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Displays a gamemode icon.


This template is used by entering: {{mode|...=}}


unnamed parameters
The name of the gamemodes.
Choose one of the following strings to specify the gamemode:
normal yields NormalIndicator.png.
hard yields HardIndicator.png.
greed yields Greed Mode Indicator.png.
greedier yields Greedier Mode Indicator.png.
daily yields Daily Run Indicator.png.
You can specify multiple gamemodes:
{{mode|normal=|hard=}} yields BothIndicator.png.
{{mode|greed=|greedier=}} yields Both Greed Modes Indicator.png.
{{mode|normal=|greedier=}} yields NormalIndicator.png Greedier Mode Indicator.png.
{{mode|hard=|greed=|daily=}} yields HardIndicator.png Greed Mode Indicator.png Daily Run Indicator.png.

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