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  • His mini-brimstone's range can be increased with range up items or pills.
The Lost


Activated Collectibles[]

Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten Head
  • The head deals 3 times Isaac's tear damage as poison over time instead of either 6 or 8 points.
The Book of Belial The Book of Belial
  • Increases the chance to open the Devil Room or Angel Room by 12.5% after killing a boss while holding it instead of guaranteeing it.
Book of Revelations Book of Revelations
  • Increases chance for a Devil/Angel Room Door to open by 17.5% instead of 35%.
Butter Bean Butter Bean
  • Knocks back enemy shots.
Crack the Sky Crack the Sky
  • The beams have a high chance to directly target enemies.
D4 D4
  • Previously held items are removed from the pause menu.
The D6 The D6
  • Reroll an item after defeating The Fallen no longer replace the Devil Room item he drops to a random item from the normal boss item pool.
D10 D10
  • Fly enemies are only rerolled into other fly enemies.
  • Red flies can't be rerolled anymore (even though enemies can be rerolled into them).
Flush! Flush!
  • Floods the whole room with water.
  • Flushes all poop-related enemies and bosses away.
  • The ladders are covered in water but the walls are not when used inside a crawl space.
Guppy's Paw Guppy's Paw
  • Can no longer be used without red heart containers.
Head of Krampus Head of Krampus
  • Has a 50% chance to rotate all beams around the player 90 degrees, similar to Krampus' second Brimstone attack.
The Jar The Jar
  • Sprite changed.
Monstro's Tooth Monstro's Tooth
  • Does not affect if Monstro is in the room the item is used in.
The Poop The Poop
  • Knocks back enemy shots.
Scissors Scissors
  • Its recharge time is 2 rooms instead of 6 rooms.
Undefined Undefined
  • Dark Room can no longer be cleared repeatedly.

Passive Collectibles[]

20/20 20/20
  • Sprite changed.
3 Dollar Bill 3 Dollar Bill
  • The type of randomized tear changes every 2–3 seconds. The item appears to select two tear effects at once, perhaps staggering the times at which each of those effects changes.
  • If a run is quit, and then continued, 3 Dollar Bill will keep tear effects for the current room.
Abel Abel
  • Shoots tears towards Isaac regardless of which direction Isaac is shooting.
Ball of Bandages Ball of Bandages
  • Blocks enemy shots.
Bob's Brain Bob's Brain
  • Bob's Brain is fired directly from where it is located in the chain of familiars behind Isaac, making aiming it slightly more difficult.
  • Each copy takes up its own spot on the familiar line, but only the first one launches out. Respawning brains may end up stacking on top of each other.
Bomb Bag Bomb Bag
Box Box
Butt Bombs Butt Bombs
Cain's Other Eye Cain's Other Eye
  • Each tear deals Isaac's tear damage.
The Common Cold The Common Cold
  • The poison hits twice, dealing a total of double Isaac's damage.
Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus
  • Each bomb deals 5 times the character's normal tear damage instead of 3, plus a flat 30 damage. The flat 30 is not affected by damage multipliers.
Fire Mind Fire Mind
  • Isaac gives a wide glow lighting up dark areas, such as those under the effects of the Curse of Darkness or the Dark One's attacks.
Isaac's Heart Isaac's Heart
  • Brimstone shots damage the heart.
Leo Leo
  • Nullifies effects of One Makes You Small pills, One Makes You Larger pills, and other items that decrease the size of Isaac, such as Caffeine Pill.
Lost Contact Lost Contact
  • Gives a shield to familiar's tears.
Lord of the Pit Lord of the Pit
  • Speed boost is applied immediately.
Mom's Contacts Mom's Contacts
  • Range and tears height buffs are applied immediately.
Mom's Knife Mom's Knife
  • If picked up twice in the same run, two knives are fired at once.
Punching Bag Punching Bag
  • Dies after taking too much damage and then respawns after a long time. Exiting and continuing the run will cause it to reappear right away.
  • Dies instantly by enemies' beam-type attacks, such as Uriel's and Gabriel's beam. This also includes enemies' Technology lasers such as Eye and Camillo Jr..
  • Reappears instantly each time a familiar or orbital item is picked up.
Scorpio Scorpio
  • The poison hits twice, dealing a total of double Isaac's damage.
Steam Sale Steam Sale
  • Having multiple Steam Sales reduces all shop prices to 0 coins.
  • Causes the Deals with the Devil not to convert the heart-type automatically.
Stop Watch Stop Watch
  • The slow is only applied after the player is hit.
Strange Attractor Strange Attractor
  • Isaac's bombs are magnetically attracted to the player character's tears.
Tech.5 Tech.5
The Virus The Virus
  • Each poison hit deals damage equal to Isaac's tear damage instead of 4 or 6 damage.
  • Enemies killed after they have been inflicted with this type of poison have a 20% chance to drop Black Hearts.


Match Stick Match Stick
  • Can replace the Tick.
Missing Poster Missing Poster
  • No longer displays a particular puzzle piece on the last will screen if Isaac dies in a Sacrifice Room while holding it.
  • Dying in a Sacrifice Room while holding it unlock The Lost, regardless of the current character.
    • If The Lost was already unlocked, Isaac will be revived as The Lost and Missing Poster will be consumed.
    • If the player's character is already The Lost, he will be revived in the previous room and Missing Poster will be consumed.
Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper
Tick Tick




Troll Bomb
  • Troll Bombs are now given a random amount of time before exploding. Before that, they always exploded at a fixed time. This means that if two Troll Bombs spawn at the exact time right next to each other, there's a high chance one Troll Bomb will blow up before the other, sending that Troll Bomb sliding outwards a bit before exploding.



