Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

isolated door images[]

I personally think that adding images of every different type of door to this page might make the slideshow images more consistent, so I ask of some isolated door sprites, to make everything look better. I ask for:

  • a regular open door a regular closed door,
  • a red(key) wireframe door, red(key) closed door, and a red(key) open door
  • a closed boss room door
  • opened mega Satan door
  • opened arcade door
  • closed curse room door
  • closed sacrifice room door
  • closed boss challenge door
  • and closed normal challenge room
  • a void secret room hole that is open and (closed?)
  • closed secret room doors
  • once keyed two key doors
  • once keyed dice room,
  • opened (rebirth) library
  • once keyed vault
  • once bombed bedroom door and opened bedroom door.
  • trap door closed
  • the stair way to heaven's ladder
  • member card trapdoor open and closed

this is a big ask, and i hope i don't sound very needy with this, it's just disorienting seeing the older part of the webpage not doing the cool visual sideshow thing the newer additions are doing --Beanstewoo (talk) 20:20, 12 April 2021 (UTC)

say that in the first floor (for the shop and item room) is free[]