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Added in Repentance

Tainted Eve is a character added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. She is the alternate version of Eve Eve with ragged hair, no bird, and ruined mascara as if crying. Tainted Eve is unlocked by reaching Home Home and using either the 15►Red Key Red Key or the Cracked Key Cracked Key to access a special room in one of the walls while playing as Eve.

Tainted Eve starts with 2 red hearts, and possesses the lowest base fire rate of all characters in the game, even slower than most Familiars. Unlike her normal counterpart, Tainted Eve does not start with 15►Dead Bird Dead Bird or 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon. Instead, Tainted Eve starts with 15►Sumptorium Sumptorium in her consumable slot. After holding down the fire button for 2 seconds, a blood clot familiar that shoots tears will spawn alongside her. Each time a blood clot is spawned, half a heart is drained, and this process can be repeated as long as Tainted Eve has at least half a heart remaining. Using Sumptorium will destroy all blood clots, returning the health used to create them, and damaging enemies they pass through as they travel.

Another effect of Sumptorium is that if every remaining clot is killed and Tainted Eve only has half a heart left, she is granted a 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon-like effect and begins to use Sumptorium as a weapon that functions similar to 15►Mom's Knife Mom's Knife. The effect persists until Tainted Eve either gains health or summons a clot, though the effect will persist until the next room is entered. This effect can also be triggered if Tainted Eve summons a blood clot while having no others and is left with half a heart. While under this effect, any summoned blood clots will use a small Mom's Knife for the rest of the room.

Blood Clots[]

Blood clots are familiars intrinsic to Tainted Eve due to her starting item, Sumptorium. Its basic effects are shown below, but can be read in further detail on its respective page.

  • While holding the Drop/Swap Item button, Tainted Eve's clots will remain where they are instead of following her, similar to Esau Esau.
  • Tainted Eve's clot creation follow this priority: Golden > Eternal > Rotten > Red > Soul > Black > Bone Hearts.
  • Each type of heart generates a different type of blood clot:
Heart Appearance Health Damage Tear effect
Red Heart.png Sumptorium red familiar.png 3 35% n/a
Soul Heart.png Sumptorium soul familiar.png 4.5 35% n/a
Black Heart.png Sumptorium black familiar.png 3 43% 15►Dark Matter Dark Matter
Eternal Heart.png Sumptorium eternal familiar.png 3 52% 15►Sacred Heart Sacred Heart
Gold Heart.png Sumptorium golden familiar.png 3 35% 15►Midas' Touch Midas' Touch (scales with luck)
Bone heart.png Sumptorium bone familiar.png 3 35% 15►Compound Fracture Compound Fracture
Rotten Heart.png Sumptorium rotten familiar.png 1.5 35% n/a
  • Upon activation, Sumptorium destroys any remaining blood clots and heals Tainted Eve for the same type of hearts that were used
  • If Tainted Eve uses 15►Sumptorium Sumptorium while there are enemies between her and the blood clots, they will deal damage on their way back.
  • Turning an Eternal Heart into a clot will prevent it from turning it into a heart container if Tainted Eve goes down a floor with it as a clot.
  • Blood clots are not affected by environmental hazards such as spikes, cobwebs or fireplaces. Cobwebs can cause the blood clots to move out of sync with Tainted Eve while she is slowed.
  • Blood clots move on the ground by default; whenever Tainted Eve gains flight, her blood clots will gain flight too.
  • In Co-Op, when Tainted Eve dies and becomes a ghost baby, her clots will remain on screen and can be controlled in the normal way, but will receive the same damage debuff. If all of them die, Tainted Eve's ghost will receive Sumptorium for the rest of the time she is dead, making her a decently damaging ghost.
  • If you are about to be hit by an attack which will kill many of your blood clots, you can save them by using Sumptorium.
  • If you take in more clots than you have space for, Eve's health will fill, and any excess health from clots will persist inside of her for 3 seconds before disappearing.
    • During this time, clots can effectively be created for free, as well as the contact damage from the traveled clots remaining active.
  • The maximum number of clots that can be present at a time is 64. This can be lower if Tainted Eve has other familiars such as blue spiders/flies as they will count towards the cap of 64.

