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The Cage is a boss that can appear:


  • Leaps off-screen and tries to land in Isaac's path; predicting his movement. Leaves a small puddle of damaging Grey Creep and sends out 4-5 lines of rock waves upon landing.
  • Quickly shoots 6 streams of 3-7 projectiles in a spiral pattern, similar to Mom's Heart Mom's Heart/ It Lives It Lives.
  • Curls up in a ball and rolls towards Isaac, bouncing off walls and obstacles around the room.
  • Spawns a grey-coloured Vis Vis that shoots a brown-coloured Brimstone Brimstone laser.
    • The different colours are purely cosmetic, and it behaves exactly like a normal Vis.
    • Any Vis caught in The Cage's rolling attack will be killed.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

Added in Afterbirth Green: Periodically leaves puddles of Green Creep and doesn't spawn any Vis.
Added in Afterbirth Pink: Two Cages, each with 50% HP (400), replace the normal Cage. They never perform their jump attack. Added in Repentance Both Cages are ~50% smaller.



  • Added in Afterbirth / Removed in RepentanceHost Hat Host Hat and Pyromaniac Pyromaniac make Isaac immune to The Cage's rock waves, since it is considered to be the same as explosions by the game.
  • When The Cage jumps, there is a delay to his falling animation, causing Isaac to be hurt before The Cage falls back down.
  • If Isaac is flying on Pits, The Cage can hit Isaac if it jumps towards him, and it will then be pushed back to the ground.


  • It has the highest health of any boss fought before Mom's Heart.
  • It is the posthumous version of Mega Fatty Mega Fatty. It appears to have lost its head.
  • Although The Cage is a dead version of Mega Fatty, it also bears a lot of resemblances to a giant Vis as well, since it is a fat headless body with a giant cut in its belly. Another slight nod to their resemblance is The Cage's ability to spawn Vis with a Grey color palette and a Brown Brimstone laser.
  • The stitches on the Cage's body resemble Y-shaped incisions commonly made at the start of an autopsy.
  • Despite being a possible encounter before Mom Mom, The Cage has more HP than her.