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The Gamekid is an unlockable activated item.

Effects[ | ]

Turns the character into a Pac-Man-like creature for 6.5 seconds and provides the following effects:

  • Gives invulnerability.
  • Inflicts fear on all enemies.
  • Removes the ability to shoot tears.
  • (except in Repentance) Allows Isaac to deal 40 contact damage to enemies, at the rate of 1 hit per second per enemy.
  • (in Repentance) Allows Isaac to deal 20 contact damage to enemies, at the rate of 2 hits per second per enemy.
    • If an enemy is at 40 HP or less, the contact damage is increased to 40 for that enemy.
  • Each enemy that dies during the duration has a chance to replenish a Half Red HeartHalf Red Heart even if they weren't killed by Isaac's contact damage.

Notes[ | ]

Synergies[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible 4.5 Volt icon4.5 Volt: With some damage source while this item is active, it can be permanently invulnerable inside the room while you have enemies.
    • If combined with Collectible 9 Volt icon9 Volt, it will be easier to achieve invincibility.
  • Collectible Blue Baby's Only Friend icon???'s Only Friend: The fly can still be controlled while invincible.
  • (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Spawns wisps in the inner ring, looking like little Pac-Men. Wisps' tears have the Collectible Anti-Gravity iconAnti-Gravity effect and can inflict fear on enemies.
  • (except in Rebirth)Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: Doubles the length of invincibility, but no effect on damage.
  • Collectible Mom's Knife iconMom's Knife does contact damage in the same direction it was being held at the time of using it, giving a massive amount of free damage by ramming into an enemy.
    • If you have the Yes Mother? Transformation, you can basically do the same thing using this item.
  • Damage on contact items (Collectible Aries iconAries, Collectible The Virus iconThe Virus, etc.) and Orbital Familiars (Collectible Cube of Meat iconCube of Meat, Collectible Sacrificial Dagger iconSacrificial Dagger, etc.): Deals damage on top of The Gamekid's damage and invincibility.

Interactions[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Ace Cards: Enemies that are turned into pickups don’t have a chance to heal Isaac.
  • Collectible E. Coli iconE. Coli/Collectible Flush! iconFlush!: Enemies that are turned into PoopPoop don’t have a chance to heal Isaac.
    • Collectible E. Coli iconE. Coli Usually turns non-boss enemies into poop when Isaac attempts to deal contact damage making heals off of contact damage kills much harder.
  • (in Repentance)Freeze Effects: Isaac's contact damage can't freeze enemies however other effects that can still freeze enemies while the item is active do not grant the chance to heal Isaac.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Beating the game whilst under the effects of The Gamekid will cause the credits music to be sped up.
  • This item's name and appearance are references to the Nintendo Game Boy.
  • The pickup quote and Isaac's appearance while under the effects of The Gamekid are references to Pac-Man.
  • Tetris appears to be the game being played on The Gamekid. Tetris was also the launch title for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Gallery[ | ]