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This template behave like {{Tl}} but allows the parameters to be displayed as well. For example, {{tlx|doc/start|clear}} generates {{doc/start|clear=}}.


This template is used by entering: {{tlx|1|2|2'|2"|…|subst=|format=|anchors=}}


unnamed parameter 1
The template name.
unnamed parameters 2, 2', 2", … (optional)
The template parameters.
- represents an unnamed parameter.
represents an unnamed parameter that can be used several times.
A default value can be specified using : instead of =.
For example, {{tlx|test|-|-:def1|-|…|p1:def2|p2}} generates {{test|1|def1|3|4|4'|4"|…|p1=def2|p2=}}.
subst (optional)
Use it to substitute the template.
format (optional)
Changes the template format.
Allowed values are stretched and multiline in addition to the default value.
anchors (optional)
Use it to put links on parameters too.