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Giga Bomb questions[edit source]

Can giga bombs make holes in the floor on stages that normally never generate holes? (ie chest, sheol, blue womb) Yes. -Carmph

Can defused giga bombs be duplicated by things like Jera or Crooked Penny? Also yes. -Cramph

How does holding giga bombs affect things that use the player's bomb effects, like BBF? It uses them as normal, I think. -I'm cramped (not)

Sprite Request[edit source]

Hey. can someone add bomb graphics when bombs modificators picked up?

Golden Troll Bomb ID[edit source]

I have currently set the ID for golden troll bombs to 4.18 based on this entry from resources-dlc3/entities2.xml extracted using the ResourceExtractor provided with the game:

<entity anm2path="004.018_Golden Troll Bomb.anm2" baseHP="0" boss="0" champion="0" collisionDamage="0" collisionMass="6" collisionRadius="16" friction="1" id="4" name="Golden Troll Bomb" numGridCollisionPoints="12" shadowSize="17" stageHP="0" variant="18" />

The other values for IDs in the table seem to follow the format ID.VARIANT.SUBTYPE. All the other bomb types seem to have two entries: one where the ID is 4 and one where the ID is 5. This doesn't seem to be the case for golden troll bombs. Could someone confirm that 4.18 is indeed the correct ID?

--Pulse daemon (Talk) 15:56, 1 April 2021 (UTC)