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Added in Repentance

Tainted Isaac is a character added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. He is the alternate version of Isaac Isaac. Tainted Isaac is unlocked by reaching Home Home and using either the 15►Red Key Red Key or the Cracked Key Cracked Key to access a special room in one of the walls while playing as Isaac.

Tainted Isaac can only hold 8 passive items at a time. Tainted Isaac's current 8 passive items are visible in the top-left corner of the screen, with one highlighted by a white square. Upon picking up a 9th passive item, the item currently selected, or rather the item currently in the white square, will be dropped on a pedestal in front of Tainted Isaac. The swap key can be pressed to cycle which item is selected.

In exchange for this, all rerollable item pedestals, Shop items, and Devil deals will cycle between two items for the player to choose from, essentially a stronger version of 15►More Options More Options + 15►There's Options There's Options. Whichever item is currently visible when the item is picked up will be the one selected. Once an item has been picked up it will no longer cycle between items.

15►The Polaroid The Polaroid, 15►The Negative The Negative, 15►Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1, 15►Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2, 15►Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1, 15►Knife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2, 15►Dad's Note Dad's Note, 15►Birthright Birthright, the passive item created when Damocles is used (the one with item ID "656"), and all activated items are exempt from this limit. Swallowed trinkets also do not count towards the 8 item limit.

Dropping items causes their passive buffs to be removed, however health or pickups will be kept (such as from15►Breakfast Breakfast or 15►Pageant Boy Pageant Boy).

Even if one of the item is a set drop, the other one is still randomly pulled from the current room's item pool.

Strategy and Items[]

  • Some passive items can be taken and left behind without their effect being reverted, such as HP upgrades like 15►Breakfast Breakfast.
    • The stat upgrade of 15►Consolation Prize Consolation Prize will not be reverted when left behind.
    • The stat shuffle of 15►Experimental Treatment Experimental Treatment will not be reverted when left behind.
    • The temporary damage up of 15►Red Stew Red Stew will not be reverted when left behind, but will still decrease over time as normal.
    • The tears upgrades of 15►Brittle Bones Brittle Bones will not be reverted when left behind.
    • The damage upgrades of 15►Redemption Redemption will not be reverted when left behind.
    • The stat upgrades of 15►Candy Heart Candy Heart, 15►Soul Locket Soul Locket and 15►Death's List Death's List will not be reverted when left behind.
    • Wisps from 15►Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit will remain until the end of the floor if the item is left behind.
    • Familiars granted by 15►Cambion Conception Cambion Conception and 15►Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception will not take up inventory slots, but will disappear if those items are left behind and will not be regained if Isaac picks them up again.
    • The stat upgrades of 15►Binge Eater Binge Eater will disappear if it or the food items are left behind. The temporary damage up will not be reverted, but will still decrease over time as normal.
    • The stat upgrades of 15►Keeper's Sack Keeper's Sack will disappear if it is left behind, but will remain tied to this item. If Isaac picks it up again, he will regain them. Dropping bought items will not remove the stat upgrades gained by buying them. If Isaac buys an item and it results in him dropping Keeper's Sack, he will not get any stat upgrades from buying it.
  • Stat changes from Pills are permanent. This can make them either extremely useful for stats allowing less stat up items to be held on to and make more room for other items or extremely detrimental as Tainted Isaac cannot counteract stat downs with items as easily due to only being able to hold eight items.
  • Transformations, including incomplete transformations, will not be reverted when items contributing to them are left behind.
  • Items that would add items directly to Tainted Isaac (such as 15►Cambion Conception Cambion Conception, 15►Monster Manual Monster Manual, etc) or pickups that would do the same (such as Soul of Lilith) do not take up an inventory slot.
  • In Co-op mode, the other character can pick up the items that Tainted Isaac drops but this item will no longer contribute to the transformation it is a part of.
    • Killing the Boss of a floor in Co-op mode will spawn a Boss item that cycles between two different options, but any subsequent options will not come with an extra choice.
  • 15►Book of Virtues Book of Virtues is considered a passive item by the game and will take up one of Tainted Isaac's inventory slots.
  • If using the 15►D4 D4 or 15►D100 D100 or 15►D Infinity D Infinity to reroll passive items, careful use can use these to accumulate heart containers in a way other characters can't. Tainted Isaac doesn't lose heart containers when he drops a health item for a full inventory (unlike when health items are rerolled), so he can reroll to gain a health item and if he drops it instead of rerolling it the extra health persists, making it easier for him to accumulate more health containers.
  • Dropping 15►PHD PHD or 15►False PHD False PHD will allow pills to become bad or good, respectively, but pills will remain identified after dropping the item(s).

