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* {{i|Glitter Bombs}} {{#var: a }}
* {{i|Glitter Bombs}} {{#var: a }}
* {{i|Hot Bombs}}
* {{i|Hot Bombs}}
* {{i|Mama Mega!}} {{#var: a+ }}
* {{i|Kamikaze!}}
* {{i|Kamikaze!}}
* {{i|Mama Mega!}} {{#var: a+ }}
* {{i|Mr. Boom}}
* {{i|Mr. Boom}}
* {{i|Mr. Mega}}
* {{i|Mr. Mega}}

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This template displays navigation menus and adds categories and interwiki links.


This template is used by entering: {{nav|1=|2=|3=|...=|no main=|no categories=|fr=}}


unnamed parameters (optional)
The list of navs to display.
Adds the corresponding category(-ies).
See the section below for a list of available navigations, and their corresponding category(-ies).
no main (optional)
Does not display the main nav on the page.
no categories (optional)
Does not add any categories to the page.
fr (optional)
Changes the french interwiki link.
If set to no, removes the interwiki link.

Navs list

Drag the triangle on bottom-right corner to see the effect...

Main navs

Bosses Boss Monstro.png
Chapter 1
Stage Basement icon.pngStage Cellar icon.pngStage Burning Basement icon.png
GeminiStevenBlighted OvumDingleThe Duke of FliesFamineGurglingsThe HauntLarry Jr.MonstroPinWidowThe FallenThe Headless Horseman
DangleLittle HornRag ManTurdlings
Baby Plum
Chapter 1.5
Stage Downpour icon.pngStage Dross icon.png
Lil BlubWormwoodThe RainmakerMin-MinClogColostomiaTurdlet
Chapter 2
Stage Caves icon.pngStage Catacombs icon.pngStage Flooded Caves icon.png
FistulaChubC.H.A.D.Carrion QueenDark OneGurdyGurdy Jr.The HollowThe HuskMega FattyMega MawPeepPestilencePolycephalusThe WretchedThe FallenThe Headless Horseman
The ForsakenThe FrailThe Stain
Big HornRag Mega
Chapter 2.5
Stage Mines icon.pngStage Ashpit icon.png
Reap CreepTuff TwinsHornfelGreat GideonSingeThe ShellThe Pile
Chapter 3
Stage Depths icon.pngStage Necropolis icon.pngStage Dank Depths icon.png
The AdversaryThe BloatThe CageThe GateMonstro IIGishLokiMask of InfamyWarThe FallenThe Headless HorsemanMom
Sisters Vis
Reap CreepThe Pile
Chapter 3.5
Stage Mausoleum icon.pngStage Gehenna icon.png
The SirenThe HereticThe VisageThe Horny BoysMomMom's Heart
Chapter 4
Stage Womb icon.pngStage Utero icon.pngStage Scarred Womb icon.png
BlastocystThe BloatConquestDaddy Long LegsTriachnidDeathLokiiMama GurdyMr. FredScolexTeratomaThe FallenThe Headless HorsemanMom's HeartIt Lives
Sisters VisThe Matriarch
Stage Corpse icon.png
ChimeraThe ScourgeRotgutMother
Chapter 5
Stage Sheol icon.pngStage Cathedral icon.png
Chapter 6
Stage Dark Room icon.pngStage Chest icon.png
???The LambMega Satan
The Void
Stage The Void icon.png
Stage Home icon.png
DogmaThe BeastUltra DeathUltra FamineUltra PestilenceUltra War
Greed Mode
Ultra Greed
Ultra Greed
Ultra Greedier

Other navs