Unlockable Items[]


  • Tainted Eve's strength is proportional to how many blood clots she has: she is required to keep them around for protection, while at the same time protecting them from harm in order to keep her offense going. Because of this, her runs can go hot and cold depending on her items and drops.
  • As she is heavily geared towards turning health into familiars, an abundance of heart drops of any sort can easily grant Tainted Eve impressive room-clearing abilities. The sheer amount of blood clots will cause her to have extreme damage (due to the amount of tears being fired) and multiple "bodyguards" to block her from enemy tears.
  • Tainted Eve loses a significant amount of staying power if she has low health and few clots: she will be forced to either use her horrendous base tears, or create a small number of blood clots that may end up dying anyway, which is usually the case during the start of a run.
  • To make the most use of hearts, backtrack and use every remaining heart drop to create new clots once a floor is clear, and bomb objects that can potentially drop hearts, such as Blood Donation Machines.
  • If you are at full health, keep in mind to pick up/use any health-restoring items like Blood Bag or Full Health pills after you create clots, as it will make use of any potentially wasted heals.
  • Enemies with piercing/area of effect abilities (such as enemy 15►Brimstone Brimstone beams or 15►Ipecac Ipecac shots) are usually her biggest weakness, as they can instantly vaporize a large group of her clots or hit her when she is at half a heart. Similarly, bullet hell enemies will slowly chip away at her clots if she is careless. Thus, endgame bosses such as Delirium and Hush will usually be her hardest challenge, since Tainted Eve will start out strong, but may become completely helpless at the end without any clots.
    • Similarly, rooms with lots of obstacles can prove to be detrimental, as it will likely cause the clots to separate and make them more likely to take damage, as well as reducing Tainted Eve's damage output.
  • Tainted Eve can "reserve" heart drops by turning them into clots, and then heal herself back up afterwards. This can allow her to use self-harm sources such as Sacrifice Rooms, Curse Rooms and Blood Donation Machines more frequently. However, note that her clots will only heal however many heart containers she possesses: if she has more clots than necessary, the excess clots will be wasted and not returned. In such a case, it is usually wiser to keep her blood clots around if she has a large number of them.
  • As she is able to control how many hearts she possesses in her health, Tainted Eve can easily make use of both types of Challenge Rooms.
  • Greed Mode is difficult for Tainted Eve, as she can struggle to get momentum going on the first two floors. A strong start is one with a lot of health available. You want to generate as many clots as possible, so you can quickly kill each new wave as it appears. A handful of clots with a mild Damage or Tears Up starting item is worse than a mass of clots with base stats. Before the early bosses consider how many clots you still have. If you're only a bit low, don't be afraid to buy Red Hearts from the shop to replenish their numbers. If you're low on health, clots, and money, it may be worth activating the powerful Whore Of Babylon effect and trying to quickly kill the bosses that way. If you can survive the first two floors, and hopefully pick up some decent offensive items, then the rest of the run tends to be easier.

Favored Items[]

