effective upon taking damage or cost health to use provide no benefit to The Lost.
    • Added in Repentance This is alleviated by the Added in RepentanceEternal D6 Eternal D6 that The Lost starts with. Eternal D6 has a chance to destroy an item instead of rerolling it, which isn't bad if it's used on a useless item. In fact, on its own it can only yield a net positive (such as by rerolling a useless item into something useful) or neutral result, such as generating another useless item or destroying it.
  • Trinkets and Items like Added in RepentanceBrain Worm Brain Worm that can home-in and target enemies even at a distance are invaluable early game as you do not need to place yourself directly in the enemy's attack path and The Lost's spectral tears pass through most obstacles.

Item Interactions[]

  • Added in RepentanceBirthright Birthright: Prevents items with the internal tag nolostbr from spawning. In practice, this automatically rerolls most items that aren't beneficial to The Lost, namely ones that only give health, flight, and/or spectral tears or activate upon taking damage.
  • Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon: As the Lost has no health Whore of Babylon is constantly in effect, effectively changing into a damage and speed upgrade.

Added in Afterbirth Unlocking The Lost in Afterbirth[]

The Lost is unlocked by dying in a sacrifice room while holding Missing Poster Missing Poster.

  • Looking for Added in AfterbirthMom's Box Mom's Box in shops makes finding the poster easier.
  • Added in AfterbirthGlitter Bombs Glitter Bombs, in conjunction with a large enough or infinite source of bombs (such as a Gold Bomb), have a small chance to drop trinkets, making it easier to find the poster.
    • Added in Repentance This method got nerfed: Added in AfterbirthGlitter Bombs Glitter Bombs now have a cap on drops per floor.
  • It is possible to unlock The Lost while holding Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper, although the probability is small since it only has a 1/4 chance to imitate the Missing Poster Missing Poster. Dead Cat Dead Cat and other resurrection items could be useful for extra attempts.
    • Added in Repentance Since Added in Afterbirth †Divorce Papers Divorce Papers always drop Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper and have a cheap craft for Tainted Cain Tainted Cain and his Added in RepentanceBag of Crafting Bag of Crafting, a new possible method has been found where you spam runs getting the Divorce Papers early and dying in the first Sacrifice Room you can find. Even with the small chance of getting the unlock with Mysterious Paper, the high number of runs in a short period of time can be worth it.
  • If Isaac happens to teleport away from the sacrifice room right as he dies, then he won't unlock The Lost.
    • Added in Afterbirth Sacrificing health for the 12th time in a row and onwards has a 50% chance to teleport you to the Dark Room Dark Room. Make sure Isaac has no more than 11 hearts before attempting to die in the sacrifice room.

Removed in Afterbirth Unlocking The Lost in Rebirth[]

The Lost is unlocked by dying 4 times in a row, each time with a certain character dying in a certain circumstance. Deaths must be completed consecutively in the order shown below. Seeds can be used on all but the final step.

  1. Isaac Isaac must die to a Mulliboom in Chapter 1.
  2. Magdalene Magdalene must die to her own bomb in Chapter 2.
  3. Judas Judas must die to Mom. Being killed by any monster spawned by Mom will spoil the entire attempt at unlocking The Lost.
  4. Finally, Azazel Azazel must die to Satan. Being killed by any of the other enemies spawned by Satan will spoil the entire attempt at unlocking The Lost. Using The Bible The Bible on Satan does not count as death from Satan.

The Lost will be unlocked after completing the steps shown above

Notes on unlocking The Lost[]

  • Multiple lives (for example, obtained by Dead Cat Dead Cat) must be depleted before the intended death, as deaths while having extra lives do not count as a game loss.
  • Having any mods installed that triggers the mod flag will make The Lost unobtainable. To fix this problem, all mods have to be removed.
  • The game cannot be won as any character required to unlock it when unlocking it.
  • Champion versions of monsters and bosses will count for the death criteria.
  • Runs can always be safely reset.
  • Mom's Foot's stomp counts as explosive damage, which makes Pyromaniac Pyromaniac a problematic choice when trying to complete Step 3.
  • Picking the wrong character while unlocking him doesn't mess up the unlocking process.[1]
  • Quitting and Restarting the game in the middle of the unlocking process doesn't mess it up.[2]
  • Picking up Lazarus' Rags Lazarus' Rags, Judas' Shadow Judas' Shadow, or Ankh Ankh should be avoided. These items will revive the current character as a different one and therefore prevent the current unlock-step from being fulfilled.
  • Exploit: If you die during a required run, but hit the "start" button just as you die and reset before it shows Isaac's Last Will, it will not count as a death that spoils the run, instead it counts as a restart.

File Manipulation[]

By changing a file parameter, an unsuccessful try can be undone:

  1. Backup the file Options.ini found in the Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Rebirth by making a copy of it in the same folder.

Open the original file with Notepad and change the SteamCloud parameter in it to 0. This will disable Steam Cloud gamesaves synchronization.

