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Issues: As this is information relating to newly released content, there may be more information planned to be released by the developers in the following months.

Repentance is a DLC expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † that was released on March 31st, 2021. It costs $14.99

For a list of the pre-release blog posts, see The Binding of Isaac: Repentance (Pre-Release).

Features[edit | edit source]

General features revealed include:

  • The fan mod The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth integrated into the game as official content.
  • A new reworked co-op mode, allowing up to four players to play as actual characters instead of babies.
  • 130+ new items (more than 700 items in total and some are from Antibirth)
  • A full alternate path with brand new chapters and two new final bosses and endings (one from Antibirth)
  • 100+ new enemies
  • 25+ new bosses
  • 2 (+17) new playable characters
  • 10 new challenges
  • 100+ new achievements
  • 5,000+ new room designs

Additions[edit | edit source]

Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Character Bethany appearance.png
Bethany Bethany

Character Jacob and Esau appearance.png
Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau
Jacob Jacob Esau Esau
Health Stat Icon.png Health Full red heartFull red heartFull red heart Full red heartFull red heartFull red heart Full soul heartFull red heart
Damage Stat Icon.png Damage 3.5 (*1.00) 2.75 (*1.50) 3.75 (*1.00)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears +0 3.00 2.50
Shot Speed Stat Icon.png Shot Speed 1 1.15 0.85
Range Stat Icon.png Range 6.5 5.00 8.00
Speed Stat Icon.png Speed 1.0 1.00 1.00
Luck Stat Icon.png Luck 0 1.00 -1.00
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Pickups 4 Soul Charges None None
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Item(s) Collectible Book of Virtues icon.pngBook of Virtues None None

There is also a "tainted character" for each existing playable character (including Bethany Bethany and Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau) which can be unlocked by finding a hidden room on the new stage "Home". Because of that, the total number of playable characters in the game is 34.

Items and Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
Abyss 5.100.706
4 rooms
Come forth from the depths Destroys all items in the room and gives Isaac a unique attack fly familiar for each item destroyed. 4
Alabaster Box 5.100.585
Alabaster Box
12 rooms
A sacred offering Spawns three soul hearts and two angel room items. Must be charged by picking up 6 soul hearts. 2
Anima Sola 5.100.722
Anima Sola
15 seconds
Repent Chains down the nearest enemy for 5 seconds, preventing them from acting. 2
Bag of Crafting 5.100.710
Bag of Crafting
Make your destiny Collects and holds up to 8 pickups. Holding the activate button crafts them into a passive item, with the power level based on the quality of pickups used. 3
Berserk! 5.100.704
With damage dealt
Rip and tear Causes Isaac to go berserk for 5 seconds, greatly increasing his speed, tears, and damage, but restricting him to using a melee weapon instead of his tears. This item charges by dealing damage to enemies instead of clearing rooms. 3
Book of Virtues 5.100.584
Book of Virtues
4 rooms
Spiritual companionship On use, spawns an orbital Wisp familiar that fires spectral tears but can be destroyed. Also becomes a passive item that causes other active items to spawn themed Wisps. 3
Broken Glass Cannon 5.100.474
Broken Glass Cannon
4 rooms
You broke it! Begins with no charges and turns into Added in Afterbirth15►Glass Cannon Glass Cannon when used. Only acquired by taking damage while holding Glass Cannon. 0
Clear Rune 5.100.263
Clear Rune
Rune mimic Has the same effect as the rune or soul stone currently held by Isaac. 2
Damocles 5.100.577
One time use
A king's fortune... but at what cost? Spawns a sword above Isaac's head, which doubles all item pedestals. After Isaac takes damage, the sword can randomly fall at any point, instantly killing him. 2
Dark Arts 5.100.705
Dark Arts
6 seconds
One with the shadows Makes Isaac invulnerable and intangible for one second. When the effect ends, all enemies Isaac ran through take damage and Isaac temporarily gains +1 damage for each one. 2
Death Certificate 5.100.628
Death Certificate
One time use
Where am I? Takes Isaac to an abandoned and expanded version of Home, which has one copy of every item in the game. After taking an item, Isaac returns to the room he used Death Certificate in. 4
Decap Attack 5.100.729
Decap Attack
4 seconds
Chuck away! Throws Isaac's head, which is still able to fire tears at the spot it lands. Reactivating the item or stepping on the head reattaches it. 2
Eraser 5.100.638
1 rooms
Erase thy enemy Throws an eraser that instantly kills the first monster it hits, and prevents that monster from spawning for the rest of the run. Can only be used once per floor. 2
Esau Jr. 5.100.703
Esau Jr.
1 rooms
Lost brother Swaps between the current character and Esau Jr., who has +2 flat damage and flight. Characters have independent items and health. Dying as either character ends the run. 2
Eternal D6 5.100.609
Eternal D6
2 rooms
??? Rerolls all items in the room. Each item has a chance to disappear instead. 2
Everything Jar 5.100.720
Everything Jar
12 rooms
Anything is possible Spawns certain pickups based on how many charges it has. If fully charged, instead has one of many unique effects. 2
Flip 5.100.711
6 rooms
Life and death Switch characters between Tainted Lazarus and Dead Tainted Lazarus. 3
Fortune Cookie 5.100.557
Fortune Cookie
2 rooms
Reusable fortunes Gives Isaac a fortune, soul heart, tarot card, or trinket. 2
Free Lemonade 5.100.578
Free Lemonade
4 rooms
Party time! Creates a large pool of yellow creep beneath Isaac. 2
Friend Finder 5.100.687
Friend Finder
4 rooms
Best friends forever! Spawns a random friendly monster that mimics Isaac's movements and attacks. 3
Gello 5.100.728
2 rooms
Demonic gestation Spawns a demon familiar that's attached to Isaac and moves and fires in the direction Isaac shoots, using Isaac's damage, tears, range, shotspeed, and special tear effects. 2
Genesis 5.100.622
One time use
In the beginning Removes all of Isaac's items and pickups and takes him to a unique bedroom with some pickups and chests and a trapdoor to the next floor. For every item Isaac lost, he gets to take an item from a set of three. 2
Golden Razor 5.100.555
Golden Razor
Pain from gain Spends five coins to increase Isaac's damage by 1.2 for the current room. 2
Hold 5.100.715
Saved for later Exclusive to Tainted ???. Allows him to save one poop bomb for later, allowing him to gather more over time. 0
Jar of Wisps 5.100.685
Jar of Wisps
12 rooms
Your faith grows Spawns random wisps that shoot various tears, block shots, and deal contact damage. The number of wisps spawned increases every time the jar is used. 2
Keeper's Box 5.100.719
Keeper's Box
4 rooms
Portable shop Spawns a random shop item/pickup. 3
Larynx 5.100.611
12 rooms
Hear my pain Makes Isaac shout, damaging and pushing nearby enemies. The shout gets stronger the more charges the item has. Can also be charged by taking damage. 2
Lemegeton 5.100.712
6 rooms
Item summoner Spawns the ghost of a random passive item, which orbits Isaac but can be destroyed. While the ghost is alive, Isaac gains that item's effects. 3
Magic Skin 5.100.642
Magic Skin
6 rooms
All your desires fulfilled Consumes one heart container or two soul hearts to spawn an item and give Isaac a broken heart container that can never be filled. If Magic Skin isn't being held after being used, it is very likely to replace any future items. 2
Meat Cleaver 5.100.631
Meat Cleaver
2 rooms
Slice but no dice Splits all enemies in the room into two smaller versions of themselves with much less health. 1
Mega Mush 5.100.625
Mega Mush
12 rooms
I'm a big boy now! Gigantifies Isaac for 30 seconds, increasing damage and range while lowering tears, granting invulnerability, and allowing Isaac to crush enemies and obstacles he walks on. The effect persists between rooms. 4
Mom's Bracelet 5.100.604
Mom's Bracelet
Mother's strength Lets Isaac pick up and throw rocks, TNT, poops, and other obstacles. 2
Plum Flute 5.100.650
Plum Flute
4 rooms
Play time! Summons the boss Baby Plum to fight for Isaac in the current room. 2
R Key 5.100.636
R Key
One time use
Time to start over Brings Isaac back to the first floor of a new run, retaining all of his items. 4
Recall 5.100.714
5 seconds
Come back Retrieves the Forgotten's body from any distance. Only available as the Added in Repentance15►Birthright Birthright effect for Tainted Forgotten. 0
Red Key 5.100.580
Red Key
4 rooms
Explore the other side Creates a new room adjacent to a viable wall, indicated by the outline of a door. These rooms have a chance to be various special rooms. 3
Sharp Key 5.100.623
Sharp Key
Open your enemies Adds 5 keys on pickup. Allows Isaac to throw his keys to deal damage to enemies, destroy obstacles, and open doors. 1
Spin to Win 5.100.655
Spin to Win
3 seconds
Let it rip! When used, gives Isaac +0.5 speed and greatly increases the rotation speed of Isaac's orbitals for 3 seconds. Gives Isaac a spinning top orbital that blocks enemy shots and deals contact damage to enemies while held. 1
Spindown Dice 5.100.723
Spindown Dice
6 rooms
-1 Transforms all items in the room by decreasing their internal ID number. 4
Stitches 5.100.635
5 seconds
Bait and switch Passively spawns a familiar that moves in the direction Isaac shoots. On use, Isaac swaps places with the familiar. 1
Sulfur 5.100.556
3 rooms
Temporary demon form Grants 15►Brimstone Brimstone for the current room. 2
Sumptorium 5.100.713
1 seconds
Return Holding down the fire button converts hearts into familiars that fire tears but can be destroyed. Activating converts the familiars back into hearts. 3
Suplex! 5.100.709
6 seconds
Angel breaker Allows Isaac to dash into and pick up enemies, then slam them into the ground to deal damage and create rock waves that damage nearby enemies and destroy obstacles. 3
The Scooper 5.100.605
The Scooper
3 rooms
Plop! Summons a Peeper familiar for the current room, which leaves a trail of red creep. 0
Urn of Souls 5.100.640
Urn of Souls
Unleash their sorrow Spews a stream of damaging flame. Gains Soul Charges each time an enemy dies, which are used to fuel the urn. 3
Vade Retro 5.100.653
Vade Retro
Begone! While held, non-ghost enemies leave behind small, red ghosts on death; using the item causes the ghosts to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Stronger enemies leave behind stronger ghosts that create more powerful explosions. 3
Wavy Cap 5.100.582
Wavy Cap
0.5 seconds
Tears up. A mind changing experience! Increases fire rate, decreases speed, and distorts the screen. All effects become more pronounced with repeated use, and wear off by clearing rooms. 1
Yuck Heart 5.100.639
Yuck Heart
6 rooms
Gross! Gives Isaac a Rotten Heart. 3

