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Added in Afterbirth

The Forsaken is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth that can appear:


  • Spawns a Bony Bony.
    • While at least one Bony is still alive, the Forsaken becomes incorporeal and floats erratically around the room staying away from Isaac and very occasionally drifts towards Isaac attempting to pass through him.
    • Every tear shot towards the Forsaken during this phase passes through it.
    • When at around 30% HP, it spawns 2 Bonies instead.
  • When all Bonies are killed, The Forsaken moves close to the center of the room before reappearing and firing 3 Brimstone Brimstone lasers in triangular directions with one laser always shooting in the opposite direction of Isaac. These lasers then rotate just over 180 degrees in either direction.
    • Afterwards it stays vulnerable for a few moments before spawning another Bony and repeating the process.
  • Unlike its counterparts, The Haunt The Haunt and Added in Repentance The Heretic The Heretic, The Forsaken does not deal contact damage while incorporeal. Rather, if Isaac walks through The Forsaken, it spawns another Bony, briefly becoming vulnerable while doing so.
    • If this is repeated without killing any Bonies until there are 4 alive on-screen, the next time Isaac walks through The Forsaken, it performs a modified version of its Brimstone Brimstone attack with greatly increased speed and duration, killing off all Bonies.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

Added in Afterbirth † Black: Spawns Black Bony Black Bonies instead of regular Bonies. The Spinning Brimstone attack is replaced with The Forsaken spawning 4 Dank Death's Head Dank Death's Heads and resuming invincibility for 1 second if there are no other Dank Death's Heads alive. It can not spawn any Dank Death's Heads if there is at least 1 other alive and will instead remain vulnerable for a duration before spawning another Black Bony.



  • The Forsaken can be instantly killed with Added in RepentanceVade Retro Vade Retro if it is at 50% health or below.


  • It is the posthumous version of The Haunt.
  • When The Forsaken disappears, it covers its eyesockets with its arm-like bones. This is most likely a reference to Boos from the Mario franchise.
  • The Forsaken appears to be The Haunt without its ghostly exterior.
  • During the versus screen, the Forsaken's Bony-spawning sound can be heard. The Forsaken is one of Removed in Repentanceseven/Added in Repentance five bosses that can be heard during the versus screen, the other Removed in Repentancesix/Added in Repentancefour being The Stain The Stain, Added in Afterbirth † Big Horn Big Horn, Mom Mom, Removed in Repentance Mom's Heart Mom's Heart, Removed in Repentance It Lives It Lives and Added in Repentance Mother Mother.
  • Added in Afterbirth † The Forsaken can be found in The Void The Void, even before being unlocked.
  • Added in Repentance The Forsaken has an alternative resurrected variation known as the The Heretic.