Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Menus[ | ]

Collection page
  • The navigation is faster and loops back on itself when scrolling vertically.
Loading screen
  • Loading images are smoother.

Player[ | ]

Characters[ | ]

  • Adjusted the stats of each character in the character selection menu to better reflect their actual in-game stats.
  • Adjusted pickup animation so items no longer obstruct Isaac's face.
  • Bloodstains on costumes are now consistently the same color.
  • Holding R to reset will consume an Eden Token and start a new run.
  • Added 30 hairstyles.
  • Can be randomized if the player has Eden tokens.
  • Starts with Razor Blade only if it has been unlocked.
  • Leaves a pool of blood behind instead of pee when walking between rooms at low HP.

Transformations[ | ]

  • Its costume has color alts.
  • Its costume has color alts.
  • Its costume has color alts.
Yes Mother?
  • Its costume has color alts.

Familiars[ | ]

  • Teleport to the player's new position if it was changed by a boss such as Gurdy or Mom's Heart.
  • Most sources of Blue Spiders throw those spiders out instead of spawning them on the ground.
  • Following familiars are no longer pushed back when very close to the player.

Co-op[ | ]

  • Co-op babies can no longer drop out while the player is playing a pickup animation.

Items[ | ]

  • Mushroom items play their unique pickup sound.

Activated Collectibles[ | ]

  • Some sprites changed:
Item Old sprite New sprite
The Boomerang Collectible The Boomerang Rebirth icon Collectible The Boomerang icon
Box of Spiders Collectible Box of Spiders Rebirth icon Collectible Box of Spiders icon
D20 Collectible D20 Rebirth icon Collectible D20 icon
D7 Collectible D7 Afterbirth icon Collectible D7 icon
Glass Cannon Collectible Glass Cannon Afterbirth icon Collectible Glass Cannon icon
Isaac's Tears Collectible Isaac's Tears Rebirth icon Collectible Isaac's Tears icon
The Jar Collectible The Jar Afterbirth icon Collectible The Jar icon
Jar of Flies Collectible Jar of Flies Afterbirth icon Collectible Jar of Flies icon
Mega Blast Collectible Mega Blast Afterbirth icon Collectible Mega Blast icon
Ventricle Razor Collectible Ventricle Razor Afterbirth icon Collectible Ventricle Razor icon
We Need To Go Deeper! Collectible We Need To Go Deeper! Rebirth icon Collectible We Need To Go Deeper! icon
Collectible Breath of Life Rebirth iconBreath of Life
  • Can be held down between rooms.
  • Added some visual feedback when it provides its invincibility.
Collectible Butter Bean iconButter Bean
  • If Isaac swaps Butter Bean for a different active item, then picks up Butter Bean again, it has a small chance to transform into Wait What?.
Collectible D4 iconD4
  • Re-rolls each of Isaac's passive items into a random item from the specific item pool where it was acquired.
Collectible Diplopia iconDiplopia
  • No longer spawns extra items for empty item pedestals.
Collectible Flush! iconFlush!
  • Poops spawned react to damage similarly to regular poops.
Collectible Friendly Ball iconFriendly Ball
Collectible Glowing Hourglass iconGlowing Hourglass
Collectible Guppy's Head iconGuppy's Head
  • The number of flies is seeded.
Collectible Head of Krampus iconHead of Krampus
  • Lasers no longer have a chance to rotate.
Collectible The Jar iconThe Jar
  • Its sprite changes based on how many hearts it contains.
Collectible Jar of Flies iconJar of Flies
  • Its sprite changes based on how many flies it contains.
Collectible Mine Crafter Afterbirth iconMine Crafter
  • Spawns a TNT barrel directly at the player's position rather than on a nearby free tile.
Collectible My Little Unicorn iconMy Little Unicorn
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Pandora's Box iconPandora's Box
Collectible Satanic Bible iconSatanic Bible
  • Plays its use animation.
Collectible Shoop da Whoop! iconShoop da Whoop!
  • Damage halved to compensate.
Collectible Undefined iconUndefined
  • The Void is reset on exiting the I AM ERROR room and can be cleared repeatedly as long as the player is able to gather enough charges to successfully warp to it.
Collectible Ventricle Razor Afterbirth+ iconVentricle Razor
  • Portals will now appear closed if they have no connected portal.
  • Portals got a few minor visual tweaks.