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
120 Volt 5.100.559 120 Volt Zap! Repeatedly zaps enemies that are close to Isaac. 3
2Spooky 5.100.554 2Spooky 4me Enemies near Isaac are afflicted with fear. 2
4.5 Volt 5.100.647 4.5 Volt Beat the juice out of them! Active items don't charge when clearing rooms. Instead, they're charged by dealing damage to enemies. 2
A Bar of Soap 5.100.564 A Bar of Soap Tears + shot speed up Gives Isaac +0.5 Tears and +0.2 Shot Speed. 3
A Pound of Flesh 5.100.672 A Pound of Flesh Blood money Devil deals now cost coins, shop items now cost health, and consumables in shops are free but surrounded by spikes. 1
Act of Contrition 5.100.601 Act of Contrition Tears up, you feel forgiven Increases tears and grants an Eternal Heart. Allows Angel Rooms to appear even if a Devil deal has been taken before. 3
Akeldama 5.100.641 Akeldama Spill your guts Creates a chain of tears behind Isaac while in combat. 2
Almond Milk 5.100.561 Almond Milk DMG down + tears up + you feel nutty Quadruples fire rate, with x0.3 damage multiplier. Tears are given random worm trinket effects. 1
Astral Projection 5.100.677 Astral Projection The true out-of-body experience! Causes Isaac to turn into a ghost if he gets hit while in a room with enemies, giving him flight and spectral tears and blocking the next hit he takes. 2
Azazel's Rage 5.100.699 Azazel's Rage Ancient power Isaac builds rage every time a room is cleared. After four rooms, fires a large 15►Brimstone Brimstone laser when entering the next room. 3
Battery Pack 5.100.603 Battery Pack Instant energy! Recharges Isaac's currently held active item and drops 2-4 batteries. 1
Belly Jelly 5.100.690 Belly Jelly Bounce away! Causes enemies to bounce off of Isaac, dealing damage to them if they hit and enemy or obstacle. Also gives Isaac the chance to deflect enemy shots. 2
Binge Eater 5.100.664 Binge Eater All you can eat +1 red heart container and fully heals Isaac. Item pedestals cycle between their normal items and food, and collecting food grants a temporary damage boost and permanent bonuses to 2 stats. 3
Bird Cage 5.100.610 Bird Cage Fat buddy The first time Isaac takes damage in a room, a familiar leaps on an enemy, dealing damage and releasing a rock wave. For the rest of the room, it chases enemies similar to 15►Dead Bird Dead Bird. 1
Bird's Eye 5.100.616 Bird's Eye It burns Gives Isaac the chance to shoot fires alongside his regular tears that block enemy shots and deal damage to enemies that touch them. 2
Birthright 5.100.619 Birthright ??? Has a different effect for each character. 2
Blood Bombs 5.100.614 Blood Bombs Bloody blast + HP up Grants a Red Heart container and restore 5 hearts. Bombs leave behind damaging red creep. Isaac can place bombs at the cost of half a heart if he doesn't have any. 1
Blood Oath 5.100.569 Blood Oath Bleed me dry Stabs Isaac at the beginning of each floor, draining his red hearts. Increases damage and speed for the floor based on the amount drained. 2
Blood Puppy 5.100.565 Blood Puppy What a cute little thing! Spawns a familiar that chases enemies. After killing enough enemies, it becomes more powerful and drops red hearts after killing enemies, but will also try to hurt Isaac. Attacking it returns it to normal. 2
Bloody Gust 5.100.695 Bloody Gust May your rage bring haste When Isaac takes damage, he gains speed and tears for the rest of the floor. 3
Boiled Baby 5.100.607 Boiled Baby Messy friend Gives Isaac a familiar that fires chaotic bursts of tears in all directions. 1
Bone Spurs 5.100.683 Bone Spurs Break your enemies Enemies spawn floating bones on death, which block shots and damage/repel enemies that touch them. 2
Booster Pack 5.100.624 Booster Pack Collect them all! Spawns 5 random cards. 1
Bot Fly 5.100.629 Bot Fly Defense drone Spawns an orbiting fly familiar that fires shielded tears at incoming enemy projectiles. 3
Brimstone Bombs 5.100.646 Brimstone Bombs Demon blast +5 bombs Gives Isaac +5 bombs and causes his bombs to fire 15►Brimstone Brimstone lasers in the cardinal directions upon exploding. 3
C Section 5.100.678 C Section Fetus shots Switches control to a fetus that is attached via umbilical cord. The fetus has flight as well as all of Isaac's tear effects and stats. 4
Candy Heart 5.100.671 Candy Heart Power of love Gives permanent stat boosts when Isaac heals with red heart pickups. 2
Card Reading 5.100.660 Card Reading A link to your future Spawns two portals that each lead to either the Boss Room, Secret Room, or Treasure Room at the beginning of each floor. 3
Consolation Prize 5.100.644 Consolation Prize +1 to lowest stat Increases Isaac's lowest stat and drops either 3 coins, 1 bomb, or 1 key depending on what Isaac has the least of. 1
Cracked Orb 5.100.675 Cracked Orb Shards of knowledge Unlocks doors and reveals a random room on the map when Isaac takes damage. 1
Cube Baby 5.100.652 Cube Baby Kick it! Spawns an ice cube familiar that slides around when walked into. It slows and deals contact damage, freezing monsters it kills. 1
Dad's Note 5.100.668 Dad's Note ... Begins the sequence to access Home. 0
Dirty Mind 5.100.576 Dirty Mind Filthy friends Destroying poop spawns friendly Dips that follow Isaac and damage enemies. Destroying different types of poop spawns different Dips with special effects. 2
Divine Intervention 5.100.568 Divine Intervention Double tap shield Double tapping a fire key creates a shield that pushes away enemies and reflects enemy projectiles and lasers. 2
Dogma 5.100.633 Dogma Ascended Grants flight, +0.1 speed, +2 damage, and the 15►Holy Mantle Holy Mantle effect. Grants enough health to have 6 full hearts, if possible. Automatically given to Isaac after defeating Dogma. 0
Dream Catcher 5.100.566 Dream Catcher Sweet dreams During the transition between floors, Isaac's nightmare shows the floor's Treasure Room item and boss. Grants half a soul heart when entering a new floor. 2
Echo Chamber 5.100.700 Echo Chamber I can see see the future future future When Isaac uses a card, pill, or rune, he also uses a copy of every card/pill/rune he used after picking up Echo Chamber. 2
Empty Heart 5.100.676 Empty Heart It multiplies If Isaac has an empty heart container, another one is added at the start of each floor. 2
Evil Charm 5.100.632 Evil Charm Luck up + you feel protected Increases luck by 2.0. 1
Eye Drops 5.100.600 Eye Drops Tears up Lowers the tear delay in Isaac's left eye, causing his eyes to fire at different rates. 3
Eye of the Occult 5.100.572 Eye of the Occult DMG up + range up + controlled tears Isaac's tears are now controlled mid-flight with tear controls. Also increases damage and range, but decreases shot speed. 3
Eye Sore 5.100.558 Eye Sore More eyes Causes Isaac to occasionally extra fire tears in random directions while shooting. 2
False PHD 5.100.654 False PHD Worse pills + evil up Converts good pills into bad pills and identifies all pills. Bad pills now have secondary positive effects. Grants one Black Heart. 2
Freezer Baby 5.100.608 Freezer Baby Iced iced baby Spawns a shooting familiar that has a chance to petrify enemies, and Freezes monsters upon killing them. 2
Fruity Plum 5.100.649 Fruity Plum Bouncy friend Gives Isaac a miniature Baby Plum familiar that propels itself diagonally around the room, firing tears behind itself as it travels. 1
Ghost Bombs 5.100.727 Ghost Bombs Spooky blast +5 bombs Gives Isaac 5 bombs and causes his bombs to spawn ghosts that deal contact damage to enemies and explode after 10 seconds. 2
Giant Cell 5.100.658 Giant Cell Micro friends Causes Isaac to spawn micro-Isaacs when he takes damage, which chase and shoot at nearby enemies. 1
Glitched Crown 5.100.689 Glitched Crown ????? Before being picked up, item pedestals cycle between 5 random items. 4
Guppy's Eye 5.100.665 Guppy's Eye An eye for secrets Shows the contents of Chests, Sacks, and Fire Places before they're opened. 2
Heartbreak 5.100.694 Heartbreak Eternal sorrow Grants 3 broken hearts and +0.25 damage for every broken heart Isaac has. Every otherwise fatal hit will add 2 more until Isaac has nothing but broken hearts. 3
Hemoptysis 5.100.726 Hemoptysis Double tap sneeze Double-tapping a fire button causes Isaac to sneeze blood, dealing damage to enemies in front of him. 3
Hungry Soul 5.100.684 Hungry Soul Out for blood Enemies have a chance to spawn ghosts on death, which chase and deal contact damage to enemies and explode after a short time. 3
Hypercoagulation 5.100.724 Hypercoagulation Thick blooded After taking damage from an enemy, launches a half or full red heart from Isaac that despawns after 1.5 seconds. 3
IBS 5.100.725 IBS Your stomach rumbles Causes Isaac to throw poop, create buffing creep, or drop bombs while fighting enemies. 2
Immaculate Heart 5.100.573 Immaculate Heart Halo of tears Adds one red heart container and fully restores health. x1.2 damage multiplier. Isaac will occasionally fire extra tears that orbit around him. 3
Inner Child 5.100.688 Inner Child Let him free Upon death, Isaac respawns in the current room with half a heart left, a massive size down, and +0.2 speed. 3
Isaac's Tomb 5.100.701 Isaac's Tomb Buried memories Spawns an Old Chest at the start of each floor. 3
It Hurts 5.100.560 It Hurts No it doesn't... Releases a ring of tears and increases tears for the current room when Isaac takes damage. 1
Jupiter 5.100.594 Jupiter You're a gas giant! +2 red Heart containers, -0.3 speed. Isaac builds speed while standing still, and releases poison gas clouds when he moves afterwards. 3
Keeper's Kin 5.100.717 Keeper's Kin Under a rock Rocks and props spawn spiders over time while in a room with enemies, and spawn two blue spiders when destroyed. 2
Keeper's Sack 5.100.716 Keeper's Sack Spending power Gives range, speed, or damage when buying things from a shop. Also spawns three coins and a key on pickup. 3
Knife Piece 1 5.100.626 Knife Piece 1 ??? Combined with Added in Repentance15►Knife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2, creates a knife familiar that damages enemies and can open the door to the Corpse Corpse. 0
