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What is stage health???[edit source]

Title says it all.

Jacob and Esau coop glitch (and others)[edit source]

If you start a game with jacob and esau then switch from keyboard to controller until you are stuck on the press any button screen, then alt f4 and relaunch your game they will be controlled separately like normal characters. If one dies they become an immortal baby that cant go through doors or interact with consumables however they can still shoot tiny spectral tears and fly.

This next one isn't a bug but an issue with mechanics. *SMALL SPOILER ALERT* if you take glass shard it makes getting the first key piece impossible since you take damage in the white fire and need a red heart to stop the bleeding but often red hearts can not be found in time or at all because of reduced drop rate on hard mode. So it would be nice if the white fire didn't proc the bleeding effect.

I know a way to cheat and I dont wanna make it public knowledge but I want it patched. And no its not an exploit its actual cheating.

Also art of contrition should be in the treasure room because its sort of pointless if you already have angel deals also it would be nice to see it in devil pool. FadedFrank (talk) 15:41, 8 April 2021 (UTC)

1. The game's confusion between multi-character and multiplayer is known and covered in Jacob & Esau bugs, and hopefully known to the developers too by now. 2. The wiki is nothing but spoilers, warnings are unnecessary here; the fire bug has been fixed in the latest patch and white fires do not trigger on-hit effects. 3. Your cheat is probably already public knowledge (such as disabling debug console re-enabling achievements), but if you do not wish to post it anywhere your only chance is to contact the developers directly. 4. Same goes for suggesting item pools. --Frionil (talk) 16:24, 8 April 2021 (UTC)

Add crafting recipies to item pages[edit source]

I would love it if you could put crafting recipies somewhere on each item page. It would help me and a lot of other players who are looking for recipies. Thanks! (My spelling is bad, I know)

Unfortunately this is not going to happen, and not encouraged for anyone to do. They would introduce a lot of extra clutter if spread all over the wiki, and even more importantly will probably have to be removed eventually: the devs have mentioned switching the recipe system to random based on seed instead of static, with only a couple recipes that always work. If that happens, the ones that are guaranteed *will* be added, though. For now you can try for more flexible options. --Frionil (talk) 22:50, 21 April 2021 (UTC)

Why is everything hidden?[edit source]

Seriously, i need to disable "display: none" on every page i want to look at. Am i missing something? Mnemozin 23:30, 26 April 2021 (UTC)

That's not an issue I've heard reported before, have you tried viewing the site in an incognito window (i.e. not logged in and without any browser extensions active)? --Frionil (talk) 00:06, 27 April 2021 (UTC)