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The Hollow is a boss that can appear in the Catacombs Catacombs.

It has 22 HP per segment.


The number of individual The Hollow bodies that can spawn each fight can vary from 1-4. The most common encounter with The Hollow is with 2 bodies.

  • Flies around the room diagonally, bouncing off of walls.
    • The Hollow appears to travel faster when moving at vertical angles compared to horizontal.
    • The Hollow can change direction if it collides with Isaac.
  • Occasionally spawns poop while moving.
  • The Hollow's segments can be split into smaller copies of the boss as long as the new Hollow segments are longer than 2 pieces.

There is a chance that a Grub Grub can spawn alongside a shorter Hollow (basically replacing a second Hollow).

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

Dark Grey: 15% larger, has slower movement and 25% more HP (27.5). Each segment that isn't the head spawns a Boom Fly Boom Fly when killed. Does not spawn any poop.
The head will spawn a Boom Fly only if killed immediately after spawning.
Gold: 15% larger and has 25% more HP (27.5) but retains the same movement speed. Each segment that isn't the head will drop a Penny Penny on death.
The head will drop a penny only if killed immediately after spawning.
Green: Chance for each segment that isn't the head to spawn a Charger Charger on death. Occasionally stops movement to shoot 3 bullets at wherever it is facing.
The head will spawn a Charger only if killed immediately after spawning.



  • Removed in RepentancePoop spawned by The Hollow will never drop pickups, even when in possession of Petrified Poop Petrified Poop.
    • Added in RepentancePoops spawned by The Hollow have an incredibly low chance to spawn pickups. This chance is not affected by Petrified Poop.
    • Leaving the room and returning will make the poop generate pickups normally.
  • Piercing tears make fighting The Hollow much easier, as each tear can damage multiple segments.
    • Added in Repentance Piercing shots no longer damage segmented enemies multiple times per attack.


  • The Hollow was added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • It is the posthumous version of Larry Jr. Larry Jr.
  • The definition of hollow is empty on the inside or surface, which could explain the boss's paleness and complexion.
  • The Hollow is the only boss that has three Champion versions.
    • In the V1.7.8 update, The Hollow's gold Champion version was given a unique sprite that looks similar to Added in Afterbirth † Ultra Greedier Ultra Greedier.
  • The Hollow is the only regular boss that can be spawned by Mega Satan Mega Satan between thresholds.


Bug Bug! Removed in Afterbirth † Sometimes this boss will get stuck in the wall when slowed.