Knife Piece 2 5.100.627 Knife Piece 2 ??? Combined with Added in Repentance15►Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1, creates a knife familiar that damages enemies and can open the door to the Corpse Corpse. 0
Knockout Drops 5.100.637 Knockout Drops They pack a punch! Adds a chance to shoot a fist tear that has extremely high knockback and confuses enemies. 3
Lil Abaddon 5.100.679 Lil Abaddon Abyssal friend Spawns a familiar that charges a miniature Added in Afterbirth15►Maw of the Void Maw of the Void attack while Isaac shoots. 3
Lil Dumpy 5.100.615 Lil Dumpy Puffy buddy Gives Isaac a Dumpy familiar that, when it takes damage, pushes/stuns/poisons nearby enemies and flies in a random direction. 0
Lil Portal 5.100.681 Lil Portal It hungers A familiar that flies forward, consuming pickups in its path. Each one will increase its size and damage and spawn a Blue Fly. Every four pickups, it opens a portal that leads to an unexplored room. 1
Lodestone 5.100.617 Lodestone Magnetizing tears Gives Isaac the chance to fire tears that magnetize enemies they hit, causing them to attract nearby pickups and enemies, as well as tears/shots from all sources. 3
Lost Soul 5.100.612 Lost Soul Protect him Gives Isaac a soul familiar that dies in one hit, respawning at the start of the next floor. If it survives an entire floor, it rewards Isaac with hearts or items. 2
Luna 5.100.589 Luna The moon's blessing shines upon you Adds an extra Secret Room and Super Secret Room to each floor. Secret Rooms contain a beam of light that increases tears for the current floor and give soul hearts. 2
Mars 5.100.593 Mars Double tap dash Dash by double-tapping the movement key, becoming invulnerable and damaging enemies. There's a short cooldown before Isaac can dash again. 2
Member Card 5.100.602 Member Card Exclusive access! Adds a trapdoor to every shop that leads to a second shop with a unique stock and marked up prices. 1
Mercurius 5.100.590 Mercurius Speed up + you feel elusive +0.4 speed. Doors stay open after entering a room, even in rooms with enemies. 3
Monstrance 5.100.574 Monstrance Purifying light Isaac gains an aura that deals damage to enemies inside it. 2
Montezuma's Revenge 5.100.680 Montezuma's Revenge Oh no... While firing, Isaac charges up a short-ranged 15►Brimstone Brimstone-like diarrhea beam that shoots behind him. 3
Mucormycosis 5.100.553 Mucormycosis Spore shot Gives Isaac the chance to fire spore tears that stick to enemies and blow up after a few seconds, dealing damage and poisoning nearby enemies and releasing more spores. 3
Nancy Bombs 5.100.563 Nancy Bombs Random blast +5 bombs +5 bombs. Bombs explode with a random bomb effect. 1
Neptunus 5.100.597 Neptunus Open the floodgates Isaac's mouth fills with tears over time while not firing, up to a cap. Holding the fire button will release all stored tears in rapid succession. 3
Ocular Rift 5.100.606 Ocular Rift Stare into the abyss Gives Isaac the chance to fire tears that create rifts where they land, which damage nearby enemies and pull in enemies, pickups, and tears/shots from all sources. 3
Options? 5.100.670 Options? There might be options If a room gives a reward when cleared, there will be two different rewards to chose from. Taking one causes the other to disappear. 2
Orphan Socks 5.100.571 Orphan Socks Speed up + your feet feel stronger Prevents creep and floor spikes from damaging Isaac. Also gives Isaac +0.3 speed and 2 soul hearts. 1
Paschal Candle 5.100.567 Paschal Candle Keep the flame burning Gives Isaac a tears bonus based on how many consecutive rooms he's cleared without taking damage. 3
Playdough Cookie 5.100.570 Playdough Cookie Tasty rainbow Grants multicolored tears. Each color comes with a different status or tear effect. 3
Pluto 5.100.598 Pluto Size down Significantly shrinks Isaac, allowing him to squeeze between objects and makes some enemy shots pass over him. Also gives +0.7 tears. 3
Psy Fly 5.100.581 Psy Fly Flamboyant protector Spawns a fly orbital familiar that chases and deflects enemy shots and converts them into homing tears. 3
Purgatory 5.100.634 Purgatory Help from beyond While in a room with enemies, spawns cracks on the ground. Walking over these cracks summons ghosts that launch themselves at enemies and explode. 2
Quints 5.100.661 Quints They lurk inside Killing enemies spawns a stationary shooting familiar where they died for the current room. 1
Red Stew 5.100.621 Red Stew Full HP + temporary DMG up Refills all heart containers. Grants an enormous damage boost that wears off over time. 0
Redemption 5.100.673 Redemption Deliver me from evil Gives Isaac a soul heart and +1 damage if he goes into a Devil Room but doesn't take anything from it. 2
Revelation 5.100.643 Revelation Awaken your faith Allows Isaac to charge a holy laser by continuously firing for 2.5 seconds, then releasing the fire buttons. Also gives Isaac flight and 2 soul hearts. 4
Rock Bottom 5.100.562 Rock Bottom It's only up from there Locks Isaac's attributes to their highest values reached. 2
Rocket in a Jar 5.100.583 Rocket in a Jar Rocket propulsion +5 bombs +5 bombs. If Isaac is currently moving, placing a bomb will instead shoot a fast-moving, explosive rocket in the direction he's facing. 2
Rotten Tomato 5.100.618 Rotten Tomato Delicious! Adds a chance to fire tears that Mark enemies. Marked enemies are attacked by other enemies. 1
Sacred Orb 5.100.691 Sacred Orb Destined for greatness Prevents low-quality items from spawning, greatly increasing the quality of items received from all items pools. 4
Salvation 5.100.696 Salvation Divine protection Gives Isaac a halo that summons beams of light on enemies inside it. The halo grows larger the more times Isaac has taken damage this floor. 2
Sanguine Bond 5.100.692 Sanguine Bond He awaits your offering Spawns a special set of spikes in the Devil Room. Taking damage from the spikes has a chance to grant a reward. 1
Saturnus 5.100.595 Saturnus Ring of tears Upon entering a room, a circle of tears orbits Isaac. Enemy tears have a chance to be caught in orbit, turning them friendly. 1
Sausage 5.100.669 Sausage All stats up Adds a Red Heart container, and increases speed, damage, tears, range, shot speed, and luck. 3
Sol 5.100.588 Sol Radiant victory Reveals the location of the Boss room. Upon defeating a boss, activates XIX - The Sun, fully recharges Isaac's active item, and grants bonus damage and luck for the rest of the floor. 2
Soul Locket 5.100.686 Soul Locket Power of faith Gives Isaac a permanent stat boost whenever he picks up a soul heart. 2
Spirit Shackles 5.100.674 Spirit Shackles Unfinished business On death, Isaac's ghost is chained to his dead body and he can continue to fight with 1/2 of a heart, returning to life after 10 seconds. Must be recharged by picking up a soul heart. 3
Spirit Sword 5.100.579 Spirit Sword Divine blade Instead of tears, Isaac swings a sword. Charging does a spin attack and fires a projectile, and a projectile is sometimes fired with normal swings if Isaac has no empty red hearts. 3
Stapler 5.100.708 Stapler DMG up +1 damage. Prevents Isaac from firing tears from one eye, like Cain. 3
Star of Bethlehem 5.100.651 Star of Bethlehem Follow the light Spawns a star familiar that slowly travels towards the Boss Room, giving an aura that increases damage and tears and grants homing. 2
Strawman 5.100.667 Strawman A helping hand Spawns Keeper to fight enemies alongside Isaac. If Keeper dies, he spawns blue spiders and Strawman is removed from Isaac's inventory. 2
Supper 5.100.707 Supper HP up Grants one Red Heart container and heals for one extra heart. 1
Terra 5.100.592 Terra Born to rock Replaces tears with rocks that deal variable damage, have increased knockback, and can destroy obstacles. 3
The Intruder 5.100.575 The Intruder Invasive friend A familiar burrows in Isaac's head, firing 4 slowing tears. Upon taking damage, there's a chance it will burst out of Isaac's head, spawning blue spiders and chasing enemies for the current room. 3
The Stairway 5.100.586 The Stairway May you get what you came for Generates a ladder at the start of every floor that leads to a unique Angel Room shop. 3
The Swarm 5.100.693 The Swarm Infest Spawns nine orbital flies, which turn into Blue Flies after they block a shot. Each time a room is cleared, spawns another orbital fly. 2
Tinytoma 5.100.645 Tinytoma Itching for revenge Gives Isaac a Teratoma orbital that blocks shots, deals contact damage, and splits into smaller versions of itself upon taking damage. The smaller versions break into blue spiders. 1
TMTRAINER 5.100.721 TMTRAINER ZZaZZ ZZdZZiZZmZZhZZ ZZvZZ ZZoZZ ZZ ZZsZZlZZhZZsZZoZZaZZiZZ Causes all future items to be "glitched", granting them completely random effects. 2
Tooth and Nail 5.100.663 Tooth and Nail You feel prickly Isaac periodically turns into a spiked statue, briefly becoming invulnerable and dealing contact damage. 2
Tropicamide 5.100.659 Tropicamide Tear size + range up +1.5 range, Increases tear size. 1
Twisted Pair 5.100.698 Twisted Pair Double trouble! Gives Isaac two familiars that stand by Isaac's side and fire tears that use Isaac's tears, range, shot speed, and tear effects and scale with Isaac's damage. 4
Uranus 5.100.596 Uranus Ice tears Isaac shoots ice tears, which slow enemies and freeze monsters they kill. Frozen enemies slide away and explode into ice shards when touched. 3
Vanishing Twin 5.100.697 Vanishing Twin He wants revenge Spawns a familiar that becomes a clone of the floor's boss when entering the boss room. Defeating it drops an extra item. 3
Vasculitis 5.100.657 Vasculitis Clogged enemies Enemies explode into tears upon death, which inherit the effects of Isaac's tears. 2
Vengeful Spirit 5.100.702 Vengeful Spirit Hot blooded After taking damage, spawns an orbital wisp that lasts for the entire floor, up to a maximum of six. They fire tears but do not block shots. 2
Venus 5.100.591 Venus HP up + you feel pretty Adds one red Heart container. Enemies near Isaac become charmed. 1
Voodoo Head 5.100.599 Voodoo Head Extra curse rooms Spawns an additional curse room on each floor. 1
Worm Friend 5.100.682 Worm Friend Clingy buddy Gives Isaac a nerve ending familiar that burrows out of the ground to grab and deal damage to enemies over time. 2

Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
'M 5.350.138 'M t's broken9Reroll your dest Using an active item rerolls it.
A Lighter 5.350.135 A Lighter Watch the world burn Adds a chance for enemies to burn upon entering a room.
Adoption Papers 5.350.184 Adoption Papers Give them a home Shops can sell familiars, which will always be at a discounted price.
Apollyon's Best Friend 5.350.186 Apollyon's Best Friend Attack buddy Spawns two attack locust familiars which will fly forward while Isaac shoots.
Apple of Sodom 5.350.140 Apple of Sodom It feels empty Picking up red hearts, even while at full health, can convert them into blue spiders. The effect may consume hearts needed for healing.
Azazel's Stump 5.350.162 Azazel's Stump Unleash your inner demon When clearing a room, adds a chance to turn into Azazel until clearing another.
Beth's Essence 5.350.182 Beth's Essence Virtue's reward Once per floor, taking damage will spawn a wisp and grants a few seconds of invulnerability. Entering an Angel Room spawns 5 wisps. Giving money to beggars can spawn wisps.
Beth's Faith 5.350.142 Beth's Faith My faith protects me At the beginning of each floor, spawn 4-8 wisps that orbit Isaac and fires tears alongside him.
Blessed Penny 5.350.131 Blessed Penny Wealth of purity Gives a chance to drop a Half Soul Heart when a coin is collected.
Blue Key 5.350.150 Blue Key Look between the rooms Doors can be unlocked without using keys. Opening a door this way brings Isaac to an in-between room that resembles ??? ???, with a few monsters.
Brain Worm 5.350.144 Brain Worm Ding! Tears snap 90 degrees to target enemies that they may have missed.
Broken Glasses 5.350.187 Broken Glasses Double vision? Gives a 33% chance to add a '?' item to Treasure Rooms. Only one item can be taken. The extra items on the alt path are revealed instead.
Broken Padlock 5.350.136 Broken Padlock Bombs are key Locks can be opened with explosions.
Broken Syringe 5.350.132 Broken Syringe Mystery medicine Grants a chance to gain a random syringe effect for the current room.
Charged Penny 5.350.147 Charged Penny Wealth of power Picking up coins has a chance to give an Active Item charge.
Chewed Pen 5.350.130 Chewed Pen It's leaking Adds a chance to fire tears that slow enemies.
Cricket Leg 5.350.185 Cricket Leg Infested Adds a chance to spawn a random locust when killing an enemy.
Crystal Key 5.350.170 Crystal Key Call to the other side Adds a chance to automatically create Red Key rooms after clearing a room.
Cursed Penny 5.350.172 Cursed Penny Wealth of misery Picking up coins teleports Isaac to a random room.
Devil's Crown 5.350.146 Devil's Crown His special customer Treasure Rooms are replaced with unique Red Treasure Rooms, offering a Deal with the Devil in place of an item.
Dice Bag 5.350.154 Dice Bag Bonus roll When Isaac enters a new room, has a chance to give him a Dice item as a consumable for the current room.
Dingle Berry 5.350.163 Dingle Berry Oops! Spawns two friendly Dips upon clearing a room.
Expansion Pack 5.350.181 Expansion Pack Fun extras Using an active item triggers another random active item effect.
Flat File 5.350.151 Flat File No more spikes Causes all spikes to retract, making them harmless. Also affects the doors to Curse Rooms.
Forgotten Lullaby 5.350.141 Forgotten Lullaby Sing for your friends Improves the fire rate of Isaac's familiars.
Found Soul 5.350.180 Found Soul Finally! Spawns a familiar that copies Isaac's movements and scales with damage and tears. If it takes damage, it will die and respawn on the next floor.
Friendship Necklace 5.350.148 Friendship Necklace Gather round Causes familiars to orbit Isaac.
Gigante Bean 5.350.134 Gigante Bean Mega farts Increases the size of Isaac's farts.
Gilded Key 5.350.159 Gilded Key Less is more Replaces all new chests, except Mega Chests, with Locked Chests.
Hollow Heart 5.350.168 Hollow Heart A brittle blessing Grants an empty bone heart upon entering a new floor.
Holy Crown 5.350.155 Holy Crown Walk the path of the saint A Treasure Room and Shop appears in the Cathedral Cathedral.
Ice Cube 5.350.188 Ice Cube Stay frosty Adds a chance to petrify enemies when entering the room. Killing the petrified enemy freezes it.
Jawbreaker 5.350.129 Jawbreaker Don't chew on it Adds the chance to fire teeth that deal 3.2x damage, similar to 15►Tough Love Tough Love.
Keeper's Bargain 5.350.171 Keeper's Bargain Money talks Devil Deals cost money instead of health.
Kid's Drawing 5.350.169 Kid's Drawing Looks familiar... While held, counts towards the Guppy transformation.
Lil Clot 5.350.176 Lil Clot Mini friend Spawns a clot familiar that mimics Isaac's movements and tears. It dies for the current room after taking too much damage.
Lucky Sack 5.350.160 Lucky Sack Free goodies! Spawns a Grab Bag upon traveling to the next floor.
Modeling Clay 5.350.166 Modeling Clay ??? Grants the effect of a random passive Item each room.
Mom's Lock 5.350.153 Mom's Lock A piece of her love Grants the effects of a random Mom item each room.
Mother's Kiss 5.350.156 Mother's Kiss HP up Grants one heart container.
Myosotis 5.350.137 Myosotis Forget me not... When entering a new floor, up to four uncollected pickups from the previous floor spawn in the starting room.
Nuh Uh! 5.350.165 Nuh Uh! Don't want! Replaces keys and coins that spawn in Chapter 4 and beyond with more useful pickups.
Number Magnet 5.350.174 Number Magnet 6 Increases the chance of earning a Devil Room by 10%.
Old Capacitor 5.350.143 Old Capacitor Voltage starving Active items don't charge when clearing rooms. Adds a chance to spawn a Lil' Battery when clearing a room, independent of the room's original drop.
Panic Button 5.350.149 Panic Button Push in case of emergency Activates Isaac's active item upon taking damage.
Perfection 5.350.145 Perfection Luck way up. Don't lose it! +10 Luck. If Isaac takes damage, the trinket is destroyed and its effect is removed.
Polished Bone 5.350.167 Polished Bone Friends from beyond After clearing a room, adds a chance to spawn a friendly Bony.
RC Remote 5.350.179 RC Remote Controllable buddies! Instead of trailing behind Isaac, familiars are directly controlled by the same inputs as Isaac's.
Ring Cap 5.350.164 Ring Cap Twice the bang! Spawns one extra bomb for each bomb placed for free.
Short Fuse 5.350.133 Short Fuse Faster explosions Bombs placed by Isaac explode more quickly.
Sigil of Baphomet 5.350.189 Sigil of Baphomet Revel in death Grants an invulnerability shield for 1 second after killing an enemy.
Strange Key 5.350.175 Strange Key What could it open? Unlocks the passageway to ??? ??? and the Hush fight, regardless of the run duration. Using 15►Pandora's Box Pandora's Box grants it a special effect, consuming the key.
Swallowed M80 5.350.178 Swallowed M80 Bang! Isaac explodes upon taking damage.
Teardrop Charm 5.350.139 Teardrop Charm It feels lucky Luck-based tear effects have a higher chance of occurring.
Telescope Lens 5.350.152 Telescope Lens Seek the stars Increases the chance for Planetariums to spawn, adds a chance for a second Planetarium to spawn, and allows Planetariums to spawn in Chapter 4.
Temporary Tattoo 5.350.177 Temporary Tattoo You feel braver Spawns a chest after clearing a mob Challenge Room, or an item after clearing a boss Challenge Room.
The Twins 5.350.183 The Twins I'm seeing double... Adds a chance to duplicate one of Isaac's familiars when entering a new room.
Torn Card 5.350.157 Torn Card Death awaits Adds a chance to shoot an 15►Ipecac Ipecac + 15►My Reflection My Reflection tear.
Torn Pocket 5.350.158 Torn Pocket A hole in your pocket Upon taking damage, Isaac drops 2 random Pickups from his inventory.
Wicked Crown 5.350.161 Wicked Crown Walk the path of the wicked A Treasure Room and Shop appears in Sheol Sheol.
Your Soul 5.350.173 Your Soul Give it to me Can be used to pay for a Devil deal without losing hearts, and is then consumed.

