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The   Family   Man
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Challenge Number
Available Rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Isaac portrait.png
Epic Fetus Epic Fetus
Unlock Method

The Family Man Pick up both Key Pieces from the Angels in one run

The Family Man is Challenge #19. Isaac is blindfolded and must instead rely on familiars to do damage. The goal is to defeat Isaac. Isaac starts with Brother Bobby Brother Bobby, Sister Maggy Sister Maggy, Dad's Key Dad's Key, BFFS! BFFS! and Rotten Baby Rotten Baby.

Added in Afterbirth Isaac also starts with the Conjoined transformation due to the familiars the player starts with, making the challenge more difficult. This is because the Conjoined transformation decreases your damage, which the blue flies from Rotten Baby rely on.


The slow fire rate of the familiars makes this challenge difficult, especially in Womb Womb and Cathedral Cathedral. The familiars can also be hard to aim, as they linger behind Isaac.

Added in Repentance Both Brother Bobby and Sister Maggy have been buffed, making this challenge markedly easier: Brother Bobby now has a higher fire rate; while Sister Maggy has an increased damage of 6 (with BFFS! a respectable 12)


  • Dad's Key allows the player to enter secret rooms and shops without using bombs or keys. Saving and obtaining extra pickups via Dad's Key can be leveraged for items from Beggars and Arcade machines to offset the challenge's lack of treasure rooms.
    • Also, Dad's Key can be used to exit the Boss Rush without having to fight any bosses, granting a free item if the Boss Rush is reached in time.
  • Gaining flight will allow Isaac to stay safely out of range while the familiars deal damage.
  • Damage from blue flies scales with Isaac's damage, allowing more damage into the late game. Several items can help achieve this.
    • Guppy has a 50% chance to create blue flies when a familiar's tear hit an enemy, providing a continuous supply of extra damage
    • Rotten Baby's Blue Flies can seek enemies at range.
    • Hive Mind Hive Mind doubles all Blue Fly damage.
    • Polyphemus Polyphemus or Ipecac Ipecac will also greatly increase the damage of Blue Flies.
  • Sacrificial Dagger Sacrificial Dagger is extremely useful, because with BFFS! it deals 30 damage per tick, making it extremely useful against bosses. However, this does not apply to Added in AfterbirthSpear of Destiny Spear of Destiny.
    • Getting this combined with invincibility such as Rune of Algiz Rune of Algiz will allow a guaranteed kill on bosses.
  • Additional damage-dealing familiars can be leveraged against enemies.
    • Lil Brimstone Lil Brimstone is particularly useful for its significant damage, unlimited range, and attacks that pierce obstacles and enemies.
    • ???'s Only Friend ???'s Only Friend can also deal high damage and can be controlled to attack enemies anywhere in the room.
    • Bob's Brain Bob's Brain can be tricky to use effectively but offers a tremendous boost to damage.
  • Damage-dealing active items, such as The Candle The Candle, Red Candle Red Candle, or The Boomerang The Boomerang also offer a reliable amount of damage, and are all obtainable from the Shop.
  • Defensive orbitals block projectiles and some can be used to deal damage. Using Slot Machines is a relatively reliable method to get 2-3 defensive flies.
  • Removed in Afterbirth Re-rolling Isaac's Items with a Dice Room, the D4 D4, the D100 D100, or Missing No. Missing No. is not recommended as it can leave Isaac without means of dealing damage.
  • Added in Afterbirth Most of Lilith Lilith's unlockable items will make the challenge easier:
  • Added in Afterbirth †Baby-Bender Baby-Bender gives all familiar's tears homing ability.
  • Both Added in Afterbirth †Pause Pause and Added in Afterbirth †Camo Undies Camo Undies, when combined with Rotten Baby allows Isaac to snipe enemies from safety.