  • Only leaves behind bones when killed.



Boss Room
  • Double Trouble boss rooms can now contain 2 bosses of different types. Additionally, they can appear as early as chapter 1.

Arcade 12.pngArcade 13.pngArcade 14.pngArcade 15.png

Angel Room
  • Possible rewards found in the room include:
  • Urns might spawn in the room.
  • Killing Key Key Master and Shell Game Beggar no longer apply the 25% bonus.
  • Donating to a Beggar until it pays out with an item on the current floor applies a 10% bonus instead of 25%.
  • Donating to a Devil Beggar until it pays out with an item on the current floor applies a 10% bonus instead of 25%.
    • If this coin flip succeeds, a Devil Room will be generated regardless of the above coin flips.
  • "You feel blessed!" fortune in the Sacrifice Room of the current floor applies a bonus:
    • If the "You feel blessed!" fortune appeared on the 3rd sacrifice, the chance will be 15%.
    • If the "You feel blessed!" fortune appeared on the 5th sacrifice, the chance will be 50%.
    • If both "You feel blessed!" fortunes appeared, the chance will be 65%.
  • Angel Rooms that spawn after Isaac defeats Mom's Heart or It Lives will be normal Angel Rooms with items or pickups.
  • A Troll Bomb can sometimes appear behind the Angel Statue, blowing it up. If the Angel fights have been unlocked, this will begin the boss fight if the player is not careful or quick enough to move the bomb.
  • The clean bedroom occasionally has two clean beds instead of one.
  • The trapdoor in a dirty bedroom has a chance to lead to a Crawl Space.
  • Occasionally, one Rag Man will spawn inside the dirty bedroom.
Boss Rush

Boss Rush 2.pngBoss Rush 3.pngBoss Rush 4.pngBoss Rush 5.png

  • If a sack spawns for whatever reason, picking it up will start the Boss Rush. The player can still pick up one of the pedestal items.
Black Market
  • Black Market can no longer be accessed in The Chest and The Dark Room, and therefore cannot be used to collect more items.
Curse Room
Challenge Room
  • The three waves appear in random orders rather than the original orders.
Sacrifice Room
  • The payouts only depend on the number of sacrifices made. The number of sacrifices is reset to 0 when the player goes to the next floor.
  • Rewards are reworked:
№ of sacrifices on Current Floor Chance Reward
1st/2nd 50% Nothing
50% 1 Penny
3rd 33% Nothing
67% "You feel blessed!" (increased chance to receive an Angel Room over a Devil Room for the current floor)
  • Does not increase the chance of a Devil/Angel room after defeating a boss, only the chance of getting an Angel Room over a Devil Room.
  • Can cause an Angel Room to spawn even if you already took a deal with the devil.
  • Less of a modifier than the "You feel blessed!" effect below.
4th 50% Nothing
50% 1 random chest (The type of chest is governed by the same mechanic as room drops. Thus, brown chests are more likely to spawn than any other kind of chest.)
5th 33% 3 Pennies (These coins do not have a chance to spawn as a nickel or a dime.)
67% You feel blessed!" (Same conditions as 3rd sacrifice but a stronger modifier.)
6th 33% Teleport to the Devil/Angel Room. (If the floor's Devil/Angel Room has not been entered yet, an Angel Room is guaranteed to spawn — even if you already took a Devil Deal.)
67% 1 random chest (The type of chest is governed by the same mechanic as room drops. Thus, brown chests are more likely to spawn than any other kind of chest.)
7th 33% 1 random Angel Room pedestal item.
67% 1 Soul Heart
8th 100% 6 Troll Bombs
9th 100% Uriel battle
10th 50% 7 Soul Hearts
50% 30 Pennies
11th 100% Gabriel battle
12th and onwards 50% Nothing
50% Teleport directly to the Dark Room
  • Losing red hearts due to the spikes will reduce the chance for a Devil Room to appear.
  • The amount of luck that the player has does not affect the payout probabilities.
  • Angels are normally able to fly over spikes but will take damage from sacrifice room spikes.
  • New layouts:

Sacrifice Room 2.pngSacrifice Room 3.pngSacrifice Room 4.pngSacrifice Room 5.png

Secret Room
  • There is a small chance when you bomb the Shopkeeper that they can turn into Greed and start attacking you.
Super Secret Room
Treasure Room
  • There's a rare chance that a treasure room might contain two items to choose from, only one of which can be taken.
  • Treasure rooms may also contain a Restock Machine, allowing Isaac to re-roll offered items if he has coins or bombs.
  • New layouts:

Treasure Room 13.pngTreasure Room 14.pngTreasure Room 15.pngTreasure Room 16.pngTreasure Room 17.pngTreasure Room 18.pngTreasure Room 19.pngTreasure Room 20.pngTreasure Room 21.pngTreasure Room 22.pngTreasure Room 23.pngTreasure Room 26.pngTreasure Room 27.pngTreasure Room 28.pngTreasure Room 31.pngTreasure Room 32.pngTreasure Room 33.pngTreasure Room 34.pngTreasure Room 35.pngTreasure Room 36.pngTreasure Room 37.pngTreasure Room 38.pngTreasure Room 39.pngTreasure Room 24.pngTreasure Room 30.pngTreasure Room 25.pngTreasure Room 29.png


  • When not having red hearts in Devil Room, the price of items switches to soul hearts.
  • Krampus has a new attack pattern.
  • The floor icons on the stage transition sprites are updated; instead of being large rectangles with the unknown ones being grey, the sprites feature a much thinner and more detailed border with the unknown floors being represented by a closed trap door.