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Swallowed Penny is an unlockable trinket.



  • Swallowed Penny can also be found by destroying urns and special shopkeepers.
  • Though similar to the Piggy Bank Piggy Bank item, the Swallowed Penny is not limited to just pennies.
  • Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance Unlike Piggy Bank Piggy Bank, playing as Keeper Keeper with this trinket always drops a coin, allowing semi-infinite life.
    • A trick for farming money when playing as Keeper is to find a room with some static hazard like spikes and taking damage, causing a coin to appear. A penny will only refill life while a nickel will give four cents, and a dime will give nine cents.
    • This trick can also be used to survive multiple uses of a sacrifice room, healing with the dropped coin between each sacrifice.
    • Added in Repentance As it can now give 0 coins when playing as the Keeper, this no longer works. When combined with Piggy Bank Piggy Bank, you will still gain money on average, but you are no longer guaranteed a payout. Using IV Bag IV Bag as your source of damage increases the average amount of coins per damage to 1.5, meaning you can usually generate a pool of coins you can use during an unlucky break or for later healing.

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