Passive Collectibles[ | ]

  • Some sprites changed:
Item Old sprite New sprite
<3 Collectible Less Than Three Rebirth icon Collectible Less Than Three icon
8 Inch Nails Collectible 8 Inch Nails Afterbirth icon Collectible 8 Inch Nails icon
Abaddon Collectible Abaddon Rebirth icon Collectible Abaddon icon
Anemic Collectible Anemic Rebirth icon Collectible Anemic icon
Aquarius Collectible Aquarius Rebirth icon Collectible Aquarius icon
The Belt Collectible The Belt Rebirth icon Collectible The Belt icon
Best Bud Collectible Best Bud Rebirth icon Collectible Best Bud icon
Black Lotus Collectible Black Lotus Rebirth icon Collectible Black Lotus icon
Bob's Curse Collectible Bob's Curse Rebirth icon Collectible Bob's Curse icon
Box Collectible Box Rebirth icon Collectible Box icon
Brimstone Collectible Brimstone Rebirth icon Collectible Brimstone icon
Brother Bobby Collectible Brother Bobby Rebirth icon Collectible Brother Bobby icon
Bum Friend Collectible Bum Friend Rebirth icon Collectible Bum Friend icon
Caffeine Pill Collectible Caffeine Pill Rebirth icon Collectible Caffeine Pill icon
Cambion Conception Collectible Cambion Conception Afterbirth icon Collectible Cambion Conception icon
Cancer Collectible Cancer Rebirth icon Collectible Cancer icon
Celtic Cross Collectible Celtic Cross Rebirth icon Collectible Celtic Cross icon
The Compass Collectible The Compass Rebirth icon Collectible The Compass icon
Continuum Collectible Continuum Afterbirth icon Collectible Continuum icon
Cricket's Head Collectible Cricket's Head Rebirth icon Collectible Cricket's Head icon
Crown Of Light Collectible Crown Of Light Afterbirth icon Collectible Crown Of Light icon
Cupid's Arrow Collectible Cupid's Arrow Rebirth icon Collectible Cupid's Arrow icon
Daddy Longlegs Collectible Daddy Longlegs Rebirth icon Collectible Daddy Longlegs icon
Dark Bum Collectible Dark Bum Rebirth icon Collectible Dark Bum icon
Demon Baby Collectible Demon Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Demon Baby icon
Distant Admiration Collectible Distant Admiration Rebirth icon Collectible Distant Admiration icon
Evil Eye Collectible Evil Eye Afterbirth icon Collectible Evil Eye icon
Farting Baby Collectible Farting Baby Afterbirth icon Collectible Farting Baby icon
Forever alone Collectible Forever alone Rebirth icon Collectible Forever alone icon
Friend Zone Collectible Friend Zone Afterbirth icon Collectible Friend Zone icon
Gemini Collectible Gemini Rebirth icon Collectible Gemini icon
Ghost Baby Collectible Ghost Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Ghost Baby icon
Goat Head Collectible Goat Head Rebirth icon Collectible Goat Head icon
Guppy's Hairball Collectible Guppy's Hairball Rebirth icon Collectible Guppy's Hairball icon
Habit Collectible Habit Rebirth icon Collectible Habit icon
Harlequin Baby Collectible Harlequin Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Harlequin Baby icon
Holy Water Collectible Holy Water Rebirth icon Collectible Holy Water icon
Infestation Collectible Infestation Rebirth icon Collectible Infestation icon
Key Bum Collectible Key Bum Afterbirth icon Collectible Key Bum icon
Key Piece 2 Collectible Key Piece 2 Rebirth icon Collectible Key Piece 2 icon
Lil Brimstone Collectible Lil Brimstone Rebirth icon Collectible Lil Brimstone icon
Lil' Loki Collectible Lil' Loki Afterbirth icon Collectible Lil' Loki icon
Lord of the Pit Collectible Lord of the Pit Rebirth icon Collectible Lord of the Pit icon
Lost Fly Collectible Lost Fly Afterbirth icon Collectible Lost Fly icon
Lucky Foot Collectible Lucky Foot Rebirth icon Collectible Lucky Foot icon
Magic 8 Ball Collectible Magic 8 Ball Rebirth icon Collectible Magic 8 Ball icon
Magneto Collectible Magneto Rebirth icon Collectible Magneto icon
Mitre Collectible Mitre Rebirth icon Collectible Mitre icon
Mom's Contacts Collectible Mom's Contacts Rebirth icon Collectible Mom's Contacts icon
Mom's Eye Collectible Mom's Eye Rebirth icon Collectible Mom's Eye icon
Mom's Knife Collectible Mom's Knife Rebirth icon Collectible Mom's Knife icon
Money = Power Collectible Money = Power Rebirth icon Collectible Money = Power icon
The Mulligan Collectible The Mulligan Rebirth icon Collectible The Mulligan icon
Multidimensional Baby Collectible Multidimensional Baby Afterbirth icon Collectible Multidimensional Baby icon
The Peeper Collectible The Peeper Rebirth icon Collectible The Peeper icon
Pentagram Collectible Pentagram Rebirth icon Collectible Pentagram icon
Piggy Bank Collectible Piggy Bank Rebirth icon Collectible Piggy Bank icon
Polyphemus Collectible Polyphemus Rebirth icon Collectible Polyphemus icon
Proptosis Collectible Proptosis Rebirth icon Collectible Proptosis icon
Pyro Collectible Pyro Rebirth icon Collectible Pyro icon
Rainbow Baby Collectible Rainbow Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Rainbow Baby icon
Robo-Baby Collectible Robo-Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Robo-Baby icon
Robo-Baby 2.0 Collectible Robo-Baby 2.0 Rebirth icon Collectible Robo-Baby 2.0 icon
Rotten Baby Collectible Rotten Baby Rebirth icon Collectible Rotten Baby icon
Sacrificial Dagger Collectible Sacrificial Dagger Rebirth icon Collectible Sacrificial Dagger icon
Sad Bombs Collectible Sad Bombs Rebirth icon Collectible Sad Bombs icon
Sagittarius Collectible Sagittarius Rebirth icon Collectible Sagittarius icon
Sister Maggy Collectible Sister Maggy Rebirth icon Collectible Sister Maggy icon
