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The   Chest

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Stage ID
Normal and hard modes only 17
Floor ID
Normal and hard modes only 11a

The Chest is one of the final levels in The Binding of Isaac, alongside the Dark Room Dark Room and Added in Afterbirth † The Void The Void.

The Chest can be accessed with three methods: Touching the chest dropped by Isaac while having 15►The Polaroid The Polaroid (always dropped by Mom after beating Isaac five times) equipped, or, while in the Cathedral Cathedral, by using Telepills or another item that acts like Telepills, and being sent to the I AM ERROR room, or finding a black market on the Cathedral and going into the beam of light.

Like the Cathedral before it, The Chest consists of only one floor. In The Chest, it is not possible to bomb doors open to skip rooms. The Chest's rooms are mainly filled with bosses and mini-bosses. The boss of the floor is always ???.

The first room in The Chest will automatically contain 4 golden chests. These special chests always contain treasure room items. Rarely, these chests can also be Mega Chests. Additionally, all brown and golden chests spawned in The Chest will always contain Treasure Room Items. This means that a lot of different items can be found in The Chest when clearing rooms with items or effects that raise the chance of spawning chests. This can be useful when trying to complete the collection page. Destroying Slot Machines, Fortune Telling Machines and all types of Beggars with the exception of a Shell Game Beggar will also spawn items.

After completing The Chest or the Dark Room for the first time, the first room of The Chest will always contain a large golden door, which can be unlocked with either the Key Pieces (combination of 15►Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1 and 15►Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2), 15►Dad's Key Dad's Key, Added in AfterbirthGet out of Jail Free Card Get out of Jail Free Card or Added in Afterbirth †15►Mr. ME! Mr. ME!, allowing access to Mega Satan.



Entity ID Description
Frowning Gaper
10.0 Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Upon getting near Isaac, it will open its eyes and pursue Isaac faster. Usually turns into a Pacer or a Gusher upon death.
Attack Fly
18.0 Red fly that follows Isaac and deals touch damage.
44.1 Quickly slides towards Isaac when he gets in its line of sight, then moves slowly back to its original position. Cannot be destroyed.
57.0 Slowly moves around the room, occasionally hopping and firing 8 large blood shots in all directions. Splits into 2 Brains upon death.
85.0 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage.
Pale Fatty
210.1 Slowly walks towards Isaac. Occasionally farts and shoots 6 blood shots in all directions. Has a chance to turn into a Blubber upon death.
217.0 Slowly dashes in random directions, dealing contact damage.
223.0 Slowly moves around the room, occasionally hopping to spawn Dips or fire 8 Brown shots in all directions. Splits 2 Squirts upon death.
224.0 When Isaac lines up with it horizontally, it charges across the room once. When Isaac is not horizontal to it, it spawns Brains.
227.0 Wanders around the room and throws a bone at Isaac when he is in sight.
Blue Conjoined Fatty
257.1 Slowly walks towards Isaac and occasionally farts out a homing Ipecac shot at Isaac.
Lil' Haunt
260.0 Follows Isaac erratically and occasionally shoots a blood shot towards Isaac's destination, predicting his movements.
Degraded Bosses



  • If Isaac gets   Key Piece 1 and   Key Piece 2, the key will open the golden gate to fight Mega Satan, but if Isaac uses   Forget Me Now, the floor will reset and Isaac won't get both Key Pieces back, making it so that the golden gate won't open again.
  •   It is possible to create trapdoors thanks to reward plate (found for example in a secret room). Upon entering them the floor is restarted. If the large golden door was opened before restarting, it will be closed afterward.
    • This may result in a softlock on a Daily Run to Mega Satan, if no other way of opening the door is found.
  •   The I AM ERROR room cannot be reached by any method in The Chest and the   Dark Room.
  •   If a Red Chest is placed in the starting room, it will contain a Devil Deal, similar to the   Dark Room.

Unlockable AchievementsEdit

    Dead Boy - Complete chapter 6 without taking damage.


  • The Chest and its boss, ???, are based on the in-game backstory of Isaac locking himself in his toy chest and asphyxiating to death.
  • The sprite appearance of ??? is a reference to Edmund McMillen's Dead Baby games, which are often referenced throughout The Binding Of Isaac.
  • The texture of the floor may have a small chance of showing two small glowing dots that look like eyes.
  • Like in the   Dark Room, bombing the doors to open them doesn't work on this floor.
  • The shadow cast on the floor most likely resembles Isaac's head while opening the chest.
  •   In   The Void, during Delirium's death animation, its boss room switches between different environments, and it always ends with a Chest layout.