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This template adds rows to the table "achievements", which is declared by the template Cargo/achievements. View table.

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This template displays an achievement's infobox and is used in the achievements page.


This template is used by entering:

{{infobox achievement
 | dlc = 
 | name = 
 | override name = 
 | link = 
 | full link = 
 | image = 
 | size icon = 
 | size image = 
 | description = 
 | unlocked by = 
 | id = 
 | platforms = 

Links system

  • Name: <full link> OR [[ <link> OR <name> | <override name> OR <name> ]]
  • Image link: [[File:...|link= <link> OR <name> | <override name> OR <name> ]]


dlc (optional)
Indicates whether the achievement originates from an extension.
See {{dlc}} for more information.
The name of the achievement.
override name (optional)
Changes the displayed name of the achievement.
link (optional)
The link of the achievement.
full link (optional)
The achievement's name with different links. Do not applies to images (see #Links system).
image (optional)
Changes the name of the achievement's image.
Use the following format: Achievement [NAME] Icon.png.
size icon & size image (optional)
Changes the size of the icon or image according to the display mode used:
size icon is for icon, link, and unlock and is initially set to 20x20px.
size image is for image, row, and text and is initially set to 64x64px.
The Steam description of the achievement.
unlocked by
How to unlock the achievement.
The in game secret number.
platforms (optional)
A list of platforms the achievement is exclusive to. Leaving this blank will default to all platforms.