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The   Inner   Eye
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The Inner Eye is a passive item.



  • Isaac fires a spread of three tears at once.
  • Tears down: (Delay * 2.1) + 3



  •    20/20: Shoots 5 tears with no further decrease in fire rate.
  •   Cursed Eye: At full charge, fires 4 rows of 3 tears, resulting in 12 tears.
  •    Diplopia: Effects stack, resulting in 6 tears being shot with no further decrease in fire rate.
  •   Doctor's Remote/  Epic Fetus: Replaces the single missile strike with a barrage of three consecutive missiles.
  •   The Ludovico Technique: The tear gains two orbiting tears.
  •     Mutant Spider: Shoots 7 tears instead of 3. No further decrease in fire rate.
  •   Polyphemus: Tear rate is not lowered further. Damage is increased by a flat +5 instead of a normal Polyphemus boost.
  •   Technology 2: The laser is not affected by The Inner Eye.
  •    Tractor Beam: All tears are fired along the beam, but some may be hard to see as they overlap each other.


  •    20/20: Overridden by The Inner Eye.
  •   The Forgotten: Triples bones thrown and swung. Significant increase in tear delay.
  •   Keeper: Fires 6 tears with significantly increased tear delay.
  •    Kidney Stone: Increase number of tears in tear barrage; however, only fires one stone.
  •   Loki's Horns: Only occasionally fires one tear in the other three directions.
  •   Mom's Eye: Only occasionally fires one tear out of the back of Isaac's head.
  •    Mutant Spider: Overrides The Inner Eye.
  •   Monstro's Lung: Adds 5 tears to barrage with a significant increase in tear delay.
  •   Sad Bombs: Does not affect the number of tears when bombs explode.
  •    Varicose Veins: No effect on number of tears when taking damage.

In-game FootageEdit


PC 8MAZ 897M (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC EMHE HEZW (First floor Treasure Room)

PS4 WWDQ Q8LA (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Vita 8VDY 8OCD (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

3DS BRZY XG9Z (First floor Treasure Room)

Switch   2VE1 WBJ9 (First Golden Treasure Room)

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