Skeleton Key Collectible Skeleton Key Rebirth icon Collectible Skeleton Key icon
SMB Super Fan Collectible SMB Super Fan Rebirth icon Collectible SMB Super Fan icon
Spear of Destiny File:Collectible Spear of Destiny Afterbirth icon.png File:Collectible Spear of Destiny icon.png
Speed Ball Collectible Speed Ball Rebirth icon Collectible Speed Ball icon
Spirit of the Night Collectible Spirit of the Night Rebirth icon Collectible Spirit of the Night icon
Strange Attractor Collectible Strange Attractor Rebirth icon Collectible Strange Attractor icon
Taurus Collectible Taurus Rebirth icon Collectible Taurus icon
Tech.5 Collectible Tech.5 Rebirth icon Collectible Tech.5 icon
Tough Love Collectible Tough Love Rebirth icon Collectible Tough Love icon
Whore of Babylon Collectible Whore of Babylon Rebirth icon Collectible Whore of Babylon icon
Collectible Ball of Bandages iconBall of Bandages
  • Decreased the damage rate of level 3 and 4 to match Cube of Meat.
Collectible The Battery iconThe Battery
  • Self-recharging active items can charge the yellow meter, allowing Isaac to use them twice immediately.
Collectible Betrayal iconBetrayal
  • No longer triggers if there are fewer than 2 enemies in the room.
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible BFFS! iconBFFS!
  • Increases spawner familiar spawn rates.
Collectible Black Candle iconBlack Candle
  • Makes the darkness from Curse of Darkness fade away instead of immediately lighting the room up.
Collectible The Body iconThe Body
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible BOGO Bombs iconBOGO Bombs
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Bursting Sack iconBursting Sack
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Cancer iconCancer
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Dead Eye iconDead Eye
  • The multiplier will no longer be lost when hitting poops or TNT barrels.
Collectible E. Coli iconE. Coli
  • Poops spawned react to damage similarly to regular poops.
Collectible Eden's Blessing iconEden's Blessing
  • Is now limited to a maximum of 10 to prevent potential crashes.
Collectible Epiphora iconEpiphora
  • Being hit, changing rooms, and using items no longer reset the Epiphora bonus.
    • During the delay when transitioning between rooms, picking up an item, or using an active item, it's possible to change firing direction without resetting the bonus.
Collectible Fate iconFate
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Fruit Cake iconFruit Cake
Collectible Gemini iconGemini
  • Added extra familiar animations.
Collectible Hive Mind iconHive Mind
  • The effect also applies to locusts.
Collectible Holy Grail iconHoly Grail
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Holy Mantle iconHoly Mantle
  • The shield is no longer restored if the player saves and continues after losing it.
Collectible Immaculate Conception iconImmaculate Conception
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Key Piece 1 iconKey Piece 1 / Collectible Key Piece 2 iconKey Piece 2
Collectible Kidney Stone iconKidney Stone
  • Causes Isaac to fire "tears" from the middle instead of from his eyes, and at a slightly lower height.
Collectible Lil Brimstone iconLil Brimstone
  • Got renamed from "Lil' Brimstone" to "Lil Brimstone".
  • Can damage Fire Places and poops.
Collectible Lil Haunt iconLil Haunt
  • Got renamed from "Lil' Haunt" to "Lil Haunt".
Collectible Lord of the Pit Afterbirth+ iconLord of the Pit
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Lost Contact Rebirth iconLost Contact
  • Only affects the player and Incubus's tears.
Collectible Lusty Blood iconLusty Blood
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Number One iconNumber One
  • Causes Isaac to fire "tears" from the middle instead of from his eyes, and at a slightly lower height.
Collectible Ouija Board iconOuija Board
  • Its costume no longer overwrites the player's skin color to pink instead of white.
Collectible PHD iconPHD
  • Converts:
    • ??? into Telepills
    • Addicted into Percs!
    • Paralysis into Pheromones
    • Retro Vision into I can see forever!
    • R U A Wizard? into Power Pill!
    • X-Lax into Something's wrong...
Collectible Piggy Bank iconPiggy Bank
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Purity iconPurity
  • Better visualization of Purity's glow.
Collectible Restock iconRestock
  • Purchasing an item that is on sale will replace it with another that is on sale.
Collectible Robo-Baby Afterbirth+ iconRobo-Baby
Collectible Rubber Cement iconRubber Cement
  • Tears bounce off bombs.
  • Spectral tears no longer bounce off rocks.
Collectible Sagittarius iconSagittarius
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Scatter Bombs iconScatter Bombs
  • Bombs actually scatter around.
  • Small bombs leave smaller craters.
Collectible The Small Rock iconThe Small Rock
  • The speed and tears changes will take effect immediately. Without Afterbirth+, they didn't immediately change until Isaac's speed or tears stats are updated the next time.
Collectible Steam Sale iconSteam Sale
  • Items have a chance to be discounted further by random sales; for example, a discounted item originally costing 5 coins will then cost 2 coins instead of 3.
Collectible Sticky Bombs iconSticky Bombs
  • Its costume has color alts.
Collectible Succubus iconSuccubus
Collectible Synthoil iconSynthoil
  • Its costume has color alts.