  • 15►Adrenaline Adrenaline: Since clot generation favors Red hearts over all other types, Tainted Eve can obtain a large damage bonus with every 2 clots she generates out of her red health.
  • 15►BFFS! BFFS! / Forgotten Lullaby Forgotten Lullaby / Baby-Bender Baby-Bender: Massively increase the damage output of the clots.
  • 15►Blood Bag Blood Bag / 15►<3 <3 / 15►Breakfast Breakfast: Provide a health up and healing, which means Tainted Eve can generate more clots.
  • Bloody Penny Bloody Penny: Each penny has a chance of dropping half red hearts for clot creation.
  • 15►Book of Revelations Book of Revelations: Allows Tainted Eve to generate 2 extra blue clots every 6 rooms.
  • 15►Charm of the Vampire Charm of the Vampire: Every 13 kills allows Tainted Eve to create one blood clot.
  • Child's Heart Child's Heart: Increases the drop rate of red hearts, and thus increases the ability to make clots.
  • 15►The Common Cold The Common Cold / Items affected by luck: Tainted Eve and her clots fire a lot of tears, increasing the chance for a tear effect to occur. With tear effects, items such as 15►Magic Scab Magic Scab and 15►Lucky Foot Lucky Foot are also beneficial.
  • 15►D1 D1: Allows duplicating any spare pickups on the floor, including red hearts.
  • 15►Empty Heart Empty Heart: Because of how Tainted Eve works, you will more than likely end a floor with half or no red hearts, meaning that it is basically guaranteed free heart containers.
  • 15►Evil Eye Evil Eye: When a Blood Clot creates an Evil Eye, it will mimic Eve's stats and not the Clot's, resulting in a significant damage boost.
  • 15►Gimpy Gimpy: Many enemies killed will drop half hearts, and if non-fatal damage is taken, soul hearts can be generated as either more clots or buffer health.
  • 15►Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass: Can be used to prevent the loss of clots, or to avoid especially dangerous rooms.
  • 15►Glyph of Balance Glyph of Balance: You can manipulate room drops into being soul hearts by draining your red heart containers, allowing you to generate many blood clots. Note that this comes at the cost of other drops, however.
  • 15►Holy Mantle Holy Mantle: Can allow Tainted Eve to create more clots comfortably, or even enter the Bloody Babylon state.
  • Isaac's Fork Isaac's Fork: Has a chance to heal for half a heart with every cleared room, which can be used to create a clot.
  • 15►Leech Leech: Can be used to kill weak enemies and give health for more red clots.
  • 15►Libra Libra: Balances out Tainted Eve's stats and constantly remedies her extremely low tears when picking up stat upgrades.
  • 15►Lost Contact Lost Contact: With a sufficient amount of clots and/or a high enough Fire Rate, Tainted Eve and her clots can create an impenetrable wall of defense in the direction they are firing, protecting them from any and all enemy shots. This is particularly critical against bosses such as Mega Satan or Hush, who use bullet-intensive attacks.
  • 15►Maggy's Bow Maggy's Bow: Thanks to the doubled healing, you can generate two clots from half a heart, four clots from a full heart, and eight clots from a double heart, making for less risk in creating clots and healing up in general and making for a much quicker amassing of a clot army.
  • Mom's Locket Mom's Locket: Using a key heals for half a heart. It additionally has the far more useful perk of turning all half heart drops into full hearts, making every heart drop more efficient.
  • 15►Mr. Dolly Mr. Dolly / 15►Squeezy Squeezy: Increases Tainted Eve's low tears and provide health for making clots.
  • 15►Pisces Pisces: Increases Tainted Eve's knockback even more than her already high knockback with the clots, reducing the risk of contact damage killing clots.
  • 15►Placenta Placenta: Given enough patience, allows Tainted Eve to generate theoretically infinite blood clots.
  • 15►Prayer Card Prayer Card: With proper play, you can have many Eternal Heart clots as well as max red hearts to get even more bang for your buck.
  • 15►Scapular Scapular: Allows Tainted Eve to generate an infinite number of blood clots, by going down to a heart and a half, creating one blood clot, and then damaging yourself (via a Sacrifice Room or a similar manner). Scapular will then heal Tainted Eve back to a heart and a half, allowing the process to repeat indefinitely.
  • 15►Sharp Straw Sharp Straw: Gives Tainted Eve a consistent method of harming an entire room of enemies. It also gives the additional benefit of potential half heart drops, which gives her some extra sustain.
  • 15►Spirit Sword Spirit Sword: can be swung as fast as the button can be mashed, negating the downside of Tainted Eve's low Tears.
  • 15►Tear Detonator Tear Detonator: Detonates all of the clots' tears as well, filling the room with tears and potentially dealing massive damage.
  • 15►Tractor Beam Tractor Beam: Causes all tears fired by blood clots to follow the beam, making it significantly easier to hit all of their shots consistently.
  • 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon: will almost always be active for Tainted Eve, increasing her speed and damage.
  • 15►Yum Heart Yum Heart/15►Yuck Heart Yuck Heart/15►Little C.H.A.D. Little C.H.A.D.: Allows Tainted Eve to generate extra red/green clots every few rooms.

Disfavored Items[]

  • 15►Abaddon Abaddon: Replaces all red heart containers with black hearts, making it much harder to consistently generate clots without soul heart generation or more health upgrades after pickup.
  • 15►Birthright Birthright: Currently has no effect.
  • 15►Brimstone Brimstone / 15►Monstro's Lung Monstro's Lung: Combined with Tainted Eve's already low tears, without 15►Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk Tainted Eve may be forced to create a clot before the charge is finished.
  • 15►Crown of Light Crown of Light / 15►Dark Prince's Crown Dark Prince's Crown: Rarely active, since firing will automatically drain red hearts.
  • Guppy / 15►The Mulligan The Mulligan / 15►Parasitoid Parasitoid: The flies/spiders generated by these items counts towards the clots' cap of 64 and can remove clots if too many are spawned, making them detrimental if you have many clots and/or a high rate of fire.
  • 15►Kidney Stone Kidney Stone: While activated, there is no way to prevent blood clots from spawning until the effect has worn off, and will quickly drain Tainted Eve's health as the effect is active.
  • 15►Marked Marked: Tainted Eve will constantly fire unless the player presses the drop trinket button, which can unintentionally cause her to create clots even if the player does not wish to.
  • 15►Maw of the Void Maw of the Void/15►Revelation Revelation: Due to their fixed 2.5 second activation times, their effects cannot be activated without draining at least half a heart.
  • 15►My Little Unicorn My Little Unicorn / 15►Unicorn Stump Unicorn Stump: Clots are not protected, making these worse if not harmful defense items.
  • 15►Satanic Bible Satanic Bible: While the extra Black Heart is tempting for more special clots, the Boss Room item will be replaced by a Devil Deal, putting a dent on Tainted Eve's total ability to create clots on the long term.
  • 15►Technology 2 Technology 2: The laser will apply to Tainted Eve but not her clots. She will also suffer a loss to her already pathetic rate of fire, which can be more palpable with more familiars.



  • The achievement for unlocking Tainted Eve is "The Curdled", a possible title for the character.
    • To curdle is to "separate or cause to separate into curds or lumps", representing Eve's blood clot familiars.
  • A blood clot is known by the game as a "BLOOD_BABY" in the modding API.


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