Useful Items[]

  • 15►Abyss Abyss and 15►Void Void are extremely powerful with Tainted Isaac. Health ups and items that give one-time effects (such as 15►Booster Pack Booster Pack) can be traded out for a more useful item and then consumed for stat upgrades or red attack locusts.
  • 15►Birthright Birthright gives Tainted Isaac four more item slots without taking up an item slot itself.
    • Birthright can be rerolled by items such as the 15►D4 D4, but it will only partially undo the effect of Birthright. If you had more than 8 items at the time of reroll, the extra items are retained above the usual limit. These extra items do take full effect, and can be rerolled, but are not displayed and cannot be selected to drop next in the set of items. Collecting Birthright again will show these extra items.
  • Butter! Butter!: When Tainted Isaac drops his active item, it is considered a "new pedestal," this means that the item will be given a second option, but it also fully charges the active item. It's considered a new Pedestal each time it drops, which means you can dig through an item pool for the exact item you want, assuming you're willing to drop your active item for it.
    • This synergy also allows for infinite (albeit slow) usage of any active item.
  • 15►Crooked Penny Crooked Penny and 15►Diplopia Diplopia makes each copied pedestal rotate between the item that was on each pedestal at the time it was used and a random second item.
  • 15►Eden's Blessing Eden's Blessing grants a random item at the start of your next run, even if you are to drop it and not finish your run with it.
  • 15►GB Bug GB Bug: When his inventory is full, he is able to swap it with another item from a pedestal. Every time GB Bug is picked up, the familiar will be re-summoned even if a room has not been cleared since the last re-roll. This allows Tainted Isaac to re-roll pickups indefinitely until they become chests, increasing the amount of pickups or giving items. However, the pickups may also re-roll into troll bombs, effectively removing a pickup to re-roll. This can be mitigated by having Safety Scissors Safety Scissors.
  • 15►Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1, and 15►Knife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2 do not take up inventory space, even after combining into the Knife familiar, allowing Tainted Isaac to gain extra damage without taking up any inventory slots.
  • 15►Lost Soul Lost Soul respawns after being hit if swapped for another item and picked back up again, virtually guaranteeing rewards as long as Isaac's inventory is full.
  • 15►Lucky Foot Lucky Foot, 15►PHD PHD, and 15►Virgo Virgo can help Tainted Isaac build up a large amount of stat boosts via pills without having items tied to them.
  • 15►Marbles Marbles can be used to generate and swallow trinkets for passive bonuses.
  • 15►Missing No. Missing No. can be dropped when Tainted Isaac's inventory is full, which makes it easier to get clear benefit from than other characters. Tainted Isaac can carry from floor to floor until he rolls a useful combination of items, and then can choose to drop it so that it doesn't reroll his items on future floors.
  • 15►Mom's Box Mom's Box can be used to generate trinkets for passive bonuses.
  • 15►Rock Bottom Rock Bottom prevents any stat from decreasing, letting the effects of picked up items linger even after discarding them. However, raising stats beyond the values reached will be more difficult after leaving the source item, and swapping away Rock Bottom resets them to Tainted Isaac's current set.
  • If 15►Schoolbag Schoolbag is dropped from the inventory when Tainted Isaac is holding two active items, one of those active items is also dropped, generating another item pedestal. This new pedestal cycles between the dropped active item and another item from the current room's pool. Tainted Isaac can take 15►Schoolbag Schoolbag and the active item again, and repeat the process indefinitely. This can be used to look for specific items in a given item pool, allowing for an easy way to get powerful items, such as 15►Mom's Knife Mom's Knife or 15►Godhead Godhead, if done enough times.
    • If 15►Remote Detonator Remote Detonator is dropped in this way, Tainted Isaac's bombs will no longer explode unless the item is picked up again and activated, making player's bombs useless without this item held.
  • 15►Smelter Smelter can be used to absorb trinkets for passive bonuses.

Unlockable Items[]


  • The achievement for unlocking Tainted Isaac is "The Broken". This is the name used in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.
  • Tainted Isaac's unlock for Ultra Greedier is the XVII - The Stars? XVII - The Stars?. Typically, this card symbolizes a lack of faith and despair. This is probably a reference to the fact that Isaac is shown to view himself as evil, and believing his only escape out is to end his own life.



Bug Bug! If a Clicker is used to switch to Tainted Isaac, the game will crash even if they have less than 8 items.
Bug Bug! If Isaac picks up an item, quits to the main menu, and then continues the run, this item will not be displayed in Isaac's 8 item slots but will be displayed on the hud. It's only a visual bug and Isaac still has this item. Pressing control should fix this.
Bug Bug! If Isaac uses Soul of Lilith Soul of Lilith while all item slots are full, rune will give familiar directly to Isaac like 15►The Negative The Negative or 15►Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1.
Bug Bug! Starting a run as Tainted Isaac after acquiring more than 8 Eden's blessing's in a previous run will cause the game to crash.
Bug Bug! If Bag Lunch Bag Lunch or Wish Bone Wish Bone are triggered to create an item at any point while playing as Tainted Isaac, item pedestals will be permanently altered until the entire game is quit, i.e. the program is closed. In some cases, item pedestals may not cycle between items at all or require leaving and reentering the room to begin cycling. In addition, any proceeding item pedestals that switch between two items will do so even if one has already been taken after refreshing the room. With a full inventory of items (and thus the ability to place items in other items' place), this effectively allows Isaac to reroll for any desired item.
Bug Bug! If the player replaces 15►Tooth and Nail Tooth and Nail while in its invulnerable state, the player will remain invulnerable for the remainder of the room.
Bug Bug! Sometimes item pedestals don't cycle as they should, exiting and continuing the run should fix this.


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