Trinkets[ | ]

  • Some sprites changed:
Item Old sprite New sprite
???'s Soul Blue Baby's Soul Rebirth Icon Blue Baby's Soul Icon
Black Feather Black Feather Afterbirth Icon Black Feather Icon
Blasting Cap Blasting Cap Afterbirth Icon Blasting Cap Icon
Blister Blister Afterbirth Icon Blister Icon
Bob's Bladder Bob's Bladder Afterbirth Icon Bob's Bladder Icon
Broken Magnet Broken Magnet Rebirth Icon Broken Magnet Icon
Brown Cap Brown Cap Afterbirth Icon Brown Cap Icon
Cain's Eye Cain's Eye Rebirth Cain's Eye Icon
Cracked Dice Cracked Dice Afterbirth Icon Cracked Dice Icon
Daemon's Tail Daemon's Tail Rebirth Icon Daemon's Tail Icon
Endless Nameless Endless Nameless Afterbirth Icon Endless Nameless Icon
Error Error Afterbirth Icon Error Icon
Karma Karma Afterbirth Icon Karma Icon
Lazy Worm Lazy Worm Afterbirth Icon Lazy Worm Icon
Lil Larva Lil Larva Afterbirth Icon Lil Larva Icon
Louse Louse Afterbirth Icon Louse Icon
Lucky Rock Lucky Rock Rebirth Icon Lucky Rock Icon
Mom's Locket Mom's Locket Afterbirth Icon Mom's Locket Icon
Mom's Pearl Mom's Pearl Rebirth Icon Mom's Pearl Icon
Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper Rebirth Icon Mysterious Paper Icon
NO! NO! Afterbirth Icon NO! Icon
Poker Chip Poker Chip Afterbirth Icon Poker Chip Icon
Purple Heart Purple Heart Rebirth Icon Purple Heart Icon
Push Pin Push Pin Rebirth Icon Push Pin Icon
Rainbow Worm Rainbow Worm Afterbirth Icon Rainbow Worm Icon
Rib of Greed Rib of Greed Afterbirth Icon Rib of Greed Icon
Second Hand Second Hand Afterbirth Icon Second Hand Icon
Shiny Rock Shiny Rock Afterbirth Icon Shiny Rock Icon
Stud Finder Stud Finder Afterbirth Icon Stud Finder Icon
Super Magnet Super Magnet Afterbirth Icon Super Magnet Icon
Tape Worm Tape Worm Afterbirth Icon Tape Worm Icon
Umbilical Cord Umbilical Cord Rebirth Icon Umbilical Cord Icon
Watch Battery Watch Battery Afterbirth Icon Watch Battery Icon
Whip Worm Whip Worm Rebirth Icon Whip Worm Icon
The Left HandThe Left Hand
Safety ScissorsSafety Scissors

