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Displays a dlc icon.


This template is used by entering: {{dlc|1|no context=|categories=}} or {{dlc|parsed=|no context=|categories=}}


unnamed parameter 1
The name of the dlc.
Choose one of the following strings to specify the dlc:
a yields Dlc a indicator.png.
a+ yields Dlc a† indicator.png.
r yields Dlc r indicator.png.
na yields Dlc na indicator.png.
na+ yields Dlc na† indicator.png.
nr yields Dlc nr indicator.png.
ana+ yields Dlc ana† indicator.png.
anr yields Dlc anr indicator.png.
a+nr yields Dlc a†nr indicator.png.
naa+ yields Dlc naa† indicator.png.
nar yields Dlc nar indicator.png.
na+r yields Dlc na†r indicator.png.
ana+r yields Dlc ana†r indicator.png.
naa+nr yields Dlc naa†nr indicator.png.
no context (optional)
Use it so that the displayed value does not depend on the context.
categories (optional)
Defines categories to add.
The template uses by default category:modified in Afterbirth, category:modified in Afterbirth+, and category:modified in Repentance.
If set to main, the template uses category:added in Afterbirth, category:added in Afterbirth+, category:added in Repentance, category:removed in Afterbirth, category:removed in Afterbirth+, and category:removed in Repentance.
If set to no, the template does not add any categories.
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