Pickups[edit | edit source]

Hearts[edit | edit source]

Heart ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Rotten Heart 5.10.12
Rotten Heart.png
Rotten heart2.png
Rotten Hearts fill up one whole heart container, or the rightmost Red Heart if all of Isaac's heart containers are full. (It isn't possible to have one-half a Rotten Heart; they are always depleted in one hit.) Each Rotten Heart in Isaac's life bar spawns two Blue Flies upon clearing a room. Rotten Heart Enter the Corpse for the first time

Coins[edit | edit source]

Coin ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Golden Penny 5.10.7
Golden Penny.png
1 Spawns another golden penny in a random spot in the same room after being picked up, but has a 5% chance of disappearing instead. Golden Penny Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Keeper Tainted Keeper

Bombs[edit | edit source]

Bomb ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Golden Troll Bomb 4.18
Golden Troll Bomb.png
0 Similar to troll bombs, spawns already ignited and cannot be picked up. However, it explodes endlessly, similar to unlimited bombs of the golden bomb pickup.
Safety Scissors Safety Scissors will turn this into a Golden Bomb before it explodes.
Giga Bombs 5.40.7
Giga Bomb.png
1 Thrown by Bombgaggers and are spawned naturally in some rooms in Ashpit. Explodes and destroys tiles in a diamond shape.
Can be obtained by the player with Safety Scissors Safety Scissors or 15►Everything Jar Everything Jar.
Throwable Bomb 5.41
Throwable Bomb.png
0 Can only be picked up and thrown, explodes in a few seconds after pickup. Spawned only by the Bomb Grimace enemy.

Antibirth[edit | edit source]

Batteries[edit | edit source]

Battery ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Micro Battery
Micro Battery.png
2 Charges
Mega Battery
Mega Battery.png
Fully charges the player's Active Item twice
Golden Battery
Golden Battery.png
Fully charges the player's Active Item, damages the player for a full heart, and reappears somewhere else in the floor. Golden Battery Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten

Pills[edit | edit source]

Pill ID Effect Unlocked By
Shot Speed Down 47 -0.15 shot speed.
Shot Speed Up 48 +0.15 shot speed.
Experimental Pill 49 Increases one attribute and decreases another randomly, with the same power as normal attribute up/down pills. If taken with PHD, it will not reduce an attribute.
Gold Pill none Grants a random pill effect and is destroyed after a random number of uses. Gold Pill Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Cain Tainted Cain

Horse Pills[edit | edit source]

Horse Pill ID Effect Unlocked By
Bad Gas Horse Pill Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Eve Tainted Eve
Bad Trip
Balls of Steel
Bombs are Key
Explosive Diarrhea
Full Health
Health Down
Health Up
I Found Pills
Pretty Fly
Range Down
Range Up
Speed Down
Speed Up
Tears Down
Tears Up
Luck Down
Luck Up
48 Hour Energy
I can see forever!

Cards and Runes[edit | edit source]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Unlock method Message Desciption
0 - The Fool? 5.300.56 0 - The Fool? The Fool Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Lost Tainted Lost Let go and move on Drops all hearts and pickups on the floor, leaving Isaac at half a heart. Pickups may be spawned as items such as 15►A Quarter A Quarter and 15►Boom! Boom!.
I - The Magician? 5.300.57 I - The Magician? The Magician Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Judas Tainted Judas May no harm come to you Grants a repelling blue aura for one minute, like 15►The Soul The Soul but stronger and with a wider area of effect.
II - The High Priestess? 5.300.58 II - The High Priestess? The High Priestess Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Lilith Tainted Lilith Run Mom's leg starts stomping down repeatedly for one minute, like holding 15►Broken Shovel Broken Shovel.
III - The Empress? 5.300.59 III - The Empress? The Empress Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Eve Tainted Eve May your love bring protection Grants 2 temporary red heart containers and +1.35 tears for one minute, along with Magdalene's hairstyle. Does not stack.
IV - The Emperor? 5.300.60 IV - The Emperor? The Emperor Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted ??? Tainted ??? May you find a worthy opponent Teleports Isaac into an extra Boss Room. The boss will drop a reward, but the room has no trapdoor and can be returned to only with another card.
V - The Hierophant? 5.300.61 V - The Hierophant? The Hierophant Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Bethany Tainted Bethany Two prayers for the forgotten Spawns 2 Bone Hearts.
VI - The Lovers? 5.300.62 VI - The Lovers? The Lovers Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Magdalene Tainted Magdalene May your heart shatter to pieces Spawns a random item from the current room's item pool. Turns 1 red heart container or 2 soul hearts into a broken heart, potentially fatally.
VII - The Chariot? 5.300.63 VII - The Chariot? The Chariot Complete Hot Potato (challenge #42) May nothing walk past you Isaac becomes an invincible, immobile statue with extreme fire rate for 10 seconds. Sometimes the statue looks like Edith.
VIII - Justice? 5.300.64 VIII - Justice? Justice Complete Cantripped (challenge #43) May your sins come back to torment you Spawns 2 to 4 Golden Chests.
IX - The Hermit? 5.300.65 IX - The Hermit? The Hermit Complete Red Redemption (challenge #44) May you see the value of all things in life "Sells" items and pickups in the room for their usual shop price, spawning a matching amount of coins. Does not affect grab bags. If there is nothing to sell, spawns a penny.
X - Wheel of Fortune? 5.300.66 X - Wheel of Fortune? Wheel of Fortune Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Cain Tainted Cain Throw the dice of fate Invokes a random dice room effect.
XI - Strength? 5.300.67 XI - Strength? Strength Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Samson Tainted Samson May you break their resolve All enemies in the room are weakened, becoming slow and take double damage.
XII - The Hanged Man? 5.300.68 XII - The Hanged Man? The Hanged Man Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Keeper Tainted Keeper May your greed know no bounds Isaac turns visually into Keeper for 30 seconds, with a triple shot, no damage bonus and -0.1 speed. Killed enemies drop random coins.
XIII - Death? 5.300.69 XIII - Death? Death Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten May life spring forth from the fallen Invokes a 15►Book of the Dead Book of the Dead effect.
XIV - Temperance? 5.300.70 XIV - Temperance? Temperance Complete DELETE THIS (challenge #45) May your hunger be satiated Forces Isaac to eat 5 random pills in quick succession.
XV - The Devil? 5.300.71 XV - The Devil? The Devil Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Azazel Tainted Azazel Bask in the light of your mercy Invokes 15►The Bible The Bible and grants a 15►Seraphim Seraphim familiar and flight for 30 seconds.
XVI - The Tower? 5.300.72 XVI - The Tower? The Tower Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Apollyon Tainted Apollyon Creation brings destruction Spawns 6 clusters of random rocks and other obstacles. The pathways between exits can't be blocked.
XVII - The Stars? 5.300.73 XVII - The Stars? The Stars Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac May your loss bring fortune Removes Isaac's oldest passive item and spawns 2 random items from the current room's item pool.
XVIII - The Moon? 5.300.74 XVIII - The Moon? The Sun and the Moon Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob May you remember lost memories Teleports the player to the Ultra Secret Room. The pathway back to the normal rooms will be made of red rooms.
XIX - The Sun? 5.300.75 XIX - The Sun? The Sun and the Moon Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob May the darkness swallow all around you Gain 15►Spirit of the Night Spirit of the Night and +1.5 damage for the current level. Turns Isaac's red hearts into bone hearts, but they revert once the effect ends. Also causes Curse of Darkness that cannot be dispelled.
XX - Judgement? 5.300.76 XX - Judgement? Judgement Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus May you redeem those found wanting Spawns a Restock Machine.
XXI - The World? 5.300.77 XXI - The World? The World Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Eden Tainted Eden Step into the abyss Spawns a trap door to a crawl space.
Queen of Hearts 5.300.79 Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Magdalene Tainted Magdalene <3 Spawns 1-21 full red hearts.
Wild Card 5.300.80 Wild Card Wild Card Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Eden Tainted Eden Again When used, copies the effect of the most recently used pill, card, rune, soul stone or activated item.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Unlock method Message Desciption
Rune Shard 5.300.55 Rune Shard Always available It still glows faintly Activates a random, weak rune effect: Algiz grants a 3 second shield, Ansuz reveals the map up to 3 rooms away, Berkano gives 1 blue fly and spider, Dagaz gives half a soul heart, Ehwaz makes a trapdoor, Hagalaz destroys some rocks, Jera duplicates one pickup and Perthro rerolls one item.