Interactions[ | ]

Pickups[ | ]


Hearts[ | ]

Black Heart
  • Has unique sounds.
Eternal Heart
  • Takes half a heart worth of damage from any lethal hit taken with only Soul Hearts.
Gold Heart
  • Turns nearby enemies to gold when breaking.
  • Added better visual feedback when breaking.
  • Minimap icon added.
  • Has unique sounds.
Half Red Heart
  • Minimap icon added.

Coins[ | ]

Lucky Penny
  • Has a green shine.

Bombs[ | ]

Golden Bomb
  • Has unique sounds.

Pills[ | ]

Friends Till The End!
  • Has narration.

Cards and Runes[ | ]

? Card? Card
  • Its card ID is 48 instead of 43.
A Card Against HumanityA Card Against Humanity
  • Has a unique card back.
Chaos CardChaos Card
  • Has a unique card back.
Credit CardCredit Card
  • Has a unique card back.
Get out of Jail Free CardGet out of Jail Free Card
  • Has a unique card back.

Chests[ | ]

  • Items dropped no longer revert to their generic stone pedestal look upon leaving and reentering the room.
Locked Chest
Spiked Chest

Entities[ | ]

Monsters[ | ]

  • Champion enemies no longer deal contact damage if the non-champion version doesn't.
  • Charmed enemies prioritize non-charmed enemies unless there aren't any.
  • Permanently charmed enemies no longer try to go after Punching Bag.
  • Permanently charmed enemies can shoot projectiles through each other and familiars.
  • Monster replacements will now only occur with enemies spawned as part of the room layout.
  • Is chained to an adjacent rock if the nearest wall is more than 1 grid cell away.
Big Spider
Blue Gaper
  • Reduced Base HP and added stage HP.
  • Has a proper appearance animation if spawned by a room rather than by a boss.
Conjoined Fatty
  • Added extra sounds and effects to creep attacks.
Death's Head
  • No longer deals contact damage during its death animation.
Greed Gaper
  • Has a proper appearance animation if spawned by a room rather than by a boss.
  • Is chained to an adjacent rock if the nearest wall is more than 1 grid cell away.
Lil Haunt
  • Is no longer considered a boss.
  • Has a unique death portrait.
  • Added extra sounds and effects to creep attacks.
Mega Clotty
  • Make a sound when stomping.
Rage Creep
  • Its brimstone is no longer moved upwards and no longer causes the player to take damage along the top wall in Womb/Utero room #202.
  • Its attack animation slightly longer.
Stone Grimace and all its variants
Stone Grimace
  • Closes its eyes when the room is cleared.
  • No longer respawn when reentering the room if killed.
Super Pooter
  • Renamed from "Fat Fly" to "Super Pooter".

Mini-Bosses[ | ]

  • The Greed fight before Ultra Greed triggers the victory jingle when cleared.
Stone Grimace
  • No longer plays its appear animation if encountered in an already cleared room.
Super Greed
  • Spawns with its head retracted and extends over 2 seconds.

Bosses[ | ]

