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Added in Repentance

TMTRAINER is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • When picked up, all future items become "Glitched", causing them to become random combinations of 2-3 effects based on other items.
    • Additionally, the currently playing music will fade out. The silence will remain until another music track plays.
    • Any enemies in the room will also become simultaneously frozen and set on fire.
  • "Glitched" items can be passive or active and are completely randomly generated with practically infinite possibilities.
  • Random effects combine effects that exist on other items, and assign them to a random event (e.g. on enemy death, on room clear, on damage taken etc.).
    • These effects may also be derived from installed modded items.
  • Glitched items sold for money cost a random amount of pennies up to 99 pennies.


  • Plot-critical items (The Polaroid The Polaroid, The Negative The Negative, and Dad's Note Dad's Note) do NOT have immunity against TMTRAINER's effect. Picking this item up will render Chest Chest, Dark Room Dark Room, or Home Home inaccessible.
    • Accordingly, Isaac will be permanently trapped in the boss room of Mausoleum Mausoleum II if he succeeds in opening the door in Depths Depths through an alternative method.
      • Even if he escapes the boss room, the game will not progress, and he will be stuck on the floor forever.
  • TMTRAINER will not affect Knife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2 due to the game suppressing TMTRAINER's effect. However, it will affect Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1; as such, Knife Piece 1 must be picked up before obtaining TMTRAINER to gain access to the Corpse Corpse.
  • TMTRAINER will affect both Key Pieces dropped by Angels, preventing Isaac from opening the door to Mega Satan this way.
  • Once Corrupted Data Corrupted Data is unlocked, the TMTRAINER effect may be randomly applied to items found in Secret and Error rooms.
  • Items affected by TMTRAINER may take the effect of rerolling all of your items. This includes TMTRAINER itself, meaning any future items you encounter will not be under its effect, nor will the items obtained by rerolling due to the glitched item.
  • If an item held by Isaac is rerolled into TMTRAINER (Either by D4 D4 or a 1-pip Dice Room), all items after it will be rerolled into glitched items.
  • If crashes are commonly encountered in the DELETE THIS challenge, TMTRAINER has the same effect and may be unstable.


  • 'M 'M: Rerolls glitched actives into other glitched actives.
  • Bag of Crafting Bag of Crafting: Recipes are not glitched. Can craft TMTRAINER but will have no effect.
  • Binge Eater Binge Eater: Functions as intended, cycling pedestals between a glitched item and an HP up item.
  • Book of Virtues Book of Virtues: Glitched actives spawn random wisps upon use.
  • Death Certificate Death Certificate: TMTRAINER will not apply to Death Certificate's items.
  • Diplopia Diplopia: Glitched items are copied normally. Pedestals spawned before acquiring TMTRAINER will duplicate into a glitched item.
  • Dream Catcher Dream Catcher: Cannot identify glitched items.
  • Genesis Genesis: No items will be offered in exchange for glitched items.
  • Lemegeton Lemegeton: Spawns wisps of glitched items. All wisps look like The Sad Onion The Sad Onion, but this is purely aesthetic. The wisps do not have any items' effects.
  • Magic Skin Magic Skin: All summoned items will be glitched. Magic Skin cannot replace future glitched items after being left behind.
  • Missing No. Missing No.: Can reroll TMTRAINER, but not any previously acquired glitched items.
  • Modeling Clay Modeling Clay: Cannot transform into glitched items. Will visually vanish from sight, but is still held and can be dropped as normal.
  • Spindown Dice Spindown Dice: Glitch items will disappear if rerolled.

In-game Footage[]


  • The name and description of the item comes from the result of glitches in Pokémon Red and Blue. Certain glitch moves in that game can have names so long they run into the memory, corrupting it and causing glitchy effects, like the opponent's name becoming "TMTRAINER". A certain other glitch (commonly referred to as the ZZAZZ glitch) replaces the letters in the player's name with capital Zs except for every third letter.
    • The pickup quote for this item is defined as "Isaac and his mother lived alone in a small house on a hill", but in game it's shown with the pattern of Zs overlaid on top.
  • The sprite is a reference to how sprites corrupt in Pokémon Red and Blue, especially after encountering glitch Pokémon.
  • The effect of the item is similar to a "Randomizer" for other games.
  • The music fading out and status effects being applied to enemies upon acquiring the item is a direct reference to the effects of TMTRAINER in Pokémon Red and Blue, which fades the music out upon use until another song is triggered to play (assuming the game survives the effects), as well as applying burn and frozen statuses to enemy pokémon.
  • The item's effect is a reference to an old randomizer mod that came out before Afterbirth+[1].
  • The sprite for TMTRAINER itself is a heavily glitched version of Isaac's face, affected similarly to the face of Tainted Eden Tainted Eden in menus.
  • This item is used in DELETE THIS (challenge #45).
    • DELETE THIS will always be unlocked before TMTRAINER on any given file. This item, The Small Rock The Small Rock, Dirty Mind Dirty Mind, and Spirit Sword Spirit Sword are the only items that appear in challenges before they are unlocked. Small Rock and TMTRAINER are also notable for not being unlocked by beating the challenge they appear in.
  • MEAT! MEAT!, YO LISTEN! YO LISTEN!, and TMTRAINER TMTRAINER are the only ALL CAPS items in the game. (PHD PHD is not counted since it's an initialism.)
  • Most glitched item sprites are shown as Mega Blast Mega Blast in Isaac's last will. Very rarely one will show a glitchy icon.