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This template displays a HUD heart icon.


This template is used by entering: {{heart|1=|2=|3=|size=|link=}}


unnamed parameter 1 (optional)
The type of heart.
black Full black heart
bone Full bone heart
coin Full coin heart
red Full red heart
soul Full soul heart
unknown Full unknown heart
The default value is unknown.
unnamed parameter 2 (optional)
The filling level of the heart.
This has no effect with the unknown heart type.
black bone coin red soul
empty (none) Empty bone heart Empty coin heart Empty red heart (none)
half Half black heart Half bone heart Half coin heart Half red heart Half soul heart
full Full black heart Full bone heart Full coin heart Full red heart Full soul heart
The default value is full.
unnamed parameter 3 (optional)
An additional layer of the heart.
Allowed values are eternal and gold.
size (optional)
The size of the icon.
Defaults to 28px.
link (optional)
The on the icon.
Defaults to the heart type page.