Terra is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Gives Isaac +1.0 damage.
  • Isaac's tears become rocks that have extra knockback and have a chance to destroy obstacles (including key blocks, walls to Secret Rooms, the mirror in Stage Downpour icon.png Downpour/ Stage Dross icon.png Dross, entrances to Stage Mines icon.png Mines/ Stage Ashpit icon.png Ashpit and Bedrooms, and normal closed doors).
    • Rocks can be pushed onto holes to cover them as if they were bombed normally.
  • Rock tears randomly deal increased/decreased damage, varying between x0.5 and x2 Isaac's damage per tear.



  • Collectible Dr. Fetus icon.png Dr. Fetus / Collectible Epic Fetus icon.png Epic Fetus: Explosions retain the extra damage and knockback, but cannot destroy Key Blocks.
  • Spectral tears: Tears continue to destroy obstacles.
  • Collectible Spirit Sword icon.png Spirit Sword: Sword swings and spin attacks cannot destroy rocks, only beams.
  • Collectible Technology icon.png Technology: Lasers can still destroy rocks, but at a lower rate and will no longer open entrances to secret rooms.

In-game footage


  • Terra is Mother Nature in Roman mythology, and is used to refer to Earth.


PC HardIndicator.png RFFG FOY7 (Planetarium adjacent to spawn)

PC HardIndicator.png PDLB 7L1L (Planetarium adjacent to spawn)

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