The Cage
  • Its grey creep blinks.
The Forsaken
  • Moves to a more appropriate place to perform his Brimstone attack in L-shaped rooms.
  • Multiple Forsakens in the same room can spawn their own Bony each and always spin their Brimstone attack in the same direction at the same speed.
The Haunt
  • Champion variants are transparent during their first phase.
  • Due to the way entity stacking works ??? may rarely appear instead and once defeated will skip "phase 2" entirely and will give a completion mark as if Hush was defeated.
  • Does a short dash towards the player before doing a spinning Brimstone attack.
  • Can shoot Brimstone lasers in all 4 diagonal directions.
The Lamb
  • No longer do its rotating Brimstone attack when close to a wall.
Little Horn
  • Has new champion versions:
    • Orange: Spits out an orange Troll Bomb instead of a black ball. The bomb deals contact damage and leave a patch of fire similar to Hot Bombs.
    • Black: Does not attack with Pits or troll bombs, but fires smoke balls more frequently.
Mega Satan
  • If The Void is unlocked, there is a 50% chance that the game will not immediately end, and Mega Satan will instead drop an ending chest along with a portal. Entering the chest ends the game and plays the cutscene while entering the portal will take Isaac to The Void.
  • Familiars are teleported to the player's position when entering the boss room.
Rag Man
  • Has new champion versions:
    • Black: Spawns 2 spiders instead of a Ragling. Uses his resurrect frequently. This won't resurrect anything since the spiders don't leave corpses but still heals him. Sprays tears during his resurrection, similar to Monstro's spit.
    • Red: No longer fires tears. Can have up to 4 Raglings at one time and can revive up to 2 Raglings at once.
  • Has a death animation.

Creeps[ | ]

Red creep

Environment[ | ]

  • Added some backdrop tiling fixes.
  • Pit seams are fixed.

Chapters[ | ]

  • Womb trapdoors have a new sprite for when they are closed.
  • Additionally, an exit will spawn in the corner of the room, containing a Portal leading to The Void.
  • Has a new floor transition animation.
  • Some rooms contain Angel Statues that can be bombed to summon the Angels and acquire key pieces.

Rooms[ | ]

Treasure Room
  • There is a chance that 2-3 Greed Gapers may appear in the room.
  • Treasure rooms can rarely contain two items that can both be taken or poop, trinket, and a couple of pickups instead of an item.
  • New layouts:

Treasure Room 31Treasure Room 32Treasure Room 33Treasure Room 34Treasure Room 35Treasure Room 36Treasure Room 37Treasure Room 38Treasure Room 39

  • There is a 20% chance for Donation Machine to be replaced by Restock Machine.
  • There is a small chance for the shop to be replaced by one of its two rare variants:

Shop 7Shop 6 (the two pennies are lucky pennies)

Curse Room
  • Can contain a Devil statue and a random item, surrounded by spikes.
  • Minimap icon changed.
Sacrifice Room
  • Minimap icon changed.
  • New layout:

Sacrifice Room 10

Secret Room
Devil Room
  • Can contain:
  • Urns may spawn in the Devil Room.
  • An angel statue can rarely substitute the Satan statue and can be awoken with an explosion.
    • Angels spawned in this way do not drop Key Pieces.
  • Red Chests inside a Devil Room no longer teleport the player to the Devil Room.
Angel Room
  • Can contain 5 Soul Hearts.
  • Two angel statues can appear in the same room, allowing Isaac to fight both Uriel and Gabriel. It is possible to get both Key Pieces if Isaac awakes and fights each of them one by one; however, fighting both at once will only spawn one Key Piece corresponding to the last defeated angel.
Dice Room
  • The 1 pip room re-rolls each of Isaac's passive items into a random item from the specific item pool where it was acquired.
  • The 4 pips room rerolls item pedestals located in the Shop and the Library.
  • Have a small icon in the corner of the room that denotes what the effect of the room is.
Boss Rush
  • There is a small chance that there will be 8 items to choose from.
  • Using the Black Rune will start the Boss Rush.
  • New layout:

Boss Rush 6

Crawl Space
  • New layouts (rares):

ItemDungeon 10ItemDungeon 11

Black Market
  • Players can no longer access the Black Market through the wall glitch. However, it is still possible to access the Black Market using the glitch via special circumstances including having Ipecac and The Inner Eye.

Obstacles[ | ]

Reward Plate
  • Locks the room when spawning enemies.
Pressure Plate
  • No longer grants a charge when bombing out of its room.
Movable TNT
  • Takes damage exactly like their regular counterparts.
  • No longer stay in their raised position when clearing Pressure Plate rooms.
  • Start (and remain) in their lowered position when entering a cleared Pressure Plate room.

Machines[ | ]

Donation Machine
  • Donation gradually accelerates if the player stays in contact with the donation machine.
Greed Donation Machine
  • No longer jams when the HUD displays a jamming rate of 0%.
  • Donation gradually accelerates if the player stays in contact with the greed machine.
Slot Machine
  • Items dropped no longer revert to their generic stone pedestal look upon leaving and reentering the room.

Challenges[ | ]

  • Killing Delirium will count as completing challenges.

Achievements[ | ]

  • Popups can be fast-forwarded by tapping Start.