Soul Stones[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Unlock method Message Desciption
Soul of Isaac 5.300.81 Soul of Isaac Soul of Isaac Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac Reroll... or not Rerolls the items in the room like 15►The D6 The D6, but they cycle back to their original form after one second, repeating. If more uses are stacked, an additional item will be cycled through.
Soul of Magdalene 5.300.82 Soul of Magdalene Soul of Magdalene Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Magdalene Tainted Magdalene Give me your love! Surrounds Isaac with a bubbling red aura for the current room. All enemies killed drop red half hearts that disappear in 2 seconds.
Soul of Cain 5.300.83 Soul of Cain Soul of Cain Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Cain Tainted Cain Opens the unopenable Invokes 15►Dad's Key Dad's Key, opening all existing doors in the room. Additionally, creates a red room like the 15►Red Key Red Key for every possible red exit.
Soul of Judas 5.300.84 Soul of Judas Soul of Judas Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Judas Tainted Judas Right behind you Stops time for 3 seconds and invokes 15►Dark Arts Dark Arts, turning Isaac into a phantom that can pass through enemies to paralyze them, then attack them for quickly increasing chained damage and damage bonuses.
Soul of ??? 5.300.85 Soul of ??? Soul of ??? Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted ??? Tainted ??? Chemical warfare Causes 8 poison farts that leave lingering brown creep, then plants a trail of 7 15►Butt Bombs Butt Bombs in quick succession. Standing on the creep gives +1.35 tears and +1 damage.
Soul of Eve 5.300.86 Soul of Eve Soul of Eve Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Eve Tainted Eve Your very own murder 14 15►Dead Bird Dead Bird familiars fly in and attack enemies. They leave after all victims are dead or Isaac leaves the room.
Soul of Samson 5.300.87 Soul of Samson Soul of Samson Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Samson Tainted Samson Slay a thousand Isaac turns into a berserk Tainted Samson for 10 seconds, gaining +0.4 speed, some tears and +3 flat damage along with his melee attack.
Soul of Azazel 5.300.88 Soul of Azazel Soul of Azazel Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Azazel Tainted Azazel Demon rage! Activates 15►Mega Blast Mega Blast for 7.5 seconds.
Soul of Lazarus 5.300.89 Soul of Lazarus Soul of Lazarus Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus Life after death Isaac dies, and is immediately revived at half a heart remaining in the same room, with some invincibility time. The soul stone is automatically used upon taking fatal damage, as well, functioning as a minimal extra life.
Soul of Eden 5.300.90 Soul of Eden Soul of Eden Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Eden Tainted Eden Embrace chaos Uses 15►The D6 The D6 and 15►D20 D20. The rerolled items use random pools, like 15►Chaos Chaos was active.
Soul of the Lost 5.300.91 Soul of the Lost Soul of the Lost Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Lost Tainted Lost Leave your body behind Isaac "dies" and turns into The Lost The Lost for the current room, with all The Lost's benefits and weaknesses. He returns to normal upon leaving the room.
Soul of Lilith 5.300.92 Soul of Lilith Soul of Lilith Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Lilith Tainted Lilith Motherhood Adds one random familiar item permanently.
Soul of the Keeper 5.300.93 Soul of the Keeper Soul of the Keeper Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Keeper Tainted Keeper $$$ Spawns ~2-25 random coins.
Soul of Apollyon 5.300.94 Soul of Apollyon Soul of Apollyon Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Apollyon Tainted Apollyon Bringer of calamity Spawns 15 random locusts.
Soul of the Forgotten 5.300.95 Soul of the Forgotten Soul of the Forgotten Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten Skeletal protector Spawns The Forgotten The Forgotten as a temporary secondary character, controlled at the same time as Isaac. He dies if his two bone hearts run out, with no further consequence, and disappears when Isaac leaves the room.
Soul of Bethany 5.300.96 Soul of Bethany Soul of Bethany Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Bethany Tainted Bethany Friends from beyond Spawns 6 15►Book of Virtues Book of Virtues wisps with random properties.
Soul of Jacob and Esau 5.300.97 Soul of Jacob and Esau Soul of Jacob and Esau Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob Bound by blood Spawns Esau Esau as a temporary secondary character, controlled at the same time as Isaac. He dies if his health runs out, with no further consequence, and disappears when Isaac leaves the room.

Other[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Unlock method Message Desciption
Cracked Key 5.300.78 Cracked Key Red Key Open the large version of Mom's Box in Home ??? Creates a room adjacent to a viable wall, like Added in Repentance15►Red Key Red Key.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Chest ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Old Chest
Wooden Chest
Mega Chest
Haunted Chest
Mom's Chest

Sacks[edit | edit source]

Sack ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked By
Black Sack

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Antibirth[edit | edit source]

Normal Path[edit | edit source]
Downpour[edit | edit source]
  • Wormwood: A giant Leech that can create holes in the floor and launch itself through walls. Appears in Downpour, as well as Dross with an alternate dark green palette.
  • Lil Bub (Formerly known in Antibirth as Beelzeblub): A drowned version of The Duke of Flies that spits Small Leeches instead of flies. Appears in Downpour and Dross.
  • The Rainmaker: A humanoid ghost that pirouettes around and controls the water in the room. Appears in Downpour.
Mines[edit | edit source]
  • Hornfel: A small humanoid demon that rides in a Minecart, traveling through doors and throwing variants of bombs, while backed by some other enemies in Minecarts. Appears in the Mines.
  • Great Gideon: A giant grimace that cannot be killed under normal circumstances. Instead, it summons waves of enemies that must be cleared out, while firing at Isaac as well. Appears in the Mines.
  • Reap Creep: A giant Wall Creep who takes elements from three of the enemy's variants. It sticks to the top wall and attacks Isaac while moving around. Appears in the Mines.
  • Tuff Twins: A pair of armored versions of Larry Jr. who must be rendered vulnerable by using explosives against them. Appears in the Mines.
Mausoleum[edit | edit source]
  • The Pile: A skeletal version of Polycephalus that spawns Bonies, and can pop in and out of the ground and appear in random parts of the room each time. Appears in the Mausoleum.
  • The Siren A boss that appears in the Mausoleum
Corpse[edit | edit source]
  • Rotgut: A mouth in the ground that has a variety of bullet attacks, spawns monsters and then when killed. Sucks you into it, and then you fight a stationary maggot that fires projectiles at you and Brimstone lasers. When killed you finally fight a rotten Mom's Heart that acts similar but is more deadly. Appears in the Corpse.
  • The Witness (May be renamed):[1] an undead version of Mama Gurdy that acts as the only boss of the Corpse's second floor, and the final boss of the alternate path.

New[edit | edit source]

