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Questionmarkisaac.png For the item with a similar name, see Lil Haunt. For the enemy with a similar name, see Lil' Haunt (Enemy).

The Haunt is a boss that can appear:


Phase 1 The battle begins with three Lil' Haunts circling The Haunt, who floats around the room and is invulnerable. The Haunt its and Lil' Haunts can still do contact damage to Isaac while incorporeal.

  • One Lil' Haunt becomes corporeal and chases Isaac. Once the first one is dead, the other two take up the chase.
  • Once all three Lil' Haunts are dead, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 The Haunt, now vulnerable, quickly flies to the upper wall of the room and begins to move left and right along the wall while periodically performing the following attacks:

  • Fires a straight 15►Brimstone Brimstone laser downwards.
  • Fires five blood shots in a spread downwards.
  • If Isaac is close to the upper wall, The Haunt will quickly dash toward his position.

During The Haunt's transition to this phase, it can deal contact damage during the dash to the upper wall.
The Haunt attacks based on its location and distance. If it cannot make it to a certain position, it gets stuck attempting to reach it and will not attack until it can resume moving.

During both phases The Haunt deals a whole heart of contact damage.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

  • Added in Afterbirth Black: Only two Lil' Haunts circle The Haunt in the first phase. In the second phase, The Haunt spawns 1-2 Spiders instead of firing a brimstone laser.
  • Added in Afterbirth Pink: Only one Lil' Haunt circles The Haunt in the first phase. In the second phase, The Haunt has 50% less HP (100). The Haunt's laser is replaced with two diagonal Brimstone lasers that reflect once off of walls. The Haunt's blood-shot attack is changed to 8 shots and is aimed towards Isaac.



  • Although the Haunt can fly over rocks and most other obstacles, its movement in the second phase can be completely stopped by dropping a bomb in its path.
    • Added in Afterbirth In Afterbirth, the Haunt is no longer stopped by bombs and can move over them.
  • As of v1.03, the Lil' Haunts are immune to the effects of 15►E Coli E Coli, 15►D10 D10, and 15►Flush! Flush!.
  • Added in Repentance The Lil' Haunts are immune to Ace cards.
  • Inflicting fear or confusion on The Haunt during Phase 2 can be dangerous, as it will sometimes start sliding back and forth rapidly.


  • It is the boss version of the Lil' Haunts.
  • Added in Afterbirth The Forsaken is the posthumous version of it.
  • The Haunt's design may be a reference to Paunchy Chops, a boss from the game Gish, also developed by Edmund McMillen. They function similarly in that they are both ghosts that can phase in and out of corporeality, and they bear similar facial expressions.
  • Added in Repentance The Haunt has a resurrected variation known as the The Heretic.


Bug Bug! When you kill the Lil' Haunts spawned by the Black Champion Haunt, there is a chance that the music will end as if you defeated the boss.
Bug Bug! If phase 2 starts at the same time as Isaac inflicts a status effect on The Haunt, after the effect is gone, The Haunt will be permanently tinted with that status effect's color until it dies.

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