  1. After an unsuccessful try, delete the original file and rename the backup copy with the name of the original file: Options.ini
  2. Repeat steps 1 after each successful run until you unlock The Lost.
  3. When finished, open the original file and restore the SteamCloud parameter in it to 1. This will enable Steam Cloud gamesaves synchronization again.

Helpful Seeds For Rebirth[]

==== Isaac ====

PC GPE3 2T1H (Must be on Normal difficulty. 2 Mullibooms south of starting point. Use the sacrifice room above to damage yourself first)

PC PS4 JTMD EZPF (Must be on Normal difficulty. One mulliboom directly below the starting. Go left first to get weakened)

PC GH9Y FSA8 (Hard difficulty, series of rooms containing mullibooms going down)

PC Q2V4 YZET (Hard difficulty, Cellar needs to be unlocked, 2x2 room full of mullibooms (about 6/7) when going up)

Vita GQHN NMKN (Go left, 4+ Mullibooms)

3DS 6Z2L AZ6J (Go left, 4+ Mullibooms)

3DS VNSM AHHG (Go up, weaken yourself at the spikes, then go up and die from the Mulliboom)

3DS PXRT XH49 (Go up, weaken yourself with the Frowning Gapers, then go down and die to the Mulliboom)

iOS 3KY7 JPBJ (Go right and weaken yourself, then go left and there are 2 mullibooms)


PC ALFA 0NTS (Recommended Normal difficulty. Pyro in the first Treasure Room, adjacent to spawn)

PS4 FDRG 0CTE (Pyro in the first Treasure Room, adjacent to spawn)

Vita DXVW MQCF (Pyro in the first Treasure Room)

3DS YGDC T8SL (10 bombs in the first Treasure Room)

iOS E1NZ N3MA (bomb in second floor shop, the fires should give enough pennies to buy the bomb.)


PC YR8E YXDV (Must be on Normal difficulty. Polyphemus in the first Treasure Room. Do not take devil deals, as Trinity Shield and Sacred Heart will be available in Angel Rooms. Keep the Book of Belial to ensure they show up. Also, from the pills from Mom's Coin Purse (1st boss, Duke of Flies), take the orange (Health Up) then the white one (Full Health), ignore the blue ones (Speed Down)).

PC N0G3 VLD4 (Both modes) - Dr. Fetus on floor 1, and Ipecac on floor 2.

PS4 DMTM NRD9 (Do not make a Devil Room deal in Basement II will spawn an Angel Room with Holy Grail in Caves I. Collecting everything grant huge tears.

3DS 180Y 7RDC (Lots of health early (Rosary in first Treasure room), good pickups (Mulligan is in second Treasure room, Dr. Fetus and Mr. Mega in the third and fourth). Skip the first Devil deal, as the Angel deals are Sacred Heart, Mitre, and Scapular. Remember to trigger scapular before entering the Mom fight if you take it, as the immediate foot stomp may leave you with the bonus soul heart.)

iOS 0FP1 C9JK (The first boss room gives a heart, the first devil deal gives dead cat so you can survive.)


Using a seed on this step will not count towards unlocking The Lost.

The Lost

PC HNA6 WEK7 (Dead Cat and Holy Mantle on first floor, helpful for practice runs)

Unlockable Achievements[]


  • When The Lost's unlock requirements were discovered through the use of data mining, Edmund McMillen and Tyrone Rodriguez both expressed their disappointment, considering it impatient and "like swallowing a hundred dollar steak in one bite".[3]
  • Right before the start of a run, some images appear to hint to unlocking The Lost, including the Missing Poster Missing Poster and The Lost itself.
  • Removed in AfterbirthDying in a Sacrifice Room while holding the Missing Poster Missing Poster would yield a puzzle piece on Isaac's last will. These puzzle pieces, when put together, created the last wills of characters dying in the method used to unlock The Lost.
  • Before version 1.02, The Lost would die if a run was exited then continued.
  • When The Lost picks up an item, tarot card, or pill, you can see its arms that do not connect to its body.
  • Internally, The Lost has half a soul heart, which is hidden behind a permanent Curse of the Unknown-like effect. The singular soul heart is why The Lost can "pick up" soul hearts, black hearts, and eternal hearts. There are no ways to increase this health, though, as The Lost's health is constantly reset back to half a soul heart.
    • Devil deals appear as requiring three soul hearts each as The Lost technically only has half of an invisible soul heart. This is cosmetic only, as devil deals are still free.
    • Added in Repentance The Lost can pick up soul hearts within the small timeframe of invincibility granted by Added in RepentanceAstral Projection Astral Projection after getting hit.
  • Added in AfterbirthA loading screen (when Isaac dreams) depicts the "Voice of God" telling Isaac's Mom to kill her son as The Lost speaking to her from the attic.
  • The Lost's starting health is listed as "?" on the character selection screen.