Clog[edit | edit source]
  • Fires poop spiral shots.
  • Spawns rolling Dross Dips.
  • Shoots out 3 lines of waves, similarly to The Cage but with fart appearance. These waves spawn poops and corny poops.
  • Creates a whirlpool that moves objects around him in a spiral pattern.
  • Upon death, gets "flushed" by an unknown source and spirals downwards until he disappears.
Min Min[2][edit | edit source]
  • A variant of The Husk with an unknown first phase. The seen phase greatly resembles the third phase of Isaac. Appears in the Downpour.
  • In the second phase, appears as a flaming ghost and moves towards Isaac, summoning a ring of Willo Flies.
  • Ducks under the water and creates several light patches around the room. These patches become Willo Flies.
Singe[3][edit | edit source]
  • A humanoid boss appearing in Ashpit.
  • Currently its behavior is unknown.
Bumbino[4][edit | edit source]
  • A boss version of Bumbo. Appears in Caves and Flooded Caves.
  • Swipes at the player, destroying obstacles in his way.
  • Slams the ground, creating a rock wave similar to The Cage.
  • Charges at the wall, causing rocks to cascade down. He becomes dizzy for a while afterward.
Colostomia[5][edit | edit source]
  • Liquefied fecal matter in a plastic bag that appears in Dross.
  • Has two phases
  • Phase 1
    • Fires a Butt Bomb.
    • Jets towards the walls of the room while leaving behind a fart cloud, that can explode in a chain reaction while firing brown shots in a vertical line.
  • Phase 2
    • After her health is down to 50% she will pop out of her bag and dive into the water, releasing 8 brown projectiles in all directions.
    • Occasionally toots and make a fart cloud.
    • Will spit out two Butt Bombs.
    • Leaves behind slippery and damaging brown creep.
Dogma[edit | edit source]
  • Dogma is always the boss of the floor Home. Home can only be accessed after picking up 15►Dad's Note Dad's Note.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Entity ID Description
827.0 Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Shoots 6 blood shots in a hexagonal shape.
832.1 Shoots two purple, rotating tears like a Ragling.
Tainted Faceless
Tainted Faceless
827.1 Tainted Faceless walk towards towards Isaac while releasing 6 blood shots in a hexagonal shape every few seconds. They essentially behave like Faceless with higher health.
Deep Gaper
Deep Gaper
811.0 Emerges off the floor once all previous enemies have been killed, then proceeds to chase Isaac like a normal Gaper.
813.0 Walks slowly towards Isaac. After taking some damage or getting close to Isaac, it fires a chaotic burst of tears at him and chases him more quickly.
807.0 Walks toward Isaac, dealing contact damage. Can only be seen through its reflection and ripples it leaves in the water as it moves.
Rotten Gaper
Rotten Gaper
10.3 Walks toward Isaac, dealing contact damage. Its behavior varies slightly depending on its facial expression.
851.0 Alternates between walking toward and apidly leaping towards Isaac.
Level 2 Gaper
Level 2 Gaper
850.0 Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Usually turns into a Level 2 Horf and a Level 2 Gusher upon death.
87.1 Walks toward Isaac, spitting balls of fire that create lines of fire in the cardinal directions on impact.
876.0 Slides around, leaving trails of Brown Creep. When hit enough, its head comes off while its body spews out brown shots until it empties.
Dump Head
Dump Head
876.1 Flies around the room, leaving trails of Brown Creep. Initially bounces off walls for a few seconds before gaining control and chasing Isaac.
Level 2 Gusher
Level 2 Gusher
850.2 Runs aimlessly around the room. Occasionally spits up Small Maggots.
Sub Horf
Sub Horf
812.0 Stationary enemy that turns around with each shot. Only fires when hit.
Tainted Sub Horf
Tainted Sub Horf
812.1 Will only shoot when hit. Takes heavy knockback and rotates when hit. Shoots a lot faster and has bigger projectiles than its normal variant.
Level 2 Horf
Level 2 Horf
850.1 Floating enemy that spits Small Maggots at Isaac.
Army Fly
Army Fly
868.0 Chases Isaac, moving along the cardinal directions. Forms a line with other Army Flies in the room.
868.1 Forms a circle around Isaac, keeping an exact distance away from him. One Willo at a time will occasionally light up and fire a shot at Isaac.
Fly Bomb
Fly Bomb
819.0 Flies towards Isaac, circling around him as they do so. Upon death, turns into a tiny Bomb.
61.3 Flies slowly towards Isaac. Spawns four tar shots in the ordinal directions and leaves black creep upon death.
Tainted Sucker
Tainted Sucker
61.5 Flies towards Isaac. Upon death, shoots 6 large blood shots in a hexagon pattern that become 6 smaller shots upon contact with a wall or obstacle.
61.5 Flies in erratic, right-angled movements towards Isaac if his active item has charges.
61.6 Flies in erratic, right-angled movements towards Isaac. Fires four blood shots in the cardinal directions on death.
Mama Fly
Mama Fly
61.4 Wanders aimlessly around the room, occasionally creating Pustles.
Tainted Pooter
Tainted Pooter
14.2 Slowly drifts towards Isaac, shoots 4 big blood shots that become 2 smaller ones when in contact with a wall or obstacle.
Grilled Clotty
Grilled Clotty
15.3 Shoots four flame shots in the cardinal directions at a high speed.
872.0 Shoots four curved brown shots in the cardinal directions alternating clockwise and counterclockwise.
817.0 Walks around the room, avoiding Isaac. Spawns 2-3 Small Leeches as means of attack.
874.0 Chases Isaac, occasionally coughing up gas. On death, fires an explosive shot that can detonate gas clouds it hits.
Holy Mulligan
Holy Mulligan
22.2 Wanders around the room, avoiding Isaac. Occasionally spawns an Angelic Baby if Isaac gets close to it.
817.1 Walks around the room, avoiding Isaac and spawning Willos. Spawn 1-2 Willos upon death.
Tainted Mulligan
Tainted Mulligan
22.3 Walks around the room, avoiding Isaac and spawning Ring Flies. Spawns a plethora of fly enemies upon death.
822.0 Wanders around the room, avoiding Isaac. If Isaac stays close to one for long enough, it inflates and starts chasing him, gaining a chance to deflect shots and causing it to explode into lingering blood shots on death.
820.0 Chases Isaac and spits a bunch of rock shots at him when in its line of sight.
Coal Boy
Coal Boy
820.1 Walks toward Isaac and fires chaotic bursts of coal at him, some of which may be Coal Spiders.
821.0 Slowly wanders around and occasionally shoots tiny bombs at Isaac.
Small Maggot
Small Maggot
853.0 Aimlessly moves around the room, dealing contact damage.
Level 2 Charger
Level 2 Charger
855.0 Slowly moves around the room, charging at Isaac when he gets in its line of sight. Can slowly change its trajectory while charging.
Carrion Princess
Carrion Princess
23.3 Slowly moves around the room, charging at Isaac when he lines up diagonally with it. Can only be damaged by hitting its tail.
Small Leech
Small Leech
810.0 Chases Isaac continuously, not stopping at walls. Able to swim over gaps.
855.1 Slowly moves around the room, charging at Isaac when he gets in its line of sight. Can slowly change its trajectory while charging.
Tainted Spitty
Tainted Spitty
31.1 Quickly yet aimlessly moves around the room, spurting blood shots out of its back and firing a line of blood shots at Isaac. Sends a ring of blood shots outwards upon death.
Cursed Globin
Cursed Globin
24.3 Chases Isaac. It splits into 2 goos when destroyed, which become 2 Cursed Globins.
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
25.3.0 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Upon death, they spawn 4 lines of fire in the cardinal directions.
Dragon Fly X
Dragon Fly X
25.3.1 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Upon death, they fire 4 lines of fire in the diagonal directions.
Bone Fly
Bone Fly
25.4 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Occasionally fires one bone at Isaac. Upon death, shoots 3 bones.
Tainted Boom Fly
Tainted Boom Fly
25.6 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Upon death, sends explosions in a cross-shaped marker across the room.
Cursed Globin
Cursed Globin
24.3 Chases Isaac. It splits into 2 goos when destroyed, which become 2 Cursed Globins.
857.0 Acts similarly to Monstro, and can shoot a variety of projectiles. Spawns four Globins upon death.
856.0 Occasionally summons Army Flies to chase Isaac. Is surrounded by a ring of toxic gas that hurts Isaac if he stands in it for too long.
Hard Host
Hard Host
27.3 Stationary enemy that is normally invulnerable. Raises its head up when Isaac gets close, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged. Upon raising its head, it will release a line of rocks towards Isaac.
Floating Host
Floating Host
859.0 Bounces around diagonally, occasionally opening up to shoot a triple shot.
Sticky Leaper
Sticky Leaper
34.1 Jumps to Isaac's position, spewing several tar shots around themselves. Leaves black creep wherever they land.
29.2 Behaves similarly to Hopper, jumping around the room and chasing Isaac, spawning white creep wherever it jumps. When it takes enough damage, it spawns a group of Swarm Spiders.
Tainted Hopper
Tainted Hopper
29.3 Jumps and twirls around the room, shooting 4 rings of projectiles that increase in size with each shot.
861.0 Stationary enemy that decreases in size when hit, but regenerates to its full size until fully destroyed. Fires Small Maggots when fully swollen.
840.0 Hops around the room aimlessly, leaving Red Creep wherever it lands, killing their corresponding Brainless Knight upon death.
824.0 Rolls around like a wheel. Charges at Isaac when he is in line of sight.
Grilled Gyro
Grilled Gyro
824.1 Rolls around like a wheel quite quickly. Charges at Isaac when he is in line of sight.
Angelic Baby (small)
Angelic Baby (small)
Vis Versa
Vis Versa
39.4 Randomly wanders around the room. Pauses to charge and fire a homing Brimstone laser when Isaac gets in its line of sight.
39.5 Randomly wanders around the room. Pauses to charge and launches a string of guts when Isaac gets in its line of sight.
862.0 Attaches itself to a wall or obstacle and rolls around it, shooting 1 blood shot when Isaac is near.
Loose Knight
Loose Knight
41.2 Moves erratically around the room, charges toward Isaac when in line of sight. When its health is depleted, it turns into a Brainless Knight and a Pon.
Brainless Knight
Brainless Knight
41.3 Moves erratically around the room, charges toward Isaac when in line of sight.
834.0 Utilises a whip to target Isaac.
834.1 Utilises a long whip to target Isaac.
814.0 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage.
Swarm Spider
Swarm Spider
884.0 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage.
Rock Spider
Rock Spider
818.0 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage, though a bit slower in comparison to Spiders.
Tinted Rock Spider
Tinted Rock Spider
818.1 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage, though a bit slower in comparison to Spiders.
Coal Spider
Coal Spider
818.2 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage, though a bit faster in comparison to Spiders.
Butt Slicker
Butt Slicker
878.0 Drags its self towards Isaac, leaving black creep. Sticks to other Butt Slickers, and creates a ring of black shots when breaking off. This ring gets bigger the more Butt Slickers attached.
Peeping Fatty
Peeping Fatty
835.0 Slowly walks towards Isaac with two indestructible eyeballs that are out of their sockets but attached by the muscles. Occasionally farts and shoots 6 blood shots in all directions.
879.0 Lumbers around, periodically spits green creep in front of itself or diagonally. Occasionally spits out a bunch of green shots.
806.0 Walks towards Isaac and occasionally farts. Spawns a geyser of water shots upon death.
888.0 Fires a black and red shot at Isaac that may spawn other shots nearby. Upon colliding with an obstacle, the shot will burst into a cloud of smaller ones. Shadies ay also jump, causing explosions in the cardinal directions.
823.0 Attempts to jump on Isaac, shooting out 8 rock shots when it hits the ground.
869.0 Crawls around the room erratically, following Isaac and dealing touch damage. Can jump small distances. Releases multiple Troll Bombs upon death.
Big Corn
Big Corn
217.3 Quickly dashes in random directions, dealing contact damage. Shoots one piece of corn upon death.
870.0 Quickly rolls around towards Isaac, dealing contact damage.
871.0 Dashes towards the player twice and deals contact damage.
Holy Bony
Holy Bony
227.1 Wanders around the room and throws a bone surrounded by blue flame at Isaac when he is in sight.
Soy Creep
Soy Creep
240.1 Slowly crawls along walls to try to line up with Isaac and shoots a stream of shots seemingly affected by 15►Soy Milk Soy Milk.
Tainted Soy Creep
Tainted Soy Creep
829.0 Burrows towards Isaac and jumps out the ground to fire 3 blood shots at him.
Tainted Mole
Tainted Mole
829.1 Dig towards Isaac and release a ring of rock waves. Fires 3 blood shots at Isaac 4 times.
816.0 Picks up and throws pots and rocks at Isaac.
Quake Grimace
Quake Grimace
804.0 Stationary and invulnerable monster that jumps and fires a line of rocks in one direction upon landing.
Bomb Grimace
Bomb Grimace
809.0 Stationary and invulnerable monster that keeps a single Throwable Bomb spawned.
877.0 Quickly slides towards Isaac when he gets in its line of sight. Cannot be destroyed.
881.0 Pops out of the ground and lunges towards Isaac, dealing contact damage.
881.1 Pops out of the ground and lunges toward Isaac, dealing contact damage and firing four shots in the ordinal directions.
815.0 Jumps out of pits and bounces around the room. Spawns endlessly from pits until room clear. Do not need to be killed to clear room.

Antibirth[edit | edit source]

All enemies from Antibirth may return[6], with a few receiving slight edits. The following, however, are confirmed to be in the game by official ingame reveals:

Normal Path[edit | edit source]
  • Soi Creep: Crawls along walls to try to line up with Isaac and rapidly fires white tears in a straight line.
  • Grilled Clotty: A flaming variant of Clotty that fires 4 shots in cardinal directions quicker. Unlike Antibirth, the shots are now fully straight in cardinal directions.
  • Coal Spider: A variant of Rock Spider that leaves out persisting coal that can damage Isaac upon death. Found in the Burning Basement, Mines, and Ashpit.
  • Downpour:
    • Blurb: Spits out a cluster of shots when Isaac gets close and then follows like a regular Gaper.
    • Small Leech: Chases the player.
    • Wraith: Invisible except for in the water's reflection.
    • Tidal Gaper: Pops out from the water when all enemies in a room are defeated.
    • Prey: A submerged Mulligan that spawns Small Leeches.
    • Bubbles: A drowned Fatty that occasionally farts out tears. When killed, it causes a large cluster of tears similar to Tube Worm's to come raining down from the sky.
    • Willo: A firefly that orbits around Isaac, periodically firing a fiery tear at him.
    • Polty: A ghost that pops out of a bucket when the player is nearby and lifts obstacles like Buckets and Rocks, throwing them at the player.
    • Sub Horf: A drowned Horf whose head rotates while firing tears when damaged.
    • Strider: An aquatic Spider that glides across the water.
    • Mullighoul: A ghost Mulligan that floats away from the player and spits out Willos, and spawns Willos on death.
  • Mines:
    • Bomb Grimace: Spits out Red Bombs that the player can throw in the room.
    • Quake Grimace: Fires rock waves periodically even after the room is cleared.
    • Mole: Slowly digs underground towards Isaac. When they get close, they pop up and fire three blood shots at Isaac.
    • Faceless: Wanders and fires tears in six directions. If Isaac gets close, it will start chasing him.
    • Hard Host: Stationary enemy that is normally invulnerable. Raises its head when Isaac gets close, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged. After a short delay, it slams its head down, sending a rock wave towards Isaac.
    • Bouncer: Runs away from Isaac. If Isaac gets close, its head inflates and it starts chasing Isaac. Releases a chaotic burst of red shots upon death.
    • Rock Spider: Skitters towards Isaac when he's close and may turn into a normal Spider upon death.
    • Gyro: Rolls around aimlessly. If Isaac gets close, it starts rapidly rolling towards him.
    • Grilled Gyro: Rolls around aimlessly. If Isaac gets close, it starts rapidly rolling towards him and leaves fires on the ground.
    • Dragon Fly: Flies around the room diagonally. Upon death, it releases fire in either the cardinal or diagonal directions, depending on the appearance of its eyes.
    • Pon: Hops around the room, leaving pools of damaging red creep.
    • Ink: Chases Isaac. Fires 4 black diagonal shots and leaves black creep upon death.
    • Danny: Walks towards Isaac periodically firing several rocks towards him, some of which may be rock spiders.
    • Coal Boy: Walks towards Isaac, periodically firing several hot rocks towards Isaac, some of which may be Coal Spiders. Hot coals linger and can hurt Isaac.
  • Mausoleum:
    • Loose Knight: Acts like a regular Knight, however upon death it spilts into a Pon and an Empty Knight.
    • Empty Knight: Acts like a regular Knight but it can not be killed, unless the Pon that it corresponds with is killed.
    • Whipper: Walks around the room idly. Charges at the player if it sees them, and whips them if they get too close.

Four Souls[edit | edit source]

Repentance features new enemy variants originally exclusive to the card game The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls:

  • Holy Bony: A large Bony appearing in the Cathedral. It throws glowing blue bones that explode on landing, creating small patches of blue fire.
  • Holy Mulligan: A Cathedral-exclusive Mulligan variant that spawns Angelic Babies.


Basement[edit | edit source]

  • Army Fly: A green variant of Attack Fly that moves in a single file along with other green flies.
  • Bulb: A yellow variant of Pooter that moves erratically and steals charges from Isaac's active item. Appears in the Mines and Treasure Rooms as well as the Flooded Caves.
  • Swarm Spider - A Swarm Fly variant of Spiders.

Flooded Caves[edit | edit source]

  • Needle - A mini version of Pin.

Downpour[edit | edit source]

  • Bloaty: A new variant of Fatty that vomits green creep and leaves a puddle of it upon death.
  • Fissure: A skull enemy that bounces along the floor, using pits to warp around the room. Their direction can be adjusted by shooting them. Counts as an obstacle, as with Pokies and Grimaces, but can be killed. Cameo from The End is Nigh.

Dross[edit | edit source]

  • Splurt - Dross variant of Squirt that dashes towards the player twice.
  • Fartigan - Variant of Mulligan that chases the player and periodically spits out poison gas.
  • Poot Mine - A floating enemy that spits out poison gas and explodes upon death.
  • Drip - A round Dip variant in Dross that does short rolls randomly around the room. Spawned by Dross Squirts upon death and Clog.
  • Big Corn - A variant of corn that shoots a single corn shot at the player upon death.
  • Flymaster[7] - A humanoid enemy that floats and chases Isaac. Has Attack Flies surround it, periodically coughing them away to launch them in all directions.
  • Cloggy - A new Dross variant of Clotty that shoots four tears which curve around itself.
  • Dump - A worm-like enemy that slowly crawls towards Isaac and loses its head when taking a certain amount of damage, both segments leaving brown creep.

Mines[edit | edit source]

  • Migraine - A variant of Level 2 Spider that spawns 3 troll bombs upon death. Also found in the Ashpit.

Ashpit[edit | edit source]

  • A new variant of the Boom Fly.
  • An unknown grey monster with a big mouth.
  • An unknown flying enemy with an urchin-like head that pushes itself towards Isaac in short bursts.

Dank Depths[edit | edit source]

  • Butt Slicker: A variant of Buttlicker that starts separated but connects with another Butt Slicker as a segment if both collide to each other. Leaves a puddle of black creep on death.
  • Sticky Leaper: A Hopper variant. Leaves small puddles of black creep on an ordinary jump, or a large puddle on a high one.

Mausoleum[edit | edit source]

  • Grudge - A variant of the Poky that has a purple-ish tint and a blood-red eye in the middle.

Champions[edit | edit source]

ID Appearance Effect Drop Rarity Notes
24 50px


Trails poop behind it as it walks. Nothing Unknown
25 50px


Combines the effects of champion types 0, 2, 5, 10, 11, 13 and 17. A coin, a bomb, a key, a heart, a pill, a card and a trinket. Unknown

Audio[edit | edit source]

  • The Music is once again composed by Ridiculon.
    • Whilst not being in the official release, a fully updated Antibirth soundtrack may be released by Mudeth as a mod.

Environment[edit | edit source]

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Dross[edit | edit source]

  • A Sewer-themed alternate floor of Downpour.
  • In some rooms, has rushing water that affects Isaac's movement.
  • Contains new monsters and new skins of monsters found elsewhere.
  • New music

Ashpit[edit | edit source]

  • An alternate floor of the Mines.
  • Contains a blowing dust storm effect
Gehenna[edit | edit source]
Home[edit | edit source]
  • A new floor added in the DLC.
  • Can be reached by putting a "The Polaroid" or "The Negative" onto a door at the starting room of Depths II (or alternatives).
  • Contains a hidden room which can be unlocked by "The Red Key" or "Cracked Key". Unlocking the room can unlock an "tainted" character of the one you are using.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

The Repentance DLC brings with it many changes to old content in the previous game. For a list of changes, see the V1.06.J787 page.

Video